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RUSH: What a night for Operation Chaos, even acknowledged in much of the local media throughout Pennsylvania. The Drive-Bys, you can just… Well, Fox also spent a lot of time talking about Operation Chaos. But the Drive-By Media just know it. The elites in the media are just fit to be tied. They’re talking all around Operation Chaos without mentioning it. The New York Times — which editorialized in favor; endorsed Mrs. Clinton for president, at least for the Democrat nomination in an editorial — today appears to be pulling back. There is total chaos in the Democrat Party, and I’m going to spell out exactly what that chaos is in mere moments. But first I want to thank and congratulate all of you troops, all of you volunteers in Operation Chaos for a job well done. Once again last night, the exit polls were worthless. The first wave of exit polls at one o’clock had a 17-point Hillary win. The five o’clock, wave of exit polls had Hillary up by four: 52 to 48. When the polls closed at eight o’clock, every Drive-By news outlet said, ‘It’s too close to call.’ Yet it was Mrs. Clinton by almost ten points at the end of the night, and I think a lot of Operation Chaos operatives actually did yeoman duty in misleading exit pollsters after they had voted.

One thing that’s been noticed is that Obama really does well in the exit polls, but it’s just the exact opposite when the votes are counted. So a job well done. Today, I, as C-in-C USOC: Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos; am giving all of you in the rank-and-file an R&R day. You have earned it. You have deserved it.


RUSH: Let’s start with the analysis of what happened by going to an audio sound bite. This is Norah O’Donnell last night on DNCTV, otherwise known as PMSNBC. The statistics here will serve as our transition point.

O’DONNELL: NBC News poll specifically asked Clinton and Obama voters what they would do if their preferred candidate did not win the nomination, and they were faced with the following choice: Support the other Democrat or vote for John McCain or stay home. First, as you see here, only 53% of Clinton voters said they would vote for Barack Obama. That’s stunning! Only 53%. And when you look essentially at Obama voters, 69% said they would vote for Hillary Clinton if she ends up the nominee. And what about those new voters that we were talking about, remember, more than 300,000 new Democratic voters in Pennsylvania today? Check out this number: 29% of those new voters said they would not vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Operation Chaos. Now, let’s review these numbers. Only 53% of Clinton voters say that they would vote for Obama. Twenty-five percent of her supporters say they would vote for McCain. Eighteen percent say they would stay home. Operation Chaos! The Drive-Bys are stunned by this. You heard Norah O’Donnell. She can’t figure this out. She said it’s amazing! Operation Chaos. As for Obama voters, 69% said they’d go ahead and vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee; 16% say they’d vote for McCain; 13 would stay home. Twenty-nine percent of Obama voters would not vote for Hillary, according to these polls. Let’s say even 75% of that is true. This portends an ill wind for the Democrats. What about those new voters, some 300,000 new voters in Pennsylvania? Twenty-nine percent said they would not vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Operation Chaos. On Bloomberg News last night, they reported that one in ten voters — one in ten, 10%! Now, in terms of election numbers, this is a huge percentage.

One in ten voters say they changed party registration to vote in this year’s Pennsylvania primary. Ten percent of the vote is huge. That would be five times the past high for a crossover vote with a closed primary. That’s an absolutely huge number — and once again, ladies and gentlemen, that is Operation Chaos. What did we learn from last night? Here’s what we learned. Obama is weak. He cannot win the states that he must win big in November. He cannot win Reagan Democrats. He cannot expand his base. But despite outspending Mrs. Clinton two-or-three to one, Obama’s base is elite white liberals and blacks. He is not getting the Reagan Democrats, the blue-collar people, the clingers; the bitter clingers, the guns and religion crowd. Seventy-five percent of them in Bob Casey’s district where he lives, near Scranton, voted against Obama. They heard it and they also hear Jeremiah Wright when he talks and they hear about Bill Ayers. It is interesting, you know, the media reporting time and time again here how Obama is exciting so many voters; how he is bringing all these new voters out. But he’s losing! Obviously Hillary’s base is bigger these days and is more excited than Obama’s is, but you wouldn’t know it by virtue of Drive-By Media coverage.

