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RUSH: Roger in Indiantown, Florida, not far from here, where we are. It’s ice to have you on the program, sir. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It is an honor. I just wanted to call you and tell you and your listeners how much I’ve come to value my Rush 24/7 membership. I honestly believe it’s one of the greatest investments that I’ve ever made in my life.

RUSH: Wow! Wow, thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Rush, I’m an extremely busy man like you. I pastor at a temporarily small church in Indiantown, as you know. I work a full-time job five days a week selling online. I’m a singsong/writer/musician. (I’ve been offered a record deal, but I didn’t take it.) I’ve even got a novel coming out this month that’s going national, so I’m real busy. The thing is, I can always go on Rush 24/7. I get the Rush in a Hurry. I watch you on my Dittocam when I’m at work most days, and I can always stay in tune because you’re at the center. You always know what’s important politically. I have people call me and asked me political advice. A week ago somebody called me from Oregon that I haven’t seen in awhile and they said, ‘Who do we vote for?’ and I told them about Operation Chaos and they would never vote for Hillary, but I said, ‘Hey, you need to be in tune with what Rush is talking about.’ I told them they need to get this because they’re online, like me. But I’ll tell you, it is so awesome that I can always go there. Because you don’t only know what’s happening, you know what’s coming. I mean, you’re like a political prophet. You’re ahead of the curve. You always know what’s coming. I would rather have that than Fox News or anything else, because you know what’s important, and when you say, ‘Don’t doubt me,’ well, I’m one of the guys that doesn’t doubt you, and I highly recommend Rush 24/7 to all your Dittohead listeners. I’m a Dittohead from ’92, but I’ll tell you, I’ve really been able to stay in tune because of my membership.

RUSH: Well, thank you. That’s a great endorsement, and I cannot thank you enough. There’s nothing I can add to that, other than ‘Rush 24/7’ is the accurate name that he’s talking about, the name of the subscriber part of our website. It is an encyclopedia. It’s stunning. We don’t sit here and plug it. I don’t hype it a lot, simply because I don’t want you all to be treated like I’m a huckster and you’re just out there as customers. So I don’t really talk about it a lot, and yet it has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It is an encyclopedia. The data, the database, the Essential Stack of Stuff, plus the stuff you ought to see. By the way, the Daily Stack of Stuff, the stuff that I use to prep the program is also published at RushLimbaugh.com, and you should see half the stuff I don’t get to, which dovetails with one of the things that he said here that is very shrewd of him. Every day, when we put the program together — (ahem) I put the program together — there’s overload here. I’ve got stuff accumulating in the Global Warming Stack. I’ve got stuff accumulating in the Standard News Stack that has nothing to do with the campaign, and I got the Hillary and Obama Stack, and I got the McCain Stack. There’s nothing in the McCain Stack today because he’s not in the news.

It’s instinct. ‘Okay, what here is really crucial?’ I just rely on what interests me more than anything else in these Stacks, and then if there’s something crucial I didn’t get to, I have another Stack here that’s holdovers. It’s information overload each and every day. You can see what even is not used on this program, it’s part of the website every day at RushLimbaugh.com. We call it Rush 24/7 because it’s always there. So I appreciate that, Roger. He’s from Indiantown, Florida, just right up 95. It’s not far from here at all. I’ll pass it even now and then when I’m heading to the two or three golf courses that are fortunate to have me as a member.

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