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“Obama made a rookie mistake. He held his press conference between noon and three. Even the stupidest Democrats don’t do that.”

“Could we talk about windfall government profits, Senator Schumer? You guys never do with less. You siphon $3 trillion a year from the American taxpayer, and you won’t give back 18.4 cents per gallon of it for three months unless Big Oil pays for it? You have some audacity, Senator.”

“Folks, this is very simple. We, as the American people, need to decide whether we want lower gas prices or whether we want to keep oil deposits off limits — because we can’t do both.”

“If you want the gasoline price to come down, you have to become the biggest supporter and friend of oil there is — that’s the only way. You’re not going to bring the gas price down by letting Chuck Schumer have free rein with legislation.”

“I just love beavers. I just do. There’s a picture of a beaver building a dam up there on Fox… I know they’re rodents, but I think those beavers are cute.”

“I’m getting e-mails: ‘Rush, what is Sink You Suck?’ I have never said ‘Sink You Suck’! It is ‘C-in-C USOC: Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos’. I have taste and dignity on this program.”

“Everything about Operation Chaos is wide open — this is the fun of it! We’re telling the Democrats exactly what we’re going to do, and they can’t stop it. It’s like the old days of the Pittsburgh Steelers, back in the ’70s.”

“You know what this speech of Obama’s is like? This is like Hillary Clinton calling a press conference: ‘I’ve just learned my husband cheats on me.'”

“Wright does ‘not accurately portray my values and beliefs’? It took you 20 years and a presidential campaign to come to that conclusion, Barry? This is not messianic. This is your average, ordinary, inexperienced, run-of-the-mill politician with a sense of entitlement about him.”

“Do you people realize how close I have been to profanity today? It’s time to go to commercial break!”

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