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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, as Operation Chaos and soldiers prepare to deploy in less than 24 hours, the Drive-By Media is doing everything it can to suggest that these new Republican registrants in Pennsylvania are registering because they love Obama. The Politico has a story today about the surge in Democrat voter registration from Republicans, and their number is that 62% of the switchers — 62% of you Republicans who are switching registration to the Democrat Party for the Pennsylvania primary — are going to Obama. This is the theme now, and we will see how this plays out tomorrow. Of course, the bottom line here is that Operation Chaos does not have a chosen candidate to win this. Operation Chaos has as a simple, single mission to keep the campaign going; to keep chaos reigning supreme, to keep the Democrats continuing to conduct their war with each other on all fronts. By the way, Nora Ephron, movie writer and so forth. Did you ever see the movie You’ve Got Mail? I never saw it. She wrote it, and she is married to Nick Pileggi, who wrote Goodfellas. She’s got a piece today on the Huffington Post that is unbelievable. These are people, the enlightened among us, the reasonable, the tolerant, the compassionate, the caring, and the concerned — and the concern in her piece is all about who white men hate more in Pennsylvania, blacks or women. That will determine who wins the Pennsylvania primary: ‘Who do white guys hate the most, a black guy or a white woman?’ I’ll have to get the whole thing for you in detail here, but it is just stunning to know how they think. By the way, it pretty much sums up that she agrees with what Obama said to a bunch of elitists out in San Francisco about people in small towns.


RUSH: Yes, I’m going to get to sound bites. Folks, I meant to start the last segment with the sound bites, but when I start talking, I even find myself interesting. I know you do. So I was unable to keep quiet because I found what I was saying so fascinating even as I was listening to it. We’ll get to the sound bites here in just a second. Now, in The Politico today, a story by Jeanne Cummings: ‘Dem Voter Surge Could Cut Clinton Margin.’ Now, here’s the basic nuts and bolts of the story. ‘In Pennsylvania, more than 178,000 Republicans have switched their party ID to Democrat.’ Well, 178,000 people have switched. Ninety-two percent of that number have gone to the Democrat Party. Republicans who registered as Democrats are 7% of the electorate for the Tuesday primary in Pennsylvania. They’ve taken a poll of people that switched party registration, and it was released by some polling outfit called Madonna, or maybe that’s somebody that works at the polling unit. It doesn’t matter. ‘Obama was the preferred candidate for 62% of these Republicans who have registered as Democrats. Clinton insiders said they are bracing for the same 60-40 split among newly registered Democrats,’ so everybody thinks that most of the Republican registrants are going to vote for Obama. The Drive-Bys are out there pumping this notion on the basis that these Republicans actually love and are enamored of Obama. WJLA-TV Capital Sunday in Washington, Leon Harris is interviewing Charles Mahtesian from The Politico, and they have this exchange about me and Operation Chaos.

HARRIS: Is this the kind of thing that Rush Limbaugh’s going to claim credit for, that we’ve been hearing about this plan of his — Operation Chaos I think he calls it — getting Republicans to register as Democrats just to skew the primary and then go ahead and switch back to Republicans in the general election. Is that — is that part of what’s working here?

MAHTESIAN: No, not in this case. Uh, this is the real deal. It’s the kind of thing you may have seen ten, 15 years ago in the South where you see an entire region sort of transition, uh, from one party to another, and this is sort of I think part of a larger movement, uh, in the Northeast part of the country. Pennsylvania’s been a little bit later than the others.

RUSH: Leon Harris then asks of Mr. Mahtesian, is Obama, then, the equivalent of the Reagan Democrats?

MAHTESIAN: Some people say that. They say, uh, as you know, Leon, they talk about the Obamacans, you know, which is sort of that generation two of the — the Reagan Democrats. It’s hard to say. Clearly Obama has an effect on these people, and — and polling shows —

RUSH: Yeah.

MAHTESIAN: — polling of these newcomers that have just come in the Democratic Party show shows —

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah.

MAHTESIAN: — they’re favoring Obama by about 60 to 40% over Clinton.

