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RUSH: Dave in Los Angeles. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: I’ll tell you who I’m voting for. I voted for Obama in my California primary even though I’m — I always vote Republican. I decided this time, I was going to change my party and I went to the Democrats. They sent me a ballot and my wife and I both voted for Obama. Okay? I’m going to vote for him in the general election or Hillary. The reason is that the next four years are going to be a disaster. We’re going to have a major recession, probably stagflation. The Democrats will try to solve this by taking money out of production and giving it to the non-producers with stimulus packages, which has never worked since Wilson — President Wilson. We’re going to lose the battle of Iraq and the battle of Afghanistan. We’re going to. The war on Islamo-Nazism will continue. There are gonna be more attacks on America. Our borders will be open and illegal aliens will be given either amnesty or a banana. [sic] We’re going to get the Unfairness Doctrine back, and the American… The whole four years are going to be a disaster. The American people are going to be livid. Okay? This is a fact.

RUSH: All right, so let me cut to the chase here. You have just described the country going to hell.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: All right, and so —

CALLER: In four years.

RUSH: — I’m assuming you want the Democrats to get the blame for it.

CALLER: That’s exactly what I want. I want — because remember, the president always takes the blame. If McCain is the president, they’re going to say it’s McCain’s stagflation, although a president has almost nothing he can do about it. A Congress can. So I’m going to go vote, and —

RUSH: It may not matter.

CALLER: — Hillary or Obama, whichever one gets it.

RUSH: I understand that, and you can do what you want, but it may not matter who the president is because the Democrats are — you look at polling now. This is always subject to change, but the Democrats are clearly going to increase their advantage in the Senate, and they will do so in the House. It’s just not known how much. So the Democrats are going to have the power to set the agenda to deny any president, any party what he or she wants to do if they choose to. So it’s grab-the-back-pocket, grab-the-wallet time. There’s no question you’re right about that. I appreciate the call out there, Dave. This is Gary in Maryville, Tennessee. Gary, it’s nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you so much. Rush, I’m a 56-year-old white male. (garbled cell connection)

RUSH: Hey… Hey?

CALLER: I’m a huge fan.

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: (garbled cell connection) I’m a huge fan of yours, but I’m going to tell you, you will rue the day — and I have been a supporter of yours ever since I heard your name. But you will rue the day you’re putting Hillary Clinton in the White House. I know what you say the motive is and what you’re trying to do there.

RUSH: Wait a second.

CALLER: But the bottom line is that Hillary Clinton is going to be elected because of what you’re doing. And we can beat Obama. We can actually beat Obama. (garbled)

RUSH: Wait a second.

CALLER: We can beat Obama even though we have a lame candidate, but we could beat Hillary.

RUSH: Wait a second. Can you hear me?

CALLER: Yes, I can.

RUSH: Yeah, can you hear me loud, or do you barely hear me?

CALLER: I hear you really good.

RUSH: Okay. Let me go back to what you said at the top here. Why do you have so little confidence in Senator McCain to beat Mrs. Clinton?

CALLER: Because he is only a Republican in name. Any of us that have been longtime conservatives and supported the conservative cause — I mean, Rush, John McCain is just the lesser of the three evils, and he’s not even the lesser of the three evils by much. But I’m (garbled) going to tell you right now, he cannot beat Hillary Clinton. But we can beat Obama because he’s got so much baggage we haven’t even started to explore it yet. You are going to rue the day — and I’m telling you, I know how people feel in Maryville, Tennessee. Now, I don’t claim (garbled) but I (garbled) people are absolutely livid at you for trying to put Hillary Clinton in the White House; and then the bigger question is, among the people I know, they’re saying, ‘Why is Rush wanting to do this? Does he think that there will be more fodder, that you can’t attack Obama as strong if he’s elected, or he can attack Hillary?’ (garbled)

RUSH: Gary?

CALLER: But I’m — and here’s the other problem, please don’t forget this.

RUSH: Gary?

CALLER: My mother has —

RUSH: It’s like a drive-through restaurant, and I can’t understand what I’m ordering! He can’t understand a word I’m saying.

