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RUSH: We have an Operation Chaos volunteer on the phone from Exton, Pennsylvania, by the name of Bill. Bill, you’re doing the Lord’s work out there. Thanks for the call. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Yeah, we went to vote for Hillary. I was a gun-toting evangelical clinging to those guns and clinging to my God. I went out and voted. They asked me on the way out, the pollsters asked me, ‘Oh, were you one of the people who switched parties?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I switched parties.’ ‘So why did you do that?’ I said, ‘Because of Operation Chaosssss.’

RUSH: All right!

CALLER: And then they went and they said, ‘Okay, what are the issues? Were they Iraq, global warming?’ ‘No,’ I said. ‘No, it’s because of Operation Chaos, led by the commander-in-chief, Rush,’ and she just laughed. She laughed her head off. Then I went over to the Hillary table and I was there with my Republican committeeman, which he’s on board with Operation Chaos as well, and I said, ‘I voted for Hillary,’ and she said, ‘Oh, thank you very much. Thank you very much.’ ‘But,’ I said, ‘Tomorrow, I’ll be reregistering Republican,’ and she just laughed. It was just a classic moment.

RUSH: That’s all they care about is the now anyway. You know, they’ll deal with the general later. They just care about the now. They’re so happy you did it. I know the Clinton campaign’s grateful as they can be for Operation Chaos. They can’t ever say so, but they’re grateful as hell.

CALLER: It was awesome.

RUSH: So you had an exit pollster, it was an exit pollster, and they asked you if you’re a switcher —


RUSH: — and which issues mattered, and when you said Operation Chaos, Rush Limbaugh, commander-in-chief?

CALLER: She just laughed and laughed. I said, ‘We want to keep this going through the convention,’ and she just laughed. They were young kids. They didn’t really know until that day that it was in effect, but this Republican Chester County. There were quite a few there.

RUSH: Couple more questions. You say they were young. How old were these exit pollsters?

CALLER: 18, 20.

RUSH: Don’t be so convinced that they don’t know about Operation Chaos.

CALLER: Oh, no. They knew about it because they’d heard about it that day, I’m pretty sure. They didn’t say that.

RUSH: Okay, so they laughed about it. So they must be hearing this a lot.

CALLER: Oh, yes. I’m saying, there was before — I got there around 11 o’clock, and there was about 150 people already voted. But that’s a lot because we’re in a Republican county, and they were just laughing. Especially when I said, ‘Well, we’re there to make sure the Dems keep fighting it out ’til they go to the convention.’

RUSH: Way to go. Well, there you have it. There’s Bill from Exton, Pennsylvania, one of the hundreds of thousands of volunteers in Operation Chaos scattered across remaining primary states. He was happy to be in Pennsylvania today voting as an Operation Chaos operative, following, by the way, to the T orders from headquarters.


RUSH: York, Pennsylvania. Tim, I’m glad you called. An Operation Chaos volunteer on the phone. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Mega bitter Pennsylvanian dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I have two reports, actually. One report from Saturday. I waited nearly all day for the live campaign representative to call me from the Hillary campaign, and finally the call came in.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. Why did you know that a call was coming? Why were you waiting for a phone call?

CALLER: Oh, I have never received so many phone calls. I thought I was on the Do Not Call list, but I’m not sure now.

RUSH: Wait a minute. I want to set the stage here so people understand. You’re a Republican, Operation Chaos volunteer, and you registered Democrat to vote for Hillary?

CALLER: Yes. And finally that registration went through. Unfortunately, it didn’t for my wife. She remained Republican, although she had tried. She did a mail-in and it didn’t work.

RUSH: Yeah, there was a deadline. There was a deadline.

CALLER: Yep. But I did. I succeeded in becoming an operative, and I succeeded in getting the live phone call on Saturday, and the gentleman, very politely asked me, you know, if I was going to show my support for Hillary, go out and vote. I said, ‘Oh, absolutely. I wouldn’t miss it,’ and he started thanking me, and I said, ‘Sure, I’m an operative for Operation Chaos.’ He was laughing so hard, he could barely say, ‘Thank you for your support,’ and hang up.

RUSH: They know. You know damn well he know. Despite the Drive-Bys trying to make it look like it’s insignificant, ineffective, it isn’t happening, they know. The exit pollsters today are laughing when Operation Chaos volunteers tell ’em they’re operating with Operation Chaos orders.

CALLER: Well, the second report is from the polling station. I haven’t been able to go over yet. I’m just chomping at the bit, but my wife was by earlier, and like I said, she voted Republican today for a couple of local things, and she reported that in-line campaign representatives were going down through with a notebook and just taking notes, asking people if they were part of Operation Chaos.

RUSH: (laughs) No kidding.

CALLER: They weren’t throwing their bodies down in front of people telling them they couldn’t vote, but they were taking notes. Not taking names, but seemed to be taking notes of what the responses were. I don’t know what they’re preparing for, but —

RUSH: Now, let me ask you specifically: Were these campaign workers or were these pollsters?

CALLER: Well, they were probably — no, no. They would have been pollsters, you know, outside the campaign building.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Outside the whole building.

RUSH: Before you’d gotten in there where where’s no electioneering involved, before you got in there, before your wife got in there and got in line to vote. This is outside —

CALLER: Outside.

RUSH: — before she’s gone up and signed up, signed in — and operatives, campaign operatives, pollsters want to know how many people are with Operation Chaos?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: (laughter)

CALLER: There were several of my neighbors there that I know are Republican that were just kind of smiling, you know, giving the thumbs up to my wife. (laughing) You know, to believe that it’s not a force to be reckoned with, I can’t wait ’til tomorrow when I switch back. I really can’t, because I’ve been getting these cravings for tofu. I stopped by and looked at the new Priuses. It’s making me sick.

RUSH: Yeah, you can’t hang onto this too long because —


RUSH: — of the addictive forces that can overcome you.

CALLER: It’s mentally straining, I tell you. (laughs)

RUSH: Well, they’re actually asking people in line — both Republicans and Democrats, by the way?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, yeah.

RUSH: If you’re a part of Operation Chaos?

CALLER: Just going down through the line.

RUSH: ‘Are you Operation Chaos?’ All right, that’s great news. Well, you’re going to go reregister tomorrow, and probably a lot others are too. A lot of others will too but that story will never be written, about the shrinking Democrat voter registration.

CALLER: I know, I know.

RUSH: (laughter.)

CALLER: I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible and am trying to make an impact.

RUSH: How come you haven’t voted yet?

CALLER: I work. I’m a Republican. I’m busy working.

RUSH: Right. Well, don’t —

CALLER: I’m hoping I can get through at the end of the day.

RUSH: No, no. There’s no hoping in Operation Chaos.

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: Our mission relies not at all on hope. You’ve got to get in there and vote. Those are your orders!

CALLER: I will get in there and vote.

RUSH: All right. That’s the only reason to switch party registration.

CALLER: Oh, believe me; I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

RUSH: Tim, thanks for the call.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: We really appreciate it.

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