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RUSH: Not everybody in the audience is happy about Operation Chaos. This e-mail from Eugene Quinn, a subscriber at Rush 24/7. The subject line is: ‘You are a [Butt] Hole,’ only he didn’t say butt. ‘Thanks for being the egomaniac you have become. Because of your stupid prank, Hillary is still in the race. I have always been taught that when you could eliminate an enemy, you do it. Not you. You would rather boost your ego and hear yourself talk than eliminate her early and have Republicans run against Obama, which would be a slam-dunk for us. She’s going to end up winning this nomination. Your big, fat ego will be the reason. I have been a listener and a 24/7 person for four years now, but all I hear is your ego. I have stopped listening because all you worry about is yourself and your ego. You sure your last name isn’t Clinton? Thank you for being such a [butt] hole. Former Dittohead, Eugene Quinn.’ Not everybody is happy, apparently, with Operation Chaos. In fact, I got a note from Paul Shanklin last night, noted ‘white comedian,’ who does our impressions and our parody songs here.

He said, ‘Hey, I’m getting a little worried here. Do you think maybe it’s time to start telling Operation Chaos operatives to vote for Obama?’ No-o-o! Folks, he’s going to win North Carolina anyway. He’s going to win that big because that’s where his voter base is; he’s going to win. Mrs. Clinton could get close here, it depends, but the polling right now, he’s going to win North Carolina. He’s going to win a couple others. Indiana is a big one. (interruption) You don’t think it’s guaranteed he’s going to win North Carolina. (interruption) Snerdley is very insistent here that there’s no guarantee he’s going to win North Carolina. Look, here’s the key. Let me try to explain the thinking here in the operations manual for Operation Chaos. Let’s not forget what this is about. This is not about securing the nomination for either one of these two, because I — C-in-C USOC: Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos — think McCain can beat either one of them senseless because of Operation Chaos. They have both been bloodied, they’re both in the gutter. The bloom’s off the rose of Obama. Half the country hates Hillary.

We don’t now want to reverse the course of Operation Chaos, and secure the nomination for Obama and have this end. We want this to go on! We want the superdelegates to have make this decision, not the voters in the Democrat Party. This is about chaos. This is why it’s called Operation Chaos! It’s not called Operation Save Hillary. It’s not called Operation Nominate Obama. It’s called Operation Chaos! The dream end… I mean, if people say what’s your exit strategery, the dream end of this is that this keeps up to the convention and that we have a replay of Chicago 1968, with burning cars, protests, fires, literal riots, and all of that. That’s the objective here. And there has been nothing that’s happened on the battlefield for my vision of this to change just because Hillary won. We got what we wanted last night, and people want me to change course now? ‘We got what we wanted, okay, now time to support Obama.’ No. If Obama runs the table with the rest of these primaries, it’s over, and the superdelegates are going to have a much easier choice choosing him, because he’ll end up with a big lead.

We need him to limp across the finish line with his meager little lead in delegates. We need this guy having not won a significant primary since February 22nd. I know what many of you are saying, ‘No. That’s the guy we want to get the nomination, Rush.’ They’re both bloodied. They’re both weakened. Mrs. Clinton, as I said, is already hated by half the country. We’re on the way here now with Obama with his help, in having blue-collar people in this country — you know, the bitter clingers to God and their guns; we’re on the way here, with his help — to having him suspected. But the bloom’s off this messianic, mythological rose that was Barack Obama. So no, no, no. That’s why I’m giving all Operation Chaos volunteers an R&R day today, because our mission has been enthused with new energy. Operation Chaos has been shown to have a true meaningful impact, and it can have so again, and it will. Last night… (interruption) They’re watching for us in Indiana, and they’re going to be watching for us in North Carolina. They’re on the lookout now. We may have to alter tactics.

For example, WTAE-TV Pittsburgh reported last night: ‘Westmoreland County Sees Huge Increase in Democrat Voters.’ This is near Pittsburgh. ‘There are 5,400 more registered Democrats in Westmoreland County this election day than there were in the November general election.’ I wonder why — and they quote some people as they came out of the polling place. ”I voted for Obama,’ said Democratic voter Angela Rullo. ‘I think he’s going to make a difference. I hope.” It’s a typical Obama voter: a genuine airhead, and she’s still living in the six-month ago Obama or the-three-month-ago Obama. ‘I think he’s going to make a difference, I hope.’ Sarah Hayden: ‘I chose Hillary. I think she has more experience, more access to government.’ Another airhead. More access to government. But typical Democrats. But then there’s this, at the end of the story, the piece de resistance: ‘[N]ot everybody registered so their favorite Democrat would win. By some estimates, hundreds of Republicans switched parties to keep the feud going between Clinton and Obama. Republican Dave Rotigel is one of them. While voting on Tuesday, Rotigel wore a shirt that read, ‘Operation Chaos,’ which was inspired by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh,’ and they quote the guy.

