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RUSH: The haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, was on DNCTV yesterday. The info babe anchorette Alex Witt talked to Senator Kerry, who served in Vietnam. And she said, ‘A 20-year relationship, Reverend Wright married him, he was the one who baptized — godparent, in essence, to his two daughters. How personally painful is this for Barack Obama?’

KERRY: Well, Alex, could I just say something to you? Obviously, it’s painful, and he said it. But you know something? You folks need to let go of this. Television needs to stop dwelling on something that is in the past. I think you guys have gotta focus on the things that really matter to the American electorate.

RUSH: Like…?

KERRY: I think the other thing is just worn out, old history now. This guy had his narcissistic moment, and it’s finished.

RUSH: It’s not over yet, Senator Kerry. We haven’t heard the last of the narcissist Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I think it takes a narcissist to know one. This is rich, Senator Kerry, the haughty John Kerry, calling Jeremiah Wright a narcissist. Mike, we gotta go back, because he’s just given me an example. I gotta find Michelle (My Belle) Obama. Yes, audio sound bite number nine, before we get back in order. Michelle (My Belle) Obama was on the Today Show today, along with her husband, Barack, who, in case some of you forgot, is running for president. Meredith Vieira said, ‘Michelle, do you personally feel that the reverend betrayed your husband?’

MICHELLE OBAMA: You know what I think, Meredith? We gotta move forward. You know, this conversation doesn’t help my kids. You know, it doesn’t help kids out there who are looking for us to make decisions and choices about how we’re going to better fund education.

RUSH: Oh, come on. You think the kids are worried about how you’re going to fund education? All they want is to be able to play at recess. They can’t even play at recess anymore. In fact, I saw there’s a story, I didn’t print it out, but there’s a story, school district somewhere is looking to hire somebody, pay ’em $46,000 a year to work one hour a day managing play, permissible play during recess at some grade school. But you can’t play dodgeball, you can’t play tag, you can’t do anything. Anyway, this is the old Clinton line. Bob Dole really reamed him in a debate, and Clinton said, ‘No attack ever fed a hungry child,’ and here’s Michelle (My Belle) Obama, ‘Well, that’s not doing anything about kids,’ and so forth. ‘Can’t we move on to the future?’ This is pathetic. You people in the Obama campaign are disappointing me. For example, where are the Obama spokespeople? You in the Obama campaign, I know you’re worried the next shoe to drop is going to be Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn. Why not put them to work? Have them go out and talk about their good friend Susan Rosenberg? Does the name ring a bell, folks?

Do you people in the Obama campaign even know who Susan Rosenberg is? She was a terrorist in the Weather Underground, and Bill Clinton pardoned her on his last day in office, out from under a 58-year sentence for terrorist bombings. So, yeah, you think you’re waiting for the next shoe to drop on Bill Ayers, where is the Obama campaign out there talking about Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary, pardoning a Weather Underground terrorist. And, by the way, there’s another name, Linda Evans. Linda Evans, another Weather Underground terrorist that Clinton pardoned on his last day in office, out from under her 40-year sentence for terrorist bombings. Who knows Rosenberg and Evans better than Ayers and Dohrn? Come on, Obama, you got Ayers and Dohrn out there. Go out and get them talking about the associations with the Weather Underground that the Clintons have. This campaign is really letting me down. It’s disappointing me. Frankly, Obama, I’m getting tired of having to waste precious broadcast time here on the EIB Network telling you how to straighten this out. You have people out there speaking for you like John Kerry?


RUSH: Dick Durbin sort of like loses his cool lecturing Andrea Mitchell. She played this sound bite for Durbin. This sound bite is Obama right after his ‘courageous’ press conference on Jeremiah Wright going right back to his old line of blowing off the Wright story. So this is a sound bite from Tuesday night, Senator Obama in Hickory, North Carolina, after the big press conference on Jeremiah Wright.

OBAMA: They’re talking about, uhh, W-w-what — what? W-who is he? Do we know his values?’ and, ‘He’s not wearing a flag pin right now,’ and, you know, ‘His former pastor said some crazy stuff.’

RUSH: Okay. So she plays Durbin that sound bite, and then she says, ‘Isn’t he trying to trivialize an issue that only a couple hours earlier said was really very important and needed to be acknowledged?’

