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RUSH: You’ve gotta hear these sound bites. This is last night on Larry King Alive. He had on James Carville and Bill Richardson, and Larry said, ‘OK. We’ll take it — let’s go back a little. Bill Richardson endorsed, surprisingly, Barack Obama for the presidency. And James Carville called Richardson a ‘Judas’ for doing that. Now, it’s been a few weeks. How do you feel?’

CARVILLE: Well, I said it. I was quoted accurately. I was quoted in context. I thought it was an appropriate metaphor, and, that — you know, it’s all been bared out. Everybody’s had their say.

KING: But you meant it?


RUSH: ‘Yeah.’ He went to Richardson. How did you react to it, Governor?

RICHARDSON: Well, I said I wasn’t going to respond and get in the gutter. I feel very strongly, this is typical of the, uh, reaction of, uh, many of the Clinton supporters. They feel that they’re a dynasty; they’re clinging to the throne.

KING: (muttering)

RICHARDSON: So, uh, it’s typical of the negativity that the Clintons right now are using against Senator Obama, and I think it’s wrong.

KING: Okay.

RICHARDSON: It’s going to divide up the party.

RUSH: King, finally, said, ‘Look, the governor is saying, James, your candidate is acting as if she’s entitled to the throne.’

CARVILLE: I don’t know how to address that kind of idiocy, but let me try. (laughs) The people who are voting! (laughs) There’s no — it’s not like somebody is sitting here — and, by the way, they voted in Pennsylvania. They’re going to vote in Indiana. They’re going to vote in North Carolina — and as opposed to this kind of vacuous kind of comment, why don’t he encourage his candidate, Senator Obama, to go debate? You can’t run from this! You’re not going to be able to run from John McCain; you can’t run from the thing. And all this foolishness, clinging to the throne?

KING: (muttering)

CARVILLE: The last time I checked, people out there are voting, and they’re going to vote some more.

RUSH: Operation Chaos! (laughter) Bill Richardson, who served in the Clinton administration, being called an idiot and being called vacuous by James Carville. More Operation Chaos. David Broder in the Washington Post today, the column entitled, ‘The Democrats’ Worst Nightmare.’ The pull quote from this piece: ‘That is why so many Democrats are praying for this divisive primary campaign to end. They sense, correctly, that the longer it goes on, the better it is for John McCain. The Democrats have to resolve this somehow. The longer it goes on, the greater the costs in November.’ So the dean of punditry in Washington, David Broder, says that Democrats are praying. Isn’t that a sight? Wouldn’t you like to see that? Democrats praying? Look what they’re praying for. (laughter)

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