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RUSH: This is Paul in Silver Spring, Maryland. Thank you for calling, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s a great honor to speak with you, sir.

RUSH: I can imagine. Thank you.

CALLER: I have an opportunity to recruit a new operative, but first I must ask: If it gets to the point that Hillary could actually win the popular vote over Obama, are you willing to direct the operatives to go ahead and vote for Obama?

RUSH: We have several strategies in our operations manual here, but it would be foolish for me to divulge those strategies in public here so that the enemy would know what we have in mind. So, yeah, we’ve got options. I don’t want anybody to worry about this. I understand a lot of people are, but I don’t want any of you operatives to worry. Let me tell you right now: It’s far more possible for Mrs. Clinton to win this than anybody thinks, and it’s not because of the popular vote, and it’s not because the delegate vote. It’s not because of anything having to do with the primaries. It has everything to do with the superdelegates and how much they can collect. There’s another thing, too, that people are not remembering about the superdelegates. Let me make this very, very clear. This is crucial. The superdelegates are elected Democrats in most cases, federal, state, some cases local; but they’re big-time elected party hacks. They, with the power granted them by the rules of the Democrat Party, are going to pick the person they think can win, because that person and that person’s victory are inexorably tied to the fortunes of the supers.

If the supers pick somebody that’s going to lose the White House simply because they’re following, whatever, popular vote, pledged delegates or what have you; then a loss by the Democrats in November as a result of the supers choosing the wrong candidate will harm them where it hurts, and that’s in their own electability and their own futures. So these people have a lot of power. They have a tremendous amount of power, and they have the freedom to focus their decision totally on what’s best for them, not just what’s best for the party. You know, they think the two would go hand in hand. So if Obama doesn’t pick up some momentum here, and if Obama doesn’t show he can win outside the base he’s already got, I guarantee you — it’s like I told you yesterday: These people are quaking in their boots, and they’re not going to portray this publicly, of course. But they’re not comfortable. This is not how this was supposed to play out. Now, as to future plans for Operation Chaos, we have many strategeries. We’re not flying blind here. We’re not flying in the seat of our pants. We’re not reacting to anything here. We have a detailed battle plan, and it will be implemented, the elements of it, as necessary, as needed at the proper time.

But I do want to remind Barack Obama that he can stop all of this. He can shut all of this down. But his window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Obama has gotta somehow discredit her win in Pennsylvania, and maybe he’s gone too far now that he can’t. But there was a way, and may still be a way that he could do it, and simply stand up and say, ‘Her victory is tainted because it was the result of a number of Republicans registering as Democrats to vote Hillary for the express purpose of creating chaos. These people have no intention of voting Hillary in November, and so her victory is somewhat tainted by voters who purposely, on the orders of someone [he doesn’t even have to use my name], sabotaged the Pennsylvania primary.’ If he would simply acknowledge Operation Chaos… The Drive-Bys are in his camp; they’re in his camp. The Drive-Bys are looking for any reason they can to support and build up Obama, and if he put it out there and then gave them the freedom therefore by making it a news story to go out and totally slash-and-burn on Operation Chaos, then it would take some of the bloom off of the Hillary victory and off the rose because it would portray it as the result of sabotage, therefore illegitimate. But as I say, his window of opportunity to do this rapidly closing. It’s gotta be today.

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