DURBIN: Andrea, is there any way Barack Obama could have been clearer or more unequivocal in denouncing what had been said by Reverend Wright? I mean how — how much more do you want? He made a clear break with him.

MITCHELL: I don’t want anything more from him, senator.

DURBIN: Well, I —

MITCHELL: I — I think he was very clear and very unequivocal.

DURBIN: I think he was very clear!

MITCHELL: I’m just asking whether he’s being consistent —

DURBIN: No, let me tell what —

MITCHELL: — when he goes to North Carolina and speaks on the stump.

DURBIN: No, let me tell you.

MITCHELL: That’s all I’m asking.

DURBIN: I — I’m going to tell you. I didn’t hear his whole speech, but I’ll betcha I can fill in the next paragraph or the one before it; and that is when he goes up to voters in North Carolina and Indiana and says, ‘What’s on your mind?’ they don’t stop and say, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you. You don’t have a lapel pin on!’

RUSH: I’ll tell you what, Durbin is one of Obama’s big sponsors, and they’re falling apart. They are coming unraveled in the Obama campaign. I heard a lot of anger; I heard frustration. He wanted to lash out. He was holding it back; some of it still spilled over. This is a man enraged at the audacity of the question! But we heard this is what Obama was doing. He gave this great speech and press conference on Reverend Wright, and the guy goes out and is joking about it a little bit later on. They’re frazzled. The nerves are frazzled. They know in the Obama campaign, and it’s just like — What the hell is that! Look at that snowstorm moving through. What is this, May the 1st? Denver, Colorado: westbound lanes of I-70 closed just west of Denver! (whispers) Global warming. At any rate, they’re coming apart at the Obama campaign. They know it. The superdelegates know it. Operation Chaos. Andrea Mitchell then says, ‘Do you think he’s at all vulnerable with the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee hammering him on some of these down ticket races on these cultural issues, with polling showing at least the elitist quote tag seemed to stick a little bit in Pennsylvania against Obama?’

DURBIN: It boggles my mind that they call Barack Obama an elitist. This man was born so far on the other side of the tracks that he couldn’t hear the train, and now they’re calling him an elitist.

RUSH: Hey, Senator Durbin? You may be able to insult the intelligence of the Drive-By Media and your Democrat buddies, but not us. Elitism has nothing to do with wealth. Elitism has everything to do with attitude, an attitude of superiority, an attitude of being better than everybody else. That’s Obama’s life. Certainly his young adult life, into college, he hung around these people in the academy, and they all are elitists! They all think what he said about the clingers, the ‘bitter’ clingers. He’s genuinely surprised by it. I think Obama and his wife are both elitists in that regard, and I think they are shell-shocked; because I think they thought that what they found in academe was America, other than the rubes that are the bitter clingers. They have been shocked to learn that there are far more bitter clingers than there are elitists that run around academe. I think they’re shocked. I think they are out of touch! We move on now to Whiteville, North Carolina. At a Hillary Clinton campaign event, former President Bill Clinton speaking. (laughing) Whiteville, North Carolina! Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton i’s in Whiteville, North Carolina. And this is what he said.

CLINTON: She gonna end this thing roaring. (hooting) And what are they going to say if she wins the popular vote? ‘I’m sorry, we’re going to give it to the caucus states that are going Republican in November?’ (grumbling) No. All these people that tell you she can’t win; they’re rushing trying to get all these people to declare for and send it off and cut you off or stomp your voice? Don’t you believe it! You’re still in the driver’s seat.

RUSH: Bill Clinton in Whiteville, North Carolina, (laughing) where the white vote is abandoning Obama throughout the state. (laughing) The first black president in Whiteville! (laughing) You know, she is starting to look like she’s in more control here. This is what’s happening here. She does appear like she’s in control of this process now. I’m just talking about when she’s on TV versus Obama. That’s why this Andrew guy abandoned her today and went over to Obama, the former DNC chair. I guarantee… (interruption) Yeah, she doesn’t look in control at the gas station. That was bad. She did not look in control going for the coffee. That was not a good angle to shoot her from, and it was not a good and example. But, you know, stuff happens. As far as the Clintons, like I said, ‘That was yesterday. Forget about it. It never happened.’ They’re clearly in the now and strategizing moving forward.

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