I watched this last night, and I just marvel. If you step back from this — step back from this, if you are a superdelegate — you really do have to worry if Obama can win the general election. He can’t draw votes from Hillary that he’s going to need in the general. He can’t do it. As I say, he’s getting these highly educated elite leftists and urban blacks for the most part. He is not appealing in a broad-based way to all Democrat Party coalitions. He was crushed. And everybody’s talking about this election last night didn’t mean anything, because it didn’t change the delegate count significantly. He was crushed! Ten points is big. This is after day after day after day of the media reporting Hillary should get out, saying she can’t win. It didn’t stop her people from turning out and voting. It didn’t stop Operation Chaos. So this was a huge win, I think. Last night, you know, it’s not just a stand-alone. You know, Obama has done really poorly since Super Tuesday. He’s been losing and losing and losing, and if the Democrats were running their primaries with the same delegate selection process the Republicans are, she would have had this wrapped up after Super Tuesday.

It would have been over already. That’s how convoluted the Democrats have made themselves. I think what we’re seeing right now is how weak Obama is. There have to be — and they will not admit this, so don’t look to hear this anywhere in the Democrat Party Drive-By Media. There are serious, serious doubts in the minds of millions of Democrat voters about Obama. These superdelegates would be nuts not to take notice of what is going on, and they would be nuts to be rushed into a bad judgment. Now, the San Francisco Chronicle today has an interesting story: Vital Boost for Clinton; Pennsylvania Win Breathes New Life into Her Campaign,’ But, Democratic ‘Party leaders don’t seem to care Clinton has taken the big states.’ They report on what happened last night and then they say this: ‘[F]ew Democrats important to her nomination seem to much care, including superdelegates [like] Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, whose comments have seemed to favor [Obama] … Nor are they paying much attention to her argument that Obama’s inability to put her away in the big states’ is important.

If Democrats had the… Well, I just told you. If they had the same winner-takes-all procedure the Republicans do. This is a crock. I think this notion that the superdelegates don’t care about any of this — that the superdelegates, it doesn’t matter to them that Obama cannot win the votes and the constituencies in the Democrat Party that he’s going to need to in order to win this — I assure you (don’t doubt me), the superdelegates who understand what is going on would be far more comfortable if Obama had won these big blue states on his way to winning the popular vote. He’s behind even in the popular vote now! He won red states. He is behind by a million in the popular vote, from what I saw this morning. Now, that’s going to change as we get into North Carolina. (interruption) Did you see something different? Well, it’s close or whatever. But she’s got an argument here. If she wants to take the popular vote angle, she’s going to have an argument. But the superdelegates and the grand pooh-bahs in the Democrat Party are not seeing a lot of movement for Obama where there needs to be movement, and that is blue-collar workers.

He’s done a good job of turning them off, turning them against him; and I’m thinking that, Hillary right now probably is being viewed by a lot of Democrats, maybe millions of Democrats, as the anti-Obama. They don’t know him. And what they’re hearing, they don’t like now, and I guarantee you there’s some of them in the Democrat Party — even up to the superdelegate level — who are starting to have second thoughts. Let me put it to you this way. If all we know now about Obama was known before Super Tuesday — if we knew about Reverend Wright, if we knew about his elitist view about the clinger, ‘bitter,’ religion, God, gun people, before Super Tuesday — do you think he’d be where he is right now? He would not. I’m telling you, there are people in the Democrat Party who know this, and they’re getting very, very worried about it. Also, as I think about this, ladies and gentlemen, they keep saying that Bill Clinton is screwing up.

I was thinking about this last night. Bill Clinton screwing up. I don’t think so. I think what Clinton has been doing is purposeful. I think he’s been attacking hard to draw Obama and his campaign into firing back, which they’ve now been doing, and that has knocked Obama off of his messianic pedestal. It’s knocked him off his game, staying positive. He’s now in the gutter with them — and he’s going to continue running negative commercials, which is really irritating the New York Times and a number of other Democrats, and they’re really piling on both candidates for going negative now. Of course Hillary’s response is, ‘Why should I stop? It’s working.’ Negative ads always do. That’s the dirty little secret. What Clinton’s done has helped Team Clinton. He’s not stupid when it comes to political strategy. No longer can it be said that Obama is running a positive campaign.

