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Rush’s Morning Update: Think Big!
May 1, 2008

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Two parts of the Democrat Party coalition– illegal-immigration activists and the civil rights crowd– are feeling ignored. That’s right, my friends: They’re upset that the immigration debate has fizzled as a campaign issue. “It’s a touchy subject,” explains Luis Gutierrez, the head of a Chicago pro-illegal-immigrant group. So his organization and others are planning a series of public demonstrations that they hope will revive their movement.

In coming days, rallies are going totake place in Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and other cities. In Chicago, representatives from the Reverend Jackson’s Operation PUSH, and Calypso Louie’sNation of Islam, are expected to join this “struggle” for the first time. Also invited are a bunch of gay activists.

Now, these guys — you have to say theyhave a point. Illegal immigration has been largely ignored during this election cycle. But I think their plan’s a little bittoo small. There’s limited value, here,indemonstrations where only a thousand people, at best, are going to show up. So I, El Rushbo, have a suggestion to put this thing on the map.

The big political story is going to be at the Democrat convention in Denver. Every liberal worth his or her salt is going tobe there. You activists ought to be there, too! Bring Calypso Louie –who, on his own, can pull off a Million Man March. Bring Jesse Jackson, bring the gay activists, and bring every other leftist group you can think of. Come with millions!And don’t forget to invite Reverend Wright– he knows how to light up a crowd. And say “hi” to Roseanne Barr while you’re there. Think big, activists!

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