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“I have never been in a protest march. I work. I don’t have time to waste.”

“If Obama doesn’t get the nomination (and it looks like he might not) it won’t be because of me or Hillary — it will be because of Jeremiah Wright. This guy, folks… It seems obvious to me that he’s doing everything he can to wipe out Obama’s candidacy.”

“As I keep saying, the news business is the one business where it is standard operating procedure that the customer is an idiot — sort of like the way Obama and his elitist buddies look at the clingers in bitter America.”

“Was that not a very, very good picture of me on the front of the San Francisco Chronicle? That picture showed me of supreme confidence, total relaxation, and at one with and in love with myself.”

“What is becoming obvious is that Barack Obama has been shaped by two institutions: One, the insane Jeremiah Wright, and two, liberal academia.”

“You’ve never been in chains, Reverend Wright. Quite the opposite. Your church just got you a $1.6 million house in a white neighborhood. How is that possible if you’ve been all chained up?”

“Obama was a messiah; his skin color didn’t matter. Now, of course, race is all his candidacy has become. And that’s because liberals, typical as they are, couldn’t care less about the substance of anything. It’s all about the image.”

“If I hear one more time that we need job training centers for high schoolers, I’m going to start pulling out what little hair I have left. What the hell is the purpose of high school?”

“I’m going to set up a fundraiser organization for Reverend Sharpton if they take the nomination away from Obama: the Fund for Justice, Equality, Respect, and Kindness. Yes, send your money to the Fund for J.E.R.K.”

“Snerdley came in today after seeing Jeremiah Wright and said: ‘You realize she’s going to get the nomination, don’t you? And you are going to get the blame.'”

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