CALLER: My mother is a —

RUSH: Gary! Gary, can you hear me? (mocked garbled phone line) Gary, can you hear me? Gary, can you…? Can you hear me? (garbled) Maryville, Tennessee. Can you hear me?

CALLER: I hear you.

RUSH: Well. Progress. I’m getting a lot of complaints. Well, not complaints. People are concerned, and I heard what you said that people in Maryville, Tennessee, are very mad at me; they’re all livid at me. But the purpose of Operation Chaos is not to secure the nomination of either of these two. It is to keep exactly what’s going, going, and that’s chaos. Because the end result is that neither of these two are going to be electable by the time this is over.

CALLER: Here’s the thing that you’re misreading, sir.

RUSH: I’m the host!

CALLER: My mother has never voted for a Democrat in her life, she’s the most conservative woman I know.

RUSH: Well?

CALLER: However. She said that if she sees a chance to put a woman in the White House one time in her lifetime, she will do it, because she hates Obama. She doesn’t like McCain. (garbled)

RUSH: That’s —

CALLER: She said, ‘We’d just as well pull the a woman in.’ I’m telling you, you’re misreading this thing.

RUSH: That’s just anecdotal. We can’t — Your mother is not representative of a nation full of voters. I’m not trying to disrespect you here. I’m getting e-mails from subscribers at Rush 24/7 who are getting very worried now that Obama is blowing this with Jeremiah Wright and that Hillary is going to have a trend up, make it look like she’s got the moment; might end up getting the nomination — and I somehow am going to get the blame for this. Operation Chaos has anticipated all the possibilities, here. If I could just ask all of you: Trust the commander. Just chill out. We know what we’re doing here. I gotta take a break. I’m a little long here. I’m glad you called out there, Gary, from Maryville, Tennessee.


RUSH: The Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos, is being questioned. A commander, I, El Rushbo, find myself under fire myself today. Here’s Jacquelyn in New York City. You’re next, Jacquelyn, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine. Thank you.

CALLER: Terrific. I’m calling because I think that you are definitely missing the boat on this situation with Jeremiah Wright and the Democratic Party and how they’re going to be able to easily —

RUSH: The faith just vanishes. I’m in my 20th year and all of a sudden I don’t know what I’m doing.

CALLER: Well, no, let me explain to you why. I mean, I’m a black person and I can see things a little bit differently than you do, and it’s very typical when you have blacks basically sabotaging other blacks, because that is what Jeremiah Wright has done to Obama. He has sabotaged him, but yet he told us, he told Obama early on that if he became president, he was going to come after him.

RUSH: We’ve talked about all this. We know that there’s sabotage going on out here. We’ll really be able to know it for sure if Wright schedules another TV appearance. So far you haven’t told me anything I don’t know.

CALLER: Well, what I’m saying is, the superdelegates are going to be able to say when Hillary wins in North Carolina and in Indiana, they’re going to be able to say that, ‘You’re no longer a tenable candidate, Mr. Obama, and we’ve got to go to Mrs. Clinton because your own people have sabotaged you.’ So they’re going to be able to get away with this; it’s not that they have to worry about, oh, what the blacks are going to do and that they would actually leave the party or vote otherwise. That’s never really an issue. It’s perfect, he’s handed it to them so that they have absolutely no problem giving this nomination —

RUSH: Wait, Jacquelyn, I have to make sure I heard you correctly. Are you saying that I have paved the way for the Democrat superdelegates to yank this away from Obama, that Jeremiah Wright had nothing to do with it but Obama and his incompetence had nothing to do with it, I alone have paved the way for the superdelegates to hand this to the woman with the testicle lockbox?

CALLER: You have.

RUSH: Oh, come on, Jacquelyn. You know what’s happening here?

CALLER: You paved the way, you absolutely have. And, please, I have no problem with that, but I do believe, like that last caller that you had on, that Hillary is definitely a problem for McCain, definitely going to be a problem for McCain.

