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RUSH: To Dallas, this is Marilyn. Glad you called, Marilyn. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. It’s so good to talk to you!

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m calling because I know using Obama’s religion and the sermons, are taking him off guard. But I am so worried about religion being thrown into this, because I think it eliminates any chance that Romney might be picked as a vice presidential candidate, because that would open the field for them to use his Mormonism against him.

RUSH: I don’t think it’s going to Romney anyway, but the Jeremiah Wright stuff is not really about religion.

CALLER: Well, there’s such a thin line, though, between racism and religion.

RUSH: No, but it’s not even about racism. The racism is in the Democrat Party. Let me tell you what the Reverend Wright stuff is really all about. It’s religious to the extent that he’s a pastor. What the Jeremiah Wright stuff is all about is: Just who the hell are Obama’s friends? It’s not just Jeremiah Wright.

It’s terrorists — Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn — who are still attempting to infect and pollute the American college student with anti-American rhetoric. They’re blowing the country up with bombs, now. He has questionable relationships with sleazy people, with people that we would not want anywhere near having influence in the Oval Office. Jeremiah Wright’s problems do not stem from his religion; so much as they stem from his hatred of this country, for his rabble-rousing and his conspiratorial beliefs about this evils of this country and its government. Obama has said that he’s a ‘spiritual advisor’ and ‘mentor.’ He’s been in that church for 20 years. You choose your pastor. It is simply unbelievable to hear Obama say that he was unaware that Wright believed these things or said these things for 20 years. Obama is a calculating Chicago machine politician who knew that he needed a black church to give him street cred should he seek public office beyond the state of Illinois. He refuses to get out of this situation with Bill Ayers. The real question is: Who’s Obama? We know who Wright is. Who’s Obama, now? And do we take the chance? We know who Bill Ayers is. We know what he’s done and we know he’s proud of it. Who’s Obama? Obama has tried to hide who he really is, but it’s now coming out. Really, this has nothing to do with religion.


RUSH: You know, all this talk about it’s been so difficult to Obama to leave his pastor. That’s not what happened. Wright retired. Obama’s pastor left him! Who is Obama’s pastor now? It’s a good question. Is it the new guy that replaced Wright at the church in Chicago?


RUSH: Here’s Don in Vermilion, Ohio. Don, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I almost missed you. I had to take a quick commercial break there. Reverend Wright, when he came back out with his first interview the other day, he said that he’d never talked politics to Barack Obama. I really believe that one. And Barack Obama says the same thing. He also, at the end of his show, plugged his new book that’s coming out in two or three months. Is that why he came back out?

RUSH: Yeah, it might be. Everybody wants money.


RUSH: And nobody has enough. And the liberals try to tell other people they have enough but for them it’s never enough. Reverend Wright just had a house given to him in a white neighborhood with a $10 million line of credit in addition to the $1.6 million house.

CALLER: Poor people.

RUSH: Yeah. Look it, of course he’s out there trying to sell a book. But that is poppycock to say that he and Obama never discussed politics. Wright’s sermons are politics. We had a caller not long ago, ‘I really resent religion being part of the campaign.’ This is not religion. The Democrats have injected race, anti-Americanism, and all kinds of extreme radical politics into this campaign. This isn’t about religion.

CALLER: Well, him and Barack Obama both have said that the sermon that he gave, the snippets are all about, that that was an old sermon, six years old, and six years ago he wouldn’t have been comparing Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton. So this is a sermon he brought back out–

RUSH: Well, let’s not sharpen our pencils too much here. There are a lot of sermons from 2000 to 2007 that have been mangled and so forth. The point is people have now gotten their hands on all of these sermons. It’s even worse. Plus Jeremiah Wright’s out there saying, hey, I’m not the one who said America’s chickens have come home to roost, our ambassador to Iraq said it. Well, the ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Peck, has just told Fox News he didn’t say what he said I said. (paraphrasing) ‘I didn’t say what Obama’s preacher said I said about chickens coming home to roost or, you know, 9/11 being a product of our terrorism around the world.’ None of these guys can be straight. That’s another thing that argues against Obama being some kind of new politician. He’s not. There’s no such thing. We have seen in this country since our founding every possible configuration of politician. It is not possible for one to come along who has never come along before. It is not possible for a politician to come along and espouse policies or have a charismatic attitude or a prescription to fix all that’s wrong that has not come before. They’re a dime a dozen. Some are better than others because some are more sincere than others. But the idea that we’re going to get somebody new that has never before trod the earth as a politician leading us out of bondage or whatever has got us in bondage, it’s all poppycock. It’s all marketing and packaging brought to us by the sycophants in the Drive-By Media.

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