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RUSH: Operation Chaos is in full swing. Operation Chaos is under attack from the Drive-By Media and campaign operatives. Operation Chaos is succeeding exactly as planned and meeting all objectives. Barack Obama is chickening out of a debate in North Carolina. The biggest loser is Katie Couric, who was to have moderated the debate. The latest poll from the American Research Group, which is reputed to be a great poll, has Mrs. Clinton up as of April 20th and 21st (so that would be yesterday and the day before) by 16 points. Mrs. Clinton is up 56-40 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the American Research Group, Incorporated Poll.

Greetings, my good friends, and welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program here on the one and only EIB Network. Great to have you with us. Our telephone number if you want to be on the program today, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Let’s go right to the audio sound bites. Our troops are on the battlefield today, and I do not want those of you who have yet to take the battlefield to be deterred by any of the efforts ongoing in the Drive-By Media to dissuade you or to say to you that your importance is irrelevant. We’ll start with Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel this morning. The cohost Gretchen Carlson had this exchange with McCain campaign New York state chairman Ed Cox about Operation Chaos.

CARLSON: We want to talk to you about Operation Chaos, because Rush Limbaugh has been advocating his listeners to go out and register Democrat and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary, just to keep the whole chaos going on the Democratic side. Ed, your thoughts on that.

COX: Well, I — I don’t think that’s going to have that much of an impact in the end, uhhh, but — especially with this kind of a large turnout.

RUSH: Not even the McCain camp is willing to acknowledge Operation Chaos. By the way, the intended beneficiary of Operation Chaos is indeed Senator McCain, yet he cannot have his campaign chairman in New York go out and acknowledge the effort we are making here on behalf of his campaign. Same program, Dee Dee Myers talking to Steve Doocy on the Fox & Friends show. Doocy says to her, ‘Are you afraid of Operation Chaos, Dee Dee Myers? It sounds very scary.’

MYERS: It sounds very chaotic.

DOOCY: (laughing)

MYERS: I think people are reluctant to throw away their vote. I think that most Americans take the franchise very seriously.

DOOCY: But if you were a Republican, you wouldn’t vote today in Pennsylvania.

MYERS: Yeah, but I — I just don’t think people mess around with their vote. I just don’t — I mean, some will, there’s no question that some will think it’s mischievous and fun and, yeah, let’s keep the chaos going. But I think most people don’t want to — don’t want to do that if they’ve already — you know, if they have to reregister as a Democrat that’s the only vote they get in this primary process.

RUSH: Dee Dee and all the rest of you — including those of you in the McCain campaign — who are doubting the size and the impact, the effectiveness of Operation Chaos, let me ask you why you think that in the final days, less than three or four days leading up to registration to change parties in Pennsylvania six weeks ago (or four weeks, whatever it was), there were maybe 178,000 people who changed registration from Democrat to Republican in the last three or four days? Do you think it was because those Republicans all of a sudden at the same time had a revelation that they wanted to vote Obama? Do you think those Republicans had a revelation at the last moment that they wanted to vote for Mrs. Clinton? Or do you think they are Operation Chaos operatives? Now, I could understand, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats would like to play this down, and elements of the Drive-By Media would also like to play down the effectiveness of Operation Chaos. This is primarily aimed at me. It is professional broadcast jealousy, ladies and gentlemen, professional broadcast envy that I have the ability — using our relationship here, our familial relationship here — to inspire and motivate so many peers toward a cause, and as I have mentioned over the course of recent days, the Drive-By Media budget meetings every morning have been oriented toward, ‘How can we talk about this without mentioning Limbaugh and Operation Chaos?’ I want to send a heartfelt thanks out to the Fox & Friends morning crew for daring to have the political and journalistic courage to ask various politicos the question. We move on now to KYW-TV in Philadelphia. The anchors Chris May and Liz Keptner were interviewing Harry Smith, the cohost of the CBS Early Show.

KEPTNER: It’s just incredible. You know, we keep hearing so much about, I guess you can say the conspiracy theories, a lot of Republicans who are changing their affiliation for the primary —

MAY: Oh, sure.

KEPTNER: — to elect what they consider —

MAY: The Rush Limbaugh chaos —


MAY: — chaos plan. Right.

KEPTNER: — the weaker Democratic candidate primary —

MAY: Right.

KEPTNER: — to run —

MAY: Right.

KEPTNER: — against John McCain in the fall.

MAY: Right.

KEPTNER: So we keep on hearing those palls — or polls —

MAY: Right.

KEPTNER: — or having these polls —

MAY: Mmm-hmm.

KEPTNER: — that Barack Obama was closing the —

MAY: Right.

KEPTNER: — you know, the — the —

MAY: And it doesn’t seem to be like that anymore.

KEPTNER: Right, right. I mean, how do you think this —

MAY: (crazed laughter)

KEPTNER: — all is working, how is this playing out?

SMITH: These newly registered voters, many of them, some analysts say, if they’re — if — the — many of them are undecided, many of them may be leaning toward Obama. That could be enough of a percentage, uh, difference to offset the predicted, uh, Hillary Clinton lead. I think it’s anybody’s guess.