RUSH: I actually disagree with that. I think McCain will have far fewer reservations campaigning aggressively against Mrs. Clinton than he would Obama. But that’s for another day.

CALLER: That’s for another day.

RUSH: I am detecting problems in the ranks, folks. This is very troubling to me. We have enjoyed nothing but success, success after success after success, and now you, Jacquelyn, and the guy from Maryville, now they’re getting a little worried, it’s too successful. What do we need, a couple setbacks to make everybody feel better?

CALLER: No, we don’t want any setbacks. We don’t want any setbacks. But, I’m telling you —

RUSH: But it doesn’t sound like you want Operation Chaos success, either.

CALLER: Oh, no, no, no. The problem was when we first started this whole thing, we thought it was going to be Mrs. Clinton and that she was going to be our big problem.

RUSH: No we didn’t. And what is this ‘we’?

CALLER: Well, I think we as Republicans thought that Mrs. Clinton would be a problem.

RUSH: Yeah, but the Republicans aren’t part of Operation Chaos.

CALLER: That’s true. That’s true.

RUSH: Operation Chaos was started to revive Mrs. Clinton because she was in the tank, and we wanted the campaign to go on.

CALLER: And you did it, and you were successful, because at least we’ve had a debate. Other than that, Obama would have just run away with this thing.

RUSH: We haven’t had a debate. We’ve had exposure. We have finally found out who Obama is and who his associates are. We found out he’s not messianic; he doesn’t walk on water; he can’t unify anybody; everybody in his circle is mad at somebody, the country or whoever. We found out that he’s incompetent, he’s unseasoned. He’s been in the Senate for three years, two of them he’s been running for president. That’s what this found out. We’ve also exposed Mrs. Clinton for what she is. The bloom is off her rose. Before all this started happening, even before she started plummeting in the primaries, Mrs. Clinton’s image was of the smartest woman in the world, invincible; she was on her way to a coronation. What Operation Chaos has shown — buck up, soldiers! I now know what George Washington felt like. Hell, the Revolutionary War was nothing compared to Operation Chaos. He got flak, too. Buck up. What we have shown is that neither of these two can win diddly-squat! Do you not get it?


RUSH: All right, I need to address those of you who are soldiers, volunteers, and operatives in Operation Chaos. In our first hour today, I took two very troubling telephone calls, and these calls, sentiments, have been reflected in my e-mail. Basically people are getting frightened, and they are becoming frightened at success. Operation Chaos is proceeding exactly as planned and hoped for. Our objectives have been far exceeded, and now people are getting worried, thinking that I have gone too far. Ladies and gentlemen, we have no room in our operation for people who are afraid of success. I now know how George Washington felt during the Revolutionary War, and believe me, the Revolutionary War was nothing compared to Operation Chaos. Everything laid out here has happened according to plan. We have not met one obstacle that we have not been able to overcome. This has been masterful. Those of you who have been participating and are lining up to participate, I must keep your morale up. You must not be afraid of success. You must trust your commander. This is not frivolous. I sense the need for an urgent call to arms. We are simply preparing, double-checking battle plans for a surprise final assault next week. I beg you, I implore you operatives, hang in there, stay with me, and fear not our success.

(playing of Stars and Stripes Forever)

Remember, we are doing this for our children — well, your children; I don’t have any. We’re doing this for my nieces and nephews, your children and our grandchildren. We’re doing this for America.

(continued playing of song)

Success, wild success, beyond anybody’s expectations, a moment we should be experiencing with great joy and great happiness. Please, don’t go wobbly. Do not be afraid.

(continued playing of song)

Operation Chaos will proceed. We will not be detoured, deterred, or altered. Stick with us.

(continued playing of song)

If this isn’t enough, ladies and gentlemen, troop morale is the objective here. We’re doing this, Operation Chaos, for America. Please join me one more time in listening to the US Army Chorus and The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

(playing of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

US Army Chorus, ladies and gentlemen, from the White House welcoming ceremony for Pope Benedict XVI, Operation Chaos. We’re doing it for America.

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