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RUSH: Brave and courageous Operation Chaos soldiers and operatives were slandered on MSNBC last night. Chris Matthews and his Oddball show. He had a conversation with John Harwood, CNBC, about Operation Chaos.

MATTHEWS: How much of a move do you hear, J-John Harwood, the, uh, — the so-called Operation Chaos is going to play next Tuesday in Indianapolis? The effort by Rush Limbaugh — the lovable Rush Limbaugh, I must say — to encourage Republicans, registered Republicans to go vote for Hillary just to cause chaos and perhaps get her the nomination?

HARWOOD: My suspic–

MATTHEWS: How big a role will that be?

HARWOOD: My suspicion, Chris, is that that’s a lot more talk than action. I think there aren’t that many voters who can be manipulated in that way to go make trouble in a primary election, and one of the things that’s striking —

MATTHEWS: But when you call yourself a ‘Dittohead,’ it seems to me you’ve already defined yourself as someone who is, uh, let’s put it this way: manipulable.

HARWOOD: That is true. And there are some Dittoheads who I suspect will respond to Rush, but I’m just doubting that there are all that many of them to make a big difference in this primary.

RUSH: They wish. The dirty little secret is, they know. (laughs) They know. A Dittohead is not somebody who is ‘manipulable.’ You people are not manipulable, at all. You have your own views, and they are valued each and every day on this program. You are not mind-numbed robots and, by the way, ‘dittos’ does not mean, ‘Rush, I agree with everything you say.’ It means, ‘I love the show and don’t ever go away.’ They are missing the whole point about this. Our operatives, our brave and courageous Operation Chaos soldiers are having more fun than they ever thought they could ever have in a Democrat primary, and it is succeeding.

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