RUSH: So that was a worthwhile interview, was it not? The noted expert, the noted electoral expert Harry Smith from the third place CBS morning show commenting on the impact and effectiveness of Operation Chaos and then deigning to explain why so many Republicans might be motivated to cross over and vote for Obama. Let me explain to all of you in the Drive-By Media. The past two weeks, the past week especially, for Obama, the bloom’s off the rose. Obama is a pure, 100% myth. He has been exposed, and if you don’t think people in flyover country haven’t seen this — don’t care about his preacher, don’t care about his association with Bill Ayers — they do, and it will show up in the general election. But I would maintain this. The Drive-By Media, for the most part, is in the tank for Obama. So they see these Republicans registering as Democrats as part of Operation Chaos in Pennsylvania, and they lie to themselves. They have a story line; they have a narrative. The narrative is that Obama is the Second Coming, Obama is a messiah. Obama can save the country, save the world. To see even committed Republicans changing party registration, and then they say, ‘Wow! Even Republicans want Obama! The messiah!’

Let me suggest to you in the Drive-By Media that the vast majority of these people, if it happens — and we don’t know what’s going to happen, either. The polling in the Clinton-Obama races in some states other than Ohio and Texas has been abysmally wrong. It has been profoundly wrong. We don’t know what’s going to happen in Pennsylvania. As I say, the American Research Group polling data the last two days has Hillary with a 16-point lead. But let’s say it doesn’t turn out to be that, the Clinton internals yesterday of course were 11%, but let’s say it doesn’t turn out to be that. If indeed Republicans are crossing the aisle and voting for Obama, I want you in the Drive-By Media to understand one thing: They ain’t voting for Obama. They are voting against Hillary. There are some members of Operation Chaos… We do our best to keep the troops in line here, folks, but there are some members of Operation Chaos who just can’t stomach voting for a Clinton no matter what, and would love to see the end of the Clintons today. Do not fool yourselves, Drive-Bys, if you think that all these new Republicans are crossing the line, panting with excitement (panting) to vote for Obama, because they’re not. By the way, ladies and gentlemen, the myth that is Obama, we have decided to produce this in order to convey and persuade rather than just say it from my oral cavity.

(playing of Obama spoof)

RUSH: ‘Wait, wait! I think he smiled at me. He’s so nice. He’s so nice.’ The myth that is Obama.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites. We’re back to Operation Chaos sound bites. The pollster Scott Rasmussen last night was on Larry Kudlow’s show, Kudlow & Company on CNBC, and they had this exchange about Operation Chaos.

KUDLOW: Scott Rasmussen, Rush Limbaugh on the radio today talking a lot about Republicans in Pennsylvania reregistering Democratic to vote for Obama. Are you picking up any of that?

RASMUSSEN: We’ve heard about this in other states, and there are some who do it. The net impact, I think, in Texas was almost a quarter of a percentage point in the popular vote. You know, it’s just — it’s not going to play a big factor. The reality here, Hillary Clinton is likely to win. The margin will be determined by who turns out. The ultimate winner is John McCain from this contest.

KUDLOW: All right.

RUSH: That was Scott Rasmussen. I might take the time here to remind everybody what the ultimate objective of Operation Chaos is. Do you remember what it is, Dawn? What is the ultimate…? (interruption) No, no. Yes, but the ultimate objective is for our side to win, and our side is represented by John McCain. So while the pollster, Scott Rasmussen… I think he misunderstood either Kudlow’s question or Kudlow misunderstood what he heard on the program yesterday. Yesterday we were talking about the phenomena that I had met some Republicans who said they couldn’t wait to vote for Obama despite knowing he’s a full-fledged 100% liberal, because they like his personality. They think he’s sincere about what he believes. I forgot to mention that yesterday, folks, but this is one of the things, and it sort of wigs me out. Yeah, he’s a sincere liberal. Does that not matter?

‘He’s just trustworthy. He just seems sincere.’

‘Why does he seem sincere?’

‘Well, because of the way he speaks, and he doesn’t stutter around. He sounds educated. He’s very calm.’

Some of these Republicans are saying, ‘I don’t think McCain is trustworthy. I don’t know what he’s going to do. But I trust Obama.’

Yeah, I do, too. I trust Obama to be as liberal, as radical as any Democrat that’s ever run for the White House. But that doesn’t matter. It still doesn’t matter. That’s what he’s explaining yesterday to the audience here, and I amended that a little bit at the beginning of the program today because I do think some of these Republicans, if they do cross over to vote for Obama, they’re actually voting against Hillary. We only have educated Republicans in this audience, and there’s no educated Republican that — in a general election, once we get to November — would vote for Barack Obama. It just wouldn’t happen. They may sit home. They may be mad at McCain. There’s a lot of that, but they’re not going to go out and actively vote for a radical leftist, whether he appears sincere or not. Howard Dean accepted congratulations on Operation Chaos registration on MSNBC this morning.

DEAN: Look, I think we’re in pretty good shape. I — I, too, like many Americans, have concerns about the tone of the campaign, but the truth is in Pennsylvania we registered over 300,000 new voters, including 160,000 who switched from the Republican Party. North Carolina, we’ve got over 150,000 new voters. All those people are going to be in the DNC data bank — in fact, I think they probably are — for the fall election.

SCARBOROUGH: Governor, congratulations ahead of time.


SCARBOROUGH: Three hundred thousand new Democrats in Pennsylvania.

DEAN: That’s a big deal.

RUSH: This is offensive to me. This is profoundly offensive to me, as C-in-C USOC (Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos) to listen to Howard Dean accept credit for this, when this whole concept was begun by me and executed by you: Operation Chaos. It’s a battle for control of the Democratic Party between me and Howard Dean.

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