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RUSH: Cary, East Hampton, Connecticut, welcome to the EIB Network on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, how you doing? It’s Gary.

RUSH: My mistake. Snerdley got it right. I was reading over my glasses, and our call screener computer looks like a computer from the late eighties, I mean the typeface, the screen, everything, so the ‘C’ looks like a ‘G.’

CALLER: No problem. It’s an honor to talk to you no matter what.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You can call me whatever.

RUSH: Thanks very much, sir.

CALLER: First I want to say the Elvis version of the Battle Hymn was always inspirational to me, but the performance on Wednesday did take the cake, and I just wanted to make that little comment.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: The other day those two bumbling fools when they were debating after they decided —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, for those of you in Rio Linda, we’re talking about Obama and Hillary. Go ahead, Gary.

CALLER: Okay, when they both promised to pull out of Iraq, regardless the facts on the ground and they’re smarter than other military people there and the Joint Chiefs, then when the question went to Iran, they basically said exactly what Bush has been doing all along, that they’re going to do. Didn’t give him any credit, just said this is what they’re gonna do, like he’s been doing nothing and acknowledging nothing going on. And then you get that Ackerman coming out yesterday saying we’ve done nothing to Iran, and I’d just like to know what their game plan is for Iran, and obviously it’s nothing, and you haven’t talked about it yet.

RUSH: They’re not going to. Your point about their statement they’re going to pull out of Iraq no matter what, that’s going to lead to a broken promise, if one of these two happens to win, because we’re not pulling outta there. And I know how they’ll do it. They’ll get in there and they’ll say, ‘Well, we got into the Oval Office here and talked to people, and a lot of stuff President Bush in the previous administration didn’t tell us, and so we can’t pull out.’ That’s what they’ll do. They’ll continue to blame everything on Bush, everything on the Republicans. If one of these two becomes president they’ll wreck the economy and they’ll blame it on Bush, things they did not know about when they were running because Bush wasn’t forthcoming and didn’t tell ’em the truth about how bad things really were, that’s why there won’t be the middle class tax cut that Obama is promising, just like Clinton in 1992. But if you want some real irony from Obama, Obama said that he doesn’t like what Jimmy Carter is doing. Jimmy Carter is out there talking to Hamas. Well, wasn’t it Obama who said that he would do exactly what Jimmy Carter’s doing? That he would go talk to the Iranians, he would go talk to these people in Afghanistan, the Taliban and all this. Now Carter is doing exactly what Obama said he would do, and Sue Myrick, a congresswoman from North Carolina has asked Condoleezza Rice to revoke Jimmy Carter’s passport. Did you know about that?

CALLER: No, but I agree with it. I mean, the hypocrisy is running rampant here, and the more the Operation Chaos goes on, the more they open the door for all this hypocrisy.

RUSH: Amen, bro, amen. If she’s serious, if Sue Myrick is serious, in fact, we’ve got that in an audio sound bite, it’s the last one, Mike. Don’t know quite what the number is. You gotta hear, Sue Myrick, it’s number 16, this is on America’s Pulse with E. D. Hill yesterday on the Fox News Channel.

MYRICK: That’s up to the secretary of state, but, frankly, I wanted to send a strong message, because we have a policy in this country about Hamas, and he is just deliberately undermining that policy. And it’s wrong. You know, Hamas has continually stood for terrorism against peace, and the State Department, the administration, Israel, all opposed him going over there to meet. And the international community has been trying to isolate Hamas so they would get a message. And, you know, he’s just undermining all that.

RUSH: And she does think that his passport should be revoked. I would add to that. It’s probably a long shot, but if we’re going to revoke his passport, do it while he’s out of the country.

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