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RUSH: Now, for those of you who are Democrat superdelegates; may I have your attention, please? As you know, I addressed your fear yesterday, and I know how you people are thinking. You’re in the depths of fear over what to do now, because it’s clear that you, the superdelegates, are going to decide who is your party’s nominee; and in the process, you are going to be committing political murder against one of these candidates. You alone are going to decide, and it used to be six months ago you were proud to be able to do this because you were operating from the context of confidence and inevitability. It was like a slam dunk. Now you’re operating from fear, and incorrect decisions are made during times of crisis and fear. And the greatest fear that you superdelegates have… I mean, you can see the trend lines here.

You know what’s happening. The bloom is off the rose. The messiah, it has turned out, cannot walk on water. Mrs. Clinton’s been hanging in there. She has got the testicle lockbox, and it’s opening and shutting on schedule. You can see the trend lines, but you’re scared to death to take this away from Obama because he leads in delegates; and you’re really frightened that you are going to lose the black vote, perhaps permanently, if you take away the nomination. It must be apparent to you that Senator Obama will not lead you to victory. You have to know this. But you fear that denying him support will create a permanent fissure between black voters and Democrats. No Democrat has the courage to examine this flawed premise. It is up to me to advise and address you superdelegates to consider some facts. President John Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy wiretapped Dr. King. Black voters stayed with Democrats. Democrats stood in the schoolhouse doors vowing, ‘Segregation forever!’

Democrats voted against landmark civil rights legislation; Republicans passed it. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Bull Connor was a Democrat. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats created the welfare state, destroying millions of black families. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats bent over forward for the teachers unions, ruining public education for generations of black kids; leaving them unequipped to participate as equals in American society. Yet! Black voters stayed with Democrats. Democrats urged the early release of criminals to further prey on law-abiding black citizens. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats threw blacks under the bus during the immigration debate. After Rosa Parks finally moved to the front of the bus, Democrats threw blacks under it during the immigration debate because Hispanics are now the largest minority voting bloc. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Democrats have not supported blacks achieving power.

Carl McCall was running for governor of New York, and was denied funds from Terry McAuliffe at the Democrat National Committee. This audience contributed to McCall’s campaign. Civil rights icon Maynard Jackson wanted to be head honcho of the Democrat National Convention. He was denied. Blacks stayed with Democrats. Earlier this year in Selma, Alabama, Mrs. Clinton shows up; mocks the way black people speak. Her husband, Bill Clinton, the reputed ‘first black president,’ shows up in South Carolina and plays not the race card, but a whole deck of race cards! (doing Clinton impression) ‘Obama? Ha! Of course he gonna win. I mean, it’s like Jesse Jackson. I mean, he’s the black guy.’ Blacks stayed with Democrats. You superdelegates in the Democrat Party, you’re worried about denying Obama the nomination because you fear that your black voters will abandon you permanently? Come, come! Review your history with me once again. You Democrats have already done far worse to black voters than yanking the nomination away from Barack Obama. Have no fear, superdelegates. Be confident. Blacks will stay with you. So will Jesse Jackson, so will Al Sharpton, and you can have them.


RUSH: We’ll start in Canoga Park, California. Hi Fred. It’s great to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I think you’re a racist.

RUSH: Well, that’s refreshing. Why, Fred?

CALLER: Well, I — I think you’re insinuating that blacks are too stupid to have a learning curve.

RUSH: No, I think you’re inferring that.

CALLER: No, I think you’re saying it.

RUSH: I’m not. You’re inferring it. I’m not implying anything. I stated facts.

CALLER: You’re saying that —

RUSH: All these things happened, and Democrats continued to get the votes of the majority of black voters. It’s just their political allegiance. It’s not a comment on race or intelligence.

CALLER: Well, you’re saying there’s nothing the Democrats can do that — that’ll stop the — the blacks from voting for them, that the blacks are too stupid to even vote in their own best interests.