RUSH: We shall see. But the notion that these Republicans are switching to vote for Obama because they genuinely love Obama, is the equivalent of Reagan Democrats is absurd — and it’s absurd for the very reasons I espoused in my opening monologue. Reagan Democrats were brought to the Republican Party on the basis of issues. They were brought to the Republican Party and the conservative movement on the basis of tax cuts, limited government. They were brought in as conservatives. Republicans are not becoming liberals. If they’re supporting Obama, they’re not becoming liberals and they haven’t thrown away their beliefs. They just are enamored of the concept of change and the personality. People are caught up. It’s like a cult, and they have been caught up in it. The idea that there are… Look, let me put it to you bluntly. Why would any Republican want to leave the Republican Party to vote for a Democrat when we got our own Democrat running? It’s not about issues. These Republicans are abandoning because — if they are, if these numbers are true…

Some of them are. I’ve run into them. I’ve talked to them, and they’re abandoning simply on the basis of personality. They’re caught up in wanting to feel good. The guy makes ’em feel good. They don’t care what he says. They don’t care what critics say about him. Doesn’t matter. It’s something that’s ephemeral. It’s hard to get your arms around. That’s why all this chatter about Obama not telling the truth, the stupid preacher, and running around with all these wacko radicals and so forth, it ain’t going to stick. It isn’t going to stick. In fact, it may wear people out if it goes on deep into the general campaign. Michael Steele, a good friend of this program, was on Fox’s Election Headquarters on Sunday, and the hostette was Jamie Colby. Michael Steele is the former lieutenant governor of Maryland. She said to him, ‘A key voting group on Tuesday in Pennsylvania could be the more than 200,000 people, Democrats, who just registered who want to take part in this race. How influential do you think they are and will they actually show up?’

STEELE: I suspect if you just registered, you’re going to go to the polls. The interesting thing about that is that about a quarter of those newly registered Democrats are former Republicans, and I don’t think it’s the Rush Limbaugh kind of all-Republicans-go-vote-for-Hillary-type thing. I think, you know, these are disaffected individuals who felt that the GOP has lost its way over the last six or seven years and have now found a resonating message in either Clinton or Obama.

RUSH: He’s half right there. There’s no resonating message with Hillary. But there is a resonating message with Obama, but it has nothing to do with issues. It has everything to do with personality, charisma and all this sort of thing. He ‘sounds intelligent,’ things like this. He sounds capable. It’s frustrating. It’s maddening, that so many people don’t care. They just want to feel good and they haven’t felt good in the last six or eight years on the basis of personality. Now, one thing I’m not sure he’s correct about here when he says that 25% of these newly registered Democrats are former Republicans. It’s more than that: 178,000 have switched party registration in Pennsylvania, and 92% of them are Democrats. It’s far greater than 25% of Republicans of the new registrants. It’s like 92% if I’m reading this right. So, ladies and gentlemen, those of you in Operation Chaos — those of you about to be deployed to the battlefield tomorrow, you brave volunteers in Operation Chaos — as C-in-C, Commander-in-Chief Operation Chaos, I have to call on you to press on. I do call on you to press on, despite all of these efforts to diminish your numbers, to diminish your impact.

Remember, we’re not doing what we’re doing to get credit for it. The more underneath the cover we can do it, the more underneath the radar we can do it, the better. The mission is to continue chaos in the Democrat Party — and that mission has to date been profoundly successful. Look, I know as commander-in-chief, we all know that sooner or later this current phase of Operation Chaos is going to end and Obama will triumph, because the superdelegates in the Democrat Party will not heed my warning of last week to back both these candidates. I’m telling you the way to beat Obama was on display in that debate. There was nothing likable about the guy; there was nothing magical. He was just your common, ordinary, everyday politician who didn’t have a whole lot of experience and didn’t quite know what he was talking about. That’s what it’s going to take to beat the guy. The superdelegates, I warned ’em, ‘If the Republicans have any wits about them, this is what they’re going to do in the general. Your guy is dead. Hillary is dead. You need to bag these people and come up with a third candidate.’ They obviously will not listen to me, even I assure you privately, some, are considering it.