”Now that Hillary is running, I decided to register Democrat so I could vote for the woman,’ said Rotigel, who said he does not like Clinton. ‘We need to keep this Democrat family feud going as long as we can. Hopefully, it will go to the convention floor and destroy the Democratic Party for five decades.” This is a man angling for a promotion in the Operation Chaos hierarchy. Now, in Indiana we’re about to change tactics. You don’t wear your Operation Chaos T-shirt or cap. You go in there as a standard, ordinary, everyday Democrat voter. You don’t call attention to yourself. You may, with permission of me, C-in-C USOC: lie to the exit pollsters when you come out. That’s always fun to do, just to mislead the Drive-By Media in their coverage that night. Feel free to mislead the exit pollsters. But do not, do not wear your uniform in Indiana. Do not wear your uniform in North Carolina. You are all covert with those two primaries. Here is another story. This is from Congressional Quarterly. ‘Pennsylvania Exit Polls Suggest White Voter Breakdown is Key to Outcome.’

All that talk about all these little Democrat constituency groups: who’s going to win the unions, who’s going to win this, who’s going to win the blacks, who’s going to win the women. As we’ve been saying the past couple days, it all comes down to the white vote. Finally, Chris Matthews last night; this was on PMSNBC. After it was all over, after Hillary had won by ten points, Matthews says, ‘This contest is over. Barack Obama’s going to win the most elected delegates. It’s over,’ and then he went on to say of the media, ‘Trying to keep this game going, we’ve created the delusion [sic] that somehow this race is still open.’ Uh, Chris, what media are you talking about here, when you say, ‘The media trying to keep this game going, we’ve created the delusion,’ I think he meant to say illusion, ‘that somehow this race is still open’? What media is trying to keep this game going, Chris? What media are you talking about here? MSNBC’s not trying to keep it going. You guys are in the tank for Obama. CNN is in the tank for Obama. Fox is undecided. There’s only one media trying to keep this going, Chris, and we’re succeeding. Me, Operation Chaos.


RUSH: I’m checking e-mails, and I’m looking at people on the phones here with what they want to say — and we’re going to get to you people on the phones here very quickly. Stick with me. Some of you are very concerned that Operation Chaos has been too successful and if we keep going with this, that the nomination will be secured by Mrs. Clinton. This, you think, is horrible because you want the Clintons vanquished, which I understand. But let me reiterate the purpose of Operation Chaos. By the way, we still have important states to go here. You operatives and volunteers, this is no time to go wobbly on me. We got North Carolina coming up, and I think Mrs. Clinton can win that. I’ll tell you why in a minute. We got Indiana coming up; Mrs. Clinton can win that. The purpose of Operation Chaos is not to secure the nomination for either of these two candidates. That’s not the point. The point of Operation Chaos is chaos. It’s just developed here far, far exceeding our objectives.

I want to repeat to you: A lot of people are saying nothing has changed here after last night’s victory by Mrs. Clinton, but a lot has changed. More and more voters in key states are not voting for him. They’re having second thoughts about Obama. They’ve learned more and more about him. Reagan Democrats are voting for Hillary by default. If Obama was the messiah that so many people in the media have built him up to be, this would not be happening. You don’t see people fainting at his rallies anymore. You know, I was suspicious of that stuff anyway. The question keeps arising. I need to ask those of you who are worried about the success of Operation Chaos: How can Hillary win this? The Drive-Bys keep saying it. ‘She should still get out,’ they’re saying. ‘She can’t win it. How can she win it?’ That’s not the question. Because of Operation Chaos, the question is, how can Obama win this? This is what everybody is missing. How can Obama win this? Obama cannot win this by winning the primary process.

