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RUSH: Jason in Fort Lauderdale, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Just fine, sir.

CALLER: I’m a progressive like I said to the guy on the phones, but, listen, I wanted to congratulate you on what I thought was a very fair-minded comment of yours last week about Senator Clinton. They keep calling on her to quit the race, but you said why should she quit, she keeps winning. And I just wanted to congratulate you on what I thought was a very fair-minded comment from you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. Well, you know, Hillary is one of the beneficiaries here of Operation Chaos.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: Well, she is. Without Operation Chaos, Jeremiah Wright would not be making these public appearances. Hillary would not have won Pennsylvania without Operation Chaos. One of the objectives of Operation Chaos was to make sure this campaign went on and on and on, but I appreciate your detecting my fair-mindedness when it came to Mrs. Clinton. Why should she quit just because a bunch of people are telling her she should get out and she has no chance? You go back, wasn’t that long ago, I think it was right before Ohio and Texas, right before those two primaries, and the stories then were, oh, my gosh, who’s going to tell Bill to tell Hillary that it’s over? Who’s going to go out there and tell her? We don’t have the guts. The Drive-Bys were filled with this, some Democrats, and now look. Now you got to a point here with Jeremiah Wright being out there and Obama having not won a primary since February 22nd, with Obama losing to Mrs. Clinton seven of the ten largest states in the Democrat primary, and Howard Dean now in a frizzled, frazzled tizzy, not knowing how to deal with this, last week the supers were going to have to decide it. Today he’s telling the candidates one of them is going to have to quit in June. Neither of them will.

One of these two candidates is going to be chosen by the superdelegates, not by the primary process, not by voters, and I have to tell you, I’m going to stay on tune here, the superdelegates and a lot of other people are getting nervous as they can be over Obama with Jeremiah Wright. He went on Fox yesterday. Chris Wallace was very polite and so forth, but he asked questions Obama is not used to getting. Obama did not deal with them very well. He was full of contradictions. Things he said yesterday about tax policy directly contradict things he said just last week and at the Pennsylvania debate in Philadelphia. He’s all over the place. He needs to establish, he needs to come up with one explanation for this Jeremiah Wright business and stick with it. He needs to come up with one tax policy and stick with it. He’s all over the board. People are starting to realize that Obama was never what he was. He was never this messiah. He was never this savior type that was going to come and bring to us a new kind of politics that would unify the country. It was all a hoax. It was all a myth. And the bloom is off the rose.

What is becoming paramountly obvious is that Barack Obama has been shaped and formed by two institutions: One, the insane Jeremiah Wright. And number two, liberal academia. It is in liberal academia, it is in the academy where you will find the views that the clingers are bitter, they cling to guns and religion. You’ll find the arrogant, elite condescension towards average people in the classroom in the universities. That’s Obama’s experience. He’s simply repeating what he’s been told by people he considers to be his club. So he’s genuinely bewildered when people don’t accept it and respond to it. He thinks the country and the world, a majority of it, is a replica of what his classroom situation was like, what his experience was in the academy. And it’s not. That’s not the real world. He’s not in touch with any real world, and it is becoming paramountly obvious. And, folks, there’s another dirty little secret. We’ve mentioned this.

A guy named Bill Tucker, American Spectator today, had a brilliant piece on the crumbling of the New Deal. The FDR New Deal is about over. The Democrats are slowly losing the ability to keep all their disparate coalitions together, and he looks at both of these campaigns. He says the Obama campaign constituency is two: blacks and guilty, elite, rich, white liberals. The Hillary constituency is women, uneducated people, and one other group. But neither of the two can lay claim to the group of people that the New Deal would not have been possible without, and that is these blue-collar workers, the people that make the country work, the average American, if you will. The Democrats have grown so elitist, they cannot relate to them, and they do not relate to them any longer. This really is a fascinating piece by Bill Tucker because he goes back and — well, he actually dovetails a little bit with Amity Shlaes’ book, The Forgotten Man, which is about the truth of the New Deal. The New Deal had roots in academia. The New Deal as a policy had its roots with elite whites, professors and so forth, who had traveled to the Soviet Union and came back and said, ‘This is how to do it.’ And, of course, all these constituency groups are now sort of falling by the wayside, and Tucker’s theory is that if they lose this election, the whole New Deal coalition may be gone forever from the Democrat Party.

Now, this doesn’t take the Republicans off the hook because we’re not doing the right thing here to capitalize on all this, which is so sad and disgusting and disappointing to me, but we will deal with it. We always do. But it’s interesting to watch this, and don’t think that all of these superdelegates and some of the others — they’re worried, they are really worried that Obama cannot reach average Americans coming off a candidacy where he was their savior! He was their savior. He was their messiah. He was going to get rid of all the hate. He was going to get rid of all the discrimination. He was going to get rid of all the meanness. He was going to get rid of all the unfairness. He was going to get rid of all the inequality. He was going to unite people who hate each other’s guts. It was going to be Kumbaya. It was going to be utopia. It was going to be every great, beautiful thing you’ve seen in a movie of the same premise. And now the very people for whom all that was intended can’t stand the guy.


RUSH: Make no mistake about it, folks. Bill Tucker is right, at AmericanSpectator.org. The New Deal coalition of the Democrat Party is falling apart. What’s amazing about this is that this is happening during this mythological candidacy of Obama, where everybody is going to be unified into one big love bug. The only bad thing is the Republican coalition’s falling apart, too; because the liberal Republicans in our party are doing their best to redefine the Republican Party back to Rockefeller, blue-blood country club types. So, we’re not home free on this. We could be destroying these guys in the Democrat Party in this presidential race. We could be destroying them; and we still can, if the right message is part of this. They are literally eating themselves alive here, and it’s due in large part to Operation Chaos.

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