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Some of yougo to the movies to get away from it all,to escapeyour daily routine, but youwill notbe able to escape the global warming hoax while at the movies. A $300-million propaganda effort– spearheaded by Algore –has been launched in 7,000 theaters.

This campaign features ads critical of the way you live.You’re urged to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, to get rid of yourgas lawn mowers and go back to push mowers. You’re told to use less air conditioning. Theyeven tell you how to do laundry (you should only do “full” loads)! And they say “it would be great if everyone had a hybrid car[.]”

The campaign also showcases a short animated film; it’s called “Sky is Falling”,and it’snothing more than a blame-America production. It claims that the volume of CO2 that this countryproduced in 2006 is equivalent to 1.2 million elephants. So animated elephants then fall out of the sky,creating terror in the city below while an announcer intones: “It’s time to stop ignoring the 1.2 million elephants in the room.”

Now, in an apparently coordinated effort, another “No. 2 guy”– Ayman al-Zawahri, from the Al-Qaeda wing of wackos– said that global warming shows “how criminal, brutal, and greedy the Western Crusader world is, with America at the top.” He predicted global warming will “make the world more sympathetic” to understand the “jihad against the aggressor America.”

…Which is precisely what Algore and his leftist global-warming-hoax minions trust will be the case: that you will hate the country like Islamofascists do.

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