No longer can it be said that Obama represents something different. No longer can it be said that Obama is an agent of change. No longer can any of that fluff that was attached to Obama in the early days of this campaign be said. No longer can that be said, because he’s down in the gutter with them now, and we’re finding out he doesn’t like being in the gutter. He cancels, out of cowardice, debate appearances in North Carolina with Hillary. So, this is a major transformation that’s taken place here — and while the Drive-Bys’ story line, their action line, their narrative is that this didn’t really change anything; it just prolonged it. Make no mistake: There are several superdelegates who I am convinced are considering the Doomsday Option that I put forth as C-in-C USOC: Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos last week, and that is that neither of these two can win. They’re incompetent; they’re disliked. By the time this ends up, neither of them are going to be very popular. A third candidate may be their option.


RUSH: Look, folks, I am serious about this. Superdelegates need to really worry now. The Democrat Party superdelegates — and they are. Trust me. Don’t doubt me. Whatever you hear in the Drive-Bys, whenever you hear Pelosi speak, whenever you hear the superdelegates talk, you’re not gonna be hearing this. Of course they’re not going to tell you they’re worried, but internally, they have to be. If they’re not, they should start. They really need to be worried if they really want to win this — and you know they do. A year ago they thought they already had. Do you understand this is Howard Dean’s worst nightmare? They wanted her knocked out last night! That’s why Obama spent all the money — and he still couldn’t do it. By the way, on the popular vote business, if you throw in Michigan and Florida in — I’m talking popular vote now, forget delegates — she’s ahead in the popular vote. She’s a little over a million down (Snerdley was right) in the popular vote as we speak today. I mean, this is Howard Dean’s worst nightmare because they wanted this over last night. They wanted a huge Obama win, or any kind of an Obama win to stop the bleeding, and he got crushed.

They did not want this day to happen. I’m not talking about the fighting between the two of them, which is fairly obvious at this point, as it continues. What has happened here is that Obama’s weakness as their likely nominee has been exposed, big time. Even people who aren’t paying attention, now can figure out, he hasn’t won anything of significance in a long time. He just lost last night in a blowout, in a key state, a battleground state. He lost to Hillary Clinton, who is hated by 50% of the country! This is not what they envisioned. This is not where they wanted to be. Ladies and gentlemen, you and I — the commander-in-chief and the volunteer troops of Operation Chaos — have completely confounded the elites in the media. The New York Times editorial page, which endorsed Hillary, is now smearing the voters of Pennsylvania; saying their votes are tainted, that the voters in Pennsylvania are stupid. The editorial writers are sounding as desperate as their favored candidate is, meaning Hillary — and they are getting as boring, by the way, as Obama is, with their long delusional screeds.

They really upbraid Hillary for going negative. I’ll share excerpts with you as the program unfolds. But maybe not, because the New York Times is irrelevant. Operation Chaos has more impact on what happened in Pennsylvania than the New York Times. The voters who defied the elites and voted for Hillary because of their concerns about Obama are not regular readers of the New York Times, or the New York Times editorial page. Those are Obama voters, regardless of whom they may have endorsed earlier. That’s who reads the New York Times. There’s a mantra, by the way, that I’m now hearing out there, ladies and gentlemen; that nothing much has changed here. ‘Despite Hillary’s win, nothing much has changed.’ Well, much, in fact, has changed. More and more voters in key states are not voting for Obama. They’re having second thoughts about him, after learning more about him. Reagan Democrats are voting for Hillary by default. If Obama was the messiah so many in the media have built him up to be, this would not be happening, would it?

The bloom’s off the rose! The myth that was Obama has been exposed. What happened to all the people that were fainting at his rallies? All of that was fraudulent. You know who’s kicking himself right now? You know who’s really steaming? It’s Edwards. Can you imagine John Edwards sitting there in his mansion in North Carolina and his wife, Elizabeth, is probably doing a Rosalynn Carter and elbowing him in the ribs, saying, ‘You got out too soon! Look, this whole campaign is falling apart. You could be in there right now cleaning up after all these people.’ Operation Chaos Doomsday Option: Superdelegates pick third candidate. So the questions keep arising. How can Hillary win this? You know what my question is? (I’m talking about the general.) How can Obama win it? How can Obama — let’s talk about the primaries, forget general. How can Obama win the primary? He can’t. Both of these people have to rely on unelected superdelegates. They both need unelected superdelegates to be the nominee. The entire Democrat Party primary voting process means nothing. How would you like to be them?

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