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RUSH: Okay, which of you in there are going to be the first to drive it? (interruption) Dawn’s going to be the first to drive it. How come Dawn always gets to be the first to drive the new car? (interruption) Okay, she’s a girl, she gets to go first. General Motors brought their Malibu by yesterday. Beautiful red color. It does not look like my memory of a Chevy Malibu. This is a stylish, sharp-looking car. She’s going to drive it out this afternoon, tool around. She’ll report on it, and then it’s up to Snerdley and Brian to roll it. (interruption) Yes, I’ve got the keys right in here. I have the keys right in here in my cigar humidor. And I’ve got the window sticker, and I know everything about this car. Thirty miles to the gallon, four cylinders. They’ve done something special with the valves to get every bit of mileage out of every drop of gasoline possible. You know, the GM people have been doing… We have been lamenting over the course of many broadcast years here that if General Motors really wanted to succeed, that they would advertise on this program, and they have been now for about six months; and we’re very proud of that. The Malibu is a four cylinder car. It’s perfect for right now, gets 30 miles per gallon. You just heard the story: Half the hybrids on the road get less mileage, they’re less fuel efficient than standard automobiles are — and this is a sharp-looking car. So Dawn will drive it; she will report about this. You can probably see the Malibu. (interruption) It’s what? It’s www.GM.com/explore. In fact, when I said last week that we were going to be bringing one of these things by, I got some e-mails from people who said that they have one and that they love it.

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