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RUSH: You know, people after this controversy last week in Denver, the phony controversy over riots in Denver at the Democrat National Convention, over the weekend, Al Sharpton said his objective after the verdict of the three cops [in NYC] was to shut down the city. And Al Sharpton has also said on The O’Reilly Factor back in early April, that if Obama doesn’t get the nomination, if they take it away from him, he’s going to go to Denver and demonstrate. So somebody said to me over the weekend, ‘What are you going to do if they actually take this nomination away from Obama? What are you going to do?’ I said, ‘I’m going to set up a fundraiser organization for Reverend Sharpton, and I’ve already got a name for it, the Fund for Justice, Equality, Respect, and Kindness.’ We would help Reverend Sharpton right this terrible injustice and this wrong that has taken place — or will have taken place. Send your money to J.E.R.K., the fund for Justice, Equality, Respect, and Kindness.

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