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RUSH: This is Shamaria from Tampa, Florida. Hi, Shamaria, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I am a young black Republican woman, 33 years old, conservative Republican.

RUSH: Thank you. Way to go, way to go, welcome home.

CALLER: And I just want to say first of all that you snatched me from the claws of liberalism at a very young age listening to you, so I have to thank you for that.

RUSH: You’re more than welcome. I’m happy to hear that kind of story.

RUSH: I’m also from Chicago, and I have a comment, but picking up on what you just said, I don’t know if anybody has been thinking about really how Obama even became a senator. I was there and active in the Republican Party at the time he was running for the Senate, and he has no experience in running a campaign, a serious campaign anyway. I mean, he was basically given that seat.

RUSH: I know. The Chicago machine.

CALLER: He was given that seat. And the whole premise that, you know, he’s something new, yes, he’s very new, he’s too new. He’s never run a campaign, and that whole thing with Ryan, Jeri Ryan’s husband, he had no candidate, he had no opposition. So he just became a senator just because he was in the right place at the right time. But he had no one to campaign against.

RUSH: That wasn’t the right place at the right time. There’s more to it than that. He’s up against a candidate, and all of a sudden the candidate’s wife decides to let go some secret materials involving her divorce to show what a pervert, so-called, the husband was, and that ended his campaign. Obama just had to coast.


RUSH: The Republicans sent Alan Keyes in there —


RUSH: — from Washington, not even from Chicago. That didn’t go very well. But still, the Chicago machine arranges this kind of stuff. That’s why Obama went to the church. That’s why Obama went to Trinity United Church, is to get himself enmeshed and firmed up in the Chicago machine.

CALLER: And that church is the social hierarchy. You must, if you’re black, and if you are affluent or successful in any way, that is the place to be.

RUSH: Wait a second. Did I just hear you correctly? The congregation of Reverend Wright’s church is affluent?

CALLER: I can’t speak for the entire congregation, but a segment of black upper and upper middle class and upper class society, which is different than any other place, and I’ve lived all over this country, you have to belong to the right church. And reverend Wrong’s church is the right church. It is the church where if you want to —

RUSH: You’ve been in that church?

CALLER: I have been.

RUSH: Have you heard Reverend Wright sermons in that church?

CALLER: My grandmother listens to him on the radio every day. Recently, you know, I was even there last week, and I will tell you this, although I’ve never heard anything that resembled that when I was there or when he has sent his pastors to my church, and I’m Presbyterian, I never heard any of that, but when I was back at home, from people that I’ve known my entire life that are successful young black business owners, their belief is the exact same as what Reverend Wright was espousing.

RUSH: Oh, black liberation theology churches are not dominant, but they’re around. It’s one of the major problems that I think the black community faces. People like Reverend Wright continue to poison the minds of parishioners in this regard. We’ve discussed this at great length. Shamaria, I’m glad you called. I really appreciate it.

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