Because what happened last Wednesday night, even though the Drive-Bys are trying to cover it up, there are some people in the Democrat side who were really worried who thought Obama was just going to sweep to massive big-time victory, and there were all kinds of vulnerabilities. It wasn’t the questions he was asked. It was the way he answered them. The way he got irritated at having to answer them. He clearly can be rattled. He has not matured as a candidate and faced real consistent, tough opposition — and he doesn’t even think he should have to. That’s how elitist and how important he thinks he is. Remember, he’s got a messianic complex, and his supporters, a lot of them look at him in that way. But the odds are that Obama will be the nominee, and our current phase of the mission, will end. But I remind you, you brave volunteers in Operation Chaos: This fight was not about anybody running or losing. It was about more chaos than less chaos. We wanted more chaos. The longer the chaos goes on, the more chaotic the chaos gets, and we want chaotic chaos. We want chaotic chaos to continue to be chaotic. We want ongoing chaos, regardless when this ends. When that happens, it’s all the more reason to say that we have triumphed. So as the outcome becomes more and more obvious, I ask you to remember these words. Remember the Alamo. Remember Masada. Remember the 300! Tomorrow we face the battle of Pennsylvania. We can win. We shall win. We must win. A win is defined as Mrs. Clinton continuing. We will win.


RUSH: One more thing to you courageous and brave volunteers in Operation Chaos about the Politico.com story that I just read: 62% of supposed Operation Chaos volunteers will be voting for Obama. Let’s slow down. How about it, you people at The Politico? How about a little reality here? We keep hearing all about the transformational nature of Barack Obama, the transformational nature of his campaign. It’s something new! We haven’t seen it, and one of the things that it’s oriented around and based on is unity, bringing us all together. The way I see this as the Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos; is that Obama can’t close the deal. This is the way I see it. This should be over. All the money he’s raised, the ineptitude of the Clinton campaign, the high negatives? This should be over. He shoulda put her away long ago. It hasn’t happened. He has been unable to defeat Hillary Clinton in a decisive way. He has been unable to run away with this primary. There’s a poll out there, and I have the story here that says that he is losing badly among white voters but has a big lead among blacks. He has lost the popular vote in New York and Massachusetts and New Jersey, in California, Ohio, and Texas.

He will probably lose the popular vote in Pennsylvania tomorrow. Where is this great sea change on the American political landscape, then? Where is it? Just like Obama himself is a puff piece and an image that bears no resemblance to his reality, so is the way the Drive-By Media is covering this guy. The facts are, he hasn’t been able to put anybody away — and why not? Operation Chaos! US Operation Chaos has come onto the scene. He has not been able to put her away. Let me repeat this to you again because it’s crucial to understand. What everybody is thinking is it’s just a fait accompli now. He has lost the popular vote in New York. He has lost the popular vote in Massachusetts, in New Jersey, in California, in Ohio, in Texas — and will probably lose it in Pennsylvania tomorrow. All of these people supposedly becoming Democrats to vote for Obama, and he’s still expected to lose in Pennsylvania? See, that’s the question I have when I see all this 60-40 split, these Republican Operation Chaos volunteers voting Obama. How can he lose, then? How in the world can he lose? But he’s expected to. There is the no political sea change with the Obama campaign.

Look at this: ‘Barack Obama’s efforts to woo white voters in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary have been hurt by his comments on small town bitterness and his association with an outspoken pastor, some residents of Muncy Valley say. Local people called the Illinois senator arrogant, unpatriotic and un-Christian after his remarks that residents of small towns,’ you know, blah, blah, blah, they’re bitter because of job losses, cling to religion and guns when Washington is ignoring them. Now, my common-sense-brimming mind has a question: If Barack Obama represents such a magical and wonderful sea change of the American political landscape, then how the hell can this be? How can he be losing the popular vote in these big states? How can he be losing the white voter? How can that be, if he is transformational? See, he’s not! The entire Obama campaign has been a Hollywood movie! As I so cleverly and poignantly, presciently pointed out to you last week, it’s the whole notion of high concept in getting movies made. We have two of them here. One high concept — and, by the way, ‘high concept’ is a term Hollywood uses when they’re doing fiction movies. You don’t talk about high concept if you’re doing a documentary, a biography or some such thing. High concept is associated with fiction. High concept number one: Mrs. Clinton: ‘The first white woman with a serious chance to be elected president of the United States!’ Obama, high concept: ‘The first black American, with the chance to be the first black president!’ High concept. Liberals, of course, get mushy — not when the pope speaks or they hear patriotic hymns. They get mushy when minorities rise up, regardless how, affirmative action, you name it. So this whole thing’s been a story, a fairytale. The Obama campaign is a fairytale. He’s a fairytale, in terms of the image. He’s a real guy that poses a real danger to the country. If you point that out to his supporters, it ain’t gonna work.

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