RUSH: No, no, no, no. I didn’t say that! You’re putting words in my mouth.

CALLER: Oh, you didn’t say that? You didn’t say that blacks keep voting for stuff that’s not in their own best interests and that they can’t learn?

RUSH: I didn’t say that. I did not say that. This is a classic illustration. You heard what you wanted to hear based on your own biases and prejudices. I simply recited some facts for you. These are not arguable. These things I said are not arguable. Now, you want to talk about why blacks continue to vote for Democrats despite this? I’ll be glad to tell you about that.

CALLER: Yes, let’s — let’s hear the Rush psychology.

RUSH: For 50 years, black people in this country have been told by elected Democrats that Republicans and conservatives are racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes; that they have no desire for them to become equal or progress economically — and then you couple that with ministers like Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright reinforcing what other black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do, and it all becomes very simple. They have been scared to death. Black voters have been told for 50 years that their lives will be ruined if they vote for Republicans, because Republicans don’t care about them. When you vote out of fear, it’s the same thing the Democrats have done with elderly people, our seasoned citizens and Social Security. It’s almost predictable that every election cycle, the Democrats, somebody, will predict or tell old people — with phone calls, robophone calls, push polling or even blatantly out in the open — senior citizens that Republicans want to take back their Social Security.

I remember in 1988. I was in Sacramento, California, and Alan Cranston (the Senator from California then) was telling people on television out there, Republicans wanted to kick senior citizens out of their homes if Reagan was reelected. Now, if you’re a senior citizen and you don’t pay a whole lot of attention and you hear that and you’re a Democrat and you have party loyalty going into this and you hear Cranston say that, and all you have is your Social Security; you’re not going to take the chance that Cranston’s wrong, because if he’s telling you, ‘He’s in the Senate. Why, he’s a powerful man. He’s a United States senator!’ If he’s telling you that Republicans will kick you out of your house or take your Social Security away, you’re not going to take the chance that he’s wrong. It’s the same thing with the black population here. For 50 years they have been lied to. They have been made to live in fear of Republicans. It’s gotten to the point here, Fred — this is undeniable.

Black people in this country who have achieved great things without going through the Democrat Party civil rights prescriptions to do so — and I can give you a host of names if you want — are routinely savaged and destroyed or at least attempts are made to destroy them, as Uncle Toms. For example, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele. There are a number of highly accomplished black people who have become Republicans, and they are held out as traitors. How can you explain it otherwise when young black kids are told in school if they learn to do well on tests, they’re being ‘too white’? Who’s telling them this? It isn’t us. It’s the Democrat Party and its agents. All I’m trying to do is make it easy for the superdelegates, here. They know they got a problem. The problem is that Obama cannot win. But they are afraid to pull the nomination from him because he’s getting 80% of the black vote; and they think the black vote will not show up in November and vote Democrat, and I’m simply trying to tell them that there’s a 50-year history of showing that they have done far worse.

I mean, what worse can you do than destroy the black family with welfare, that didn’t work, and took the place of the father and the husband? What more can you do to black people than destroy their family? And Democrats still vote for them. I have said on this program for countless years, countless times: If it were me, and I’ve been holding out hope and listening to the promises of a political party for 50 years — and after all those 50 years I’m still complaining and whining about same circumstances I was in 50 years ago — I’d begin to question my vote. ‘Wait a minute. You know, you guys keep promising these things, and nothing ever happens. You keep blaming the Republicans for my problems. You promise you’re going to fix ’em, and then you forget us after the election. I think you’re taking us for granted.’ I would start to question it. But that hasn’t happened. It has not happened. The Democrat Party is perceived in the minds of 80 to 90% of the black population, as its only hope. This is the result of fear that’s been instilled. So, this little litany of things I said to try to assure the superdelegates that they could do what they want without any fear whatsoever, blacks will leave them; is unarguable. It’s pure, 100% fact.

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