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RUSH: Guess who else has spoken, ladies and gentlemen? I just love the roster of ex-Democrat candidates and presidents that speak up and attempt to offer their wisdom for the Democrats finding themselves in their current plight, like Jimmy Carter. Now Michael Dukakis has spoken up. This is in the New York Observer: ‘The Massachusetts Democratic primary, along with nearly two dozen other primaries and caucuses, was held on Feb. 5. Hillary Clinton won it by 15 points, one of her best showings anywhere this year, and Michael Dukakis voted in it — but he won’t say for whom. ‘I voted for a candidate, yeah,” but I’m not going to tell you who. The bottom line, Dukakis says, ‘It’s probably Obama in ’08, but the campaign needs to improve.’ This from Beetle Bailey, Beetle Bailey Dukakis who ran out there in a tank with an Army helmet on telling the Democrats how to improve their campaign. Can it get any better than this?

I will never forget, Dukakis lost his 20-point lead over Bush after the Republican convention in 1988. They took the campaign back to Boston and they were going to have a giant rally with Dukakis and his wife and they were going to try reenergize the troops, and this was perfect ’cause they had an orchestra, they had a band out there, and the band was tuning up and getting ready for Dukakis and his team to walk on stage. Our microphones were there.

(playing of Dukakis band)

They’re just warming up here. They’re getting ready for his grand entrance on the stage.

(continued playing of song)

The crowd is filing in, milling about, chatting amongst themselves.

(continued playing of song)

Okay, so the band is tuning up, getting ready, people are filing in expecting this great, great rally here that’s going to get ’em reenergized. Dukakis, his campaign team, his wife, they walk out on the stage, and the band greets them triumphantly.

(continued playing of song)

And the crowd was going nuts now, folks. Band dialed it back a little bit.

(continued playing of song)

They’re shaking hands, they’re slapping each other on the back, high fives, all this, getting ready for all the speeches. Dukakis gets close to the podium, the microphone, to be introduced. The band is going to rev it up here in a second.

(continued playing of song)

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