He has to rely on unelected superdelegates just as she must. Both of these candidates need unelected superdelegates to be the nominee. Were it not for Operation Chaos, Obama could win this by winning the primary process. But he can’t now, nor can she. So unelected party hacks — I don’t care if they do this in June, after Puerto Rico has completed; I don’t care if they do it in July; I don’t care if they do it in August. Remember the conventional wisdom is they gotta do this before the convention. I don’t care when they do it. The fact is what they’re going to do: Unelected party hacks are going to choose the nominee. All the people that have voted in these primaries up ’til now will not be a factor. All this talk about him leading the popular vote? Yep, fine and dandy. But he hasn’t won enough of the popular vote to put him over the top. So whoever is the nominee — and this is the key to Operation Chaos — did not win it! The nominee will have been delivered by party hacks, unelected superdelegates. That is a dream come true for Operation Chaos. Now, you wonder about North Carolina. Here you have the same makeup…

I think the black population of North Carolina is 35%, 38%, and that is why the conventional wisdom is that Obama’s got North Carolina wrapped up. But I think that the same arguments that were used in Pennsylvania can be used effectively in North Carolina. Jeremiah Wright. Bill Ayers. The bitter clingers to guns and God. North Carolina is a conservative state. The Democrats had to run conservative Democrats in North Carolina (hello, Heath Shuler) in order to win the House of Representatives. It’s a conservative state, and even some Democrats — and maybe even some black Democrats in North Carolina — are not going to put up with his anti-American friends and his family and his wacko, lunatic fringe, kook associates. One of the ways the Drive-By tried to mollify the Reverend Wright stuff was to say, ‘You guys just don’t get it, you rich Republicans. You white Republicans, you don’t understand the black condition. You don’t understand black history, and you don’t understand black circumstances. That goes on in all kinds of black churches! Reverend Wright’s not uncommon at all.’

BS! Most people in this country, when they go to church, black people included; Jeremiah Wright is not what they get. It’s not that common. Otherwise it wouldn’t have made such news. If it were common, we would have heard about it and it wouldn’t have been any big deal. It’s not common. Jeremiah Wright is not representative; he’s not standard to what goes on in the black church. What happened in black churches is what happens in anybody else’s church. You show up, 10:30, 8:30, 10:45, whatever. They welcome you. You do a couple unity prayers, sing a couple of hymns, you listen to the sermon. They pass the offering plate. They generally do that before the sermon in case the sermon stinks. They pass the offering plate before the sermon. Then you get the sermon. Then you start watching your clock, because you want to get out of there and beat the Baptists to the restaurants because the Baptists always go long. That’s the way it was when I grew up.

Our preacher in the sermons said, ‘I’m going to try to wrap this up so you can beat the Baptists to the restaurant,’ because the Baptists always went long. America is not Jeremiah Wright. So she could inch into contention in North Carolina and perhaps even win that. Operation Chaos, ladies and gentlemen, is just going along swimmingly. This is not the time to go wobbly on me here. Because at the end of the day, the point you must remember is neither of these two can win the nomination by virtue of the Democrat Party primary process — unless you want to say that the superdelegates are part of the process. But I don’t care when it is that the supers make their choice, and I don’t care who it is: There are going to be some livid losers. If they go with Obama, the women in this country that vote for Hillary, they’re going to be livid.

Remember the numbers at the top of the last hour of Democrats for Obama and for Hillary who, if their candidate loses, will not vote for the other Democrat; will either sit out or vote for McCain. There’s one other aspect to Operation Chaos that I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on, and that is what you do with exit pollsters. I must tell you, and I have a lot of friends in the media, but I got the biggest kick last night as I’m watching the election returns; and right after the polls closed at eight o’clock Eastern, all the Drive-Bys called it for Hillary. But they all had these little crawls, these graphic crawls on the bottom of the screen: Fox News, PMSNBC, CNN calls Pennsylvania primary for Hillary; ‘waiting for margin of victory.’ Why? ‘Cause the exit polls yesterday were unreliable. One of the best things that could ever happen to American politics, is these exit polls to cease being used. You remember 2004? Starting at two o’clock in the afternoon on Election Day, John Kerry was proclaimed the winner.

It was all over the place, and Bob Shrum (who’s 0-for-13), was reportedly going in to John Kerry and saying, ‘Hey, congratulations! May I be the first to call you Mr. President.’ The exit polls were dead wrong. People had totally misled and the little agenda oriented zit-faced teenagers taking the exit polls had purposely bollixed ’em up so that it would be reported as though Kerry was winning big. The purpose of this was to suppress turnout in other states in the Central and Western Time zones, the Mountain Time zones who would otherwise vote for Bush. They were using these exit polls to advance their own agenda, the Democrat Party was and the Drive-By Media — and then they started talking about how Bush made a major comeback because Kerry was leading in the exit polls. Bush made no comeback! Bush was leading from the time they first started counting the real votes. So there’s so many, so many golden opportunities and options here for Operation Chaos to extend way beyond the Democrat primary. Do not go wobbly on me, folks.

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