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RUSH: To the phones. Los Angeles, Marie, I’m glad you held on. I really appreciate your patience.

CALLER: Oh, well, thank you! Listen, I mean, I have been listening to you for several years now.

RUSH: Yes, thank you. Most everybody else has, too.

CALLER: Well, I’m sure. Yes. I know many people have. I hear them calling in. Okay. The thing is — what I was talking to Mr. Snerdley about — number one, I am a Republican; and you can check that out if you want to.

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: I voted for Mitt Romney, okay?

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: I didn’t vote for McCain. But here’s the thing.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. Wait a minute, Marie. I’m already getting suspicious.

CALLER: You’re getting suspicious?

RUSH: I’ll tell you why, because the people that call here and have to tell me they’ve listened X-number of years usually haven’t been.

CALLER: I have. Listen —

RUSH: ‘And I am a Republican.’

CALLER: See, you’re going to take up all my time.

RUSH: That’s another thing you do: you won’t let me finish.

CALLER: But no, because you’re gonna cut me off!

RUSH: I’m not going to cut you off. I’m just telling you —


RUSH: — I’ve got my doubts.

CALLER: I’ll listen, then, if you promise you’re not going to cut me off.

RUSH: I promise.

CALLER: Okay, I’m listening.

RUSH: I promise. But you’re sitting there and — well, I reserve the right if you start getting profane.

CALLER: I don’t do profanity.

RUSH: I mean, you realize there are rules here.

CALLER: I don’t do the profanity.

RUSH: All right. People call, ‘I’m a Republican. I listen all these years,’ and the people that do listen all these years never say so and the people who are Republicans never say so. They never have to. We can tell.

CALLER: Well, I don’t know how you can tell because the comments I want to make might not be able to tell. But I wanted you to know that up front. I voted for Mitt Romney. I have always been a Republican. I am 75 years old.

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: I have always been a Republican — and the thing is, what I want to say is; why are so many people — including yourself — keep talking about Rev’rend Wright? He is not running for president. It’s Obama who’s running for president —

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: — and the other thing I told Mr. Snerdley I wanted to tell you, I feel about. That secret meeting that you had with the secret talk, and you couldn’t tell anybody about it? Was that to — how you say? — derail Obama? And the last thing I want to mention was the fact that when you continually talk about the, uh, operatives for chaos going out?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: They are — you sound as though you want them to go out and burn cars, rioting.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: What’s to stop…? What’s to stop your people —

RUSH: Everything.

CALLER: — that you entice to you to do this? Please, let me…

RUSH: Everything I thought at the beginning is true. This is Lisa 2. She’s from LA instead of Atlanta.

CALLER: Say again?

RUSH: Nothing. Never mind. It doesn’t matter. You’re not listening, anyway.

CALLER: I am! Please.

RUSH: No, you’re not.

CALLER: Yes, I am!

RUSH: You can’t possibly be listening if you just said what you said.


RUSH: Because I’ve never told anybody to go burn cars!

CALLER: I know what you said, but you implied they should do that.

RUSH: I have never suggested it! I never did. Operation Chaos has nothing to do with civil unrest in Denver!


RUSH: It has nothing to do with it. If you were a regular listener, madam —


RUSH: — you would know this.

CALLER: I listen, and sometimes you know what I do?

RUSH: I’m going to answer one question, and that is the ‘secret speech.’ Did you people hear what she said in this interrogation of me? ‘That secret speech you went to.’ This is when I went out to the private country club — a month ago now, I guess; maybe three weeks ago — and I said it was a super-secret speech at a super-secret location and I could not discuss the contents. She just asked me if that speech was to give instructions to whoever it was in the audience on how to ‘derail’ the Obama campaign. Madam, if you’ve been a Republican all your life and you’ve been listening to this program that many years, you’re not going to be an Obama supporter; number one. Number two, I have ‘splained some of the details of what happened in that speech. A lot of that speech, most of that speech was devoted to the future decline of the Republican Party and how upset about it I was and what we needed to do to prevent it from happening. It was not about Obama or Hillary, at all — and caused quite a stir, by the way. Some people weren’t crazy to hear what I had to say because they’re Republicans In Name Only, a lot of them out there. But I assure you, madam, it had nothing to do with ‘derailing’ the Obama campaign — and Operation Chaos has nothing to do with inciting civil unrest. (sigh)

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