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RUSH: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, today is the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, one of the earliest communist dictator thugs in Russia, the old Soviet Union. It’s also Earth Day today, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t know what anniversary this is. This thing started back in the 1970s. Even Earth Day supporters, organizers, now admit they have made no progress. No progress whatsoever in enlightenment. They have made no progress in people turning away from their wasteful ways. Somebody asked me yesterday, ‘What are you going to urge your audience to do on Earth Day?’ I said, ‘It’s very simple. Drive. Drive! Drive five miles above the speed limit when you’re on the highway. Go out and buy, buy, buy! Use extra toilet paper. Clog up the toilet if you have to with extra toilet paper. Use, use, use. Turn on every light in the house, every light in the office, and leave it on when you leave — and if you see anybody driving a stupid hybrid around, just buzz ’em with your horn and wave at ’em as you speed by.’ Just ram it down their throats, ladies and gentlemen. There’s a great couple of pieces today on Earth Day and global warming, one of them from the American Thinker, and it makes a great point. These people who were propounding global warming on the basis we need to feed the world, there’s too much poverty, if they really wanted to do that, then they would make that their objective rather than try to reduce carbon emissions as a way of doing it, because everybody admits that the only way to reduce carbon emissions is to make everybody in every nation poorer, to reduce lifestyles.


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