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RUSH: Jeff in Jackson, Michigan. Thank you, sir, and welcome.

CALLER: Mega dittos from Jackson, Michigan, Rush, this is Jeff.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I want to thank you for Operation Chaos, because I think that it’s going to go much farther than the November election. I think it’s going to set the tone for politics in the future.

RUSH: How so, sir?

CALLER: You’re on to something. I just think that politicians, no matter what side, have had nobody to fear, you know, not as many people vote. But the amazing thing is how many people are involved in Operation Chaos.

RUSH: Well, you know, that’s an interesting point. There are far more people involved in Operation Chaos than just those in Pennsylvania and North Carolina and Indiana and other places where it’s coming, because Operation Chaos will extend into the fall. In fact, grab audio sound bite number one. This is from C-SPAN yesterday, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, and the guest was Michael Hagen of Temple University. Unidentified caller called in.

C-SPAN CALLER: I want to thank Rush Limbaugh, because I think Operation Chaos has kept both of these candidates alive and fighting each other on issues that I think, you know, we all need to know about.

HAGEN: I actually think that in some ways, whether it’s attributable to Mr. Limbaugh or not, I think it’s been beneficial to the electorate and to the country to have the campaign and beneficial to the candidates in some respects. I think they’re much better candidates than they were.

RUSH: Now, that is elitist. An elitist is not determined by how much money you have, it’s by attitude. (doing impression) ‘Well, I actually think in some ways, whether it’s attributable to Mr. Limbaugh or not — of course it isn’t, Mr. Limbaugh is a pig — it has been beneficial to the electorate.’ Of course it’s out there working. Everybody knows it’s working. They just are reluctant to credit me. The Drive-By Media wants to credit the brilliance of voters in the Republican Party for recognizing that Obama or Hillary are the future of the country, when in fact both of them are so comically inept that it would be a disaster if either one of them were elected. In fact, grab audio sound bite number two. Howard Dean on The Situation Room on CNN last night, he was with Wolf Blitzer, and Blitzer says, ‘You want this thing resolved before July 1st, long before the convention in Denver at the end of August?’

DEAN: That’s right. There’s about 65, roughly, percent of the superdelegates have voted. There’s about 320-some-odd left to vote. I need them to say who they’re for starting now. They really do need to do that.

RUSH: This is all the evidence that you need to hear that Operation Chaos is working. They have to end this. Now, yesterday, I made my own pitch to the superdelegates of the Democrat party, as we initiated the doomsday phase of Operation Chaos, and it is clear after this debate in Philadelphia on Wednesday night that neither of these two can get elected. Obama is falling apart before our very eyes. The messiah characteristics of Barack Obama have been obliterated, and he has been revealed to be nothing more than your average politician who hasn’t yet acquired the experience sufficient to let him get away with all the lies that he tells. Mrs. Clinton is known by enough people that half the country hates her. They cannot win. So my pitch to the superdelegates, ‘You’ve got to get rid of these two. Somehow you have got to come up with a third candidate if you hope to win.’

Have you seen the national polls? Amazingly, McCain’s pulled ahead of both of these people. And all he’s had to do is nothing. He’s become the new nothing candidate. Not that he says nothing; he just doesn’t have to. Because these two people are tearing the Democrat Party apart, and Dean knows it. And this is why Dean is pleading, ‘I need a decision now.’ Let me give you a superdelegate pop quiz, folks. There are, what is it, 795 superdelegates who are going to override the voters in the Democrat primaries. Do you know how many have not been named yet? Give you a pop quiz multiple choice. Is it less than ten? Is it more than ten? Is it more than 20? Is it more than 50? How many superdelegates haven’t even been named yet? Answer 64, 65. Howard Dean wants the superdelegates to vote now. Almost 10% of them haven’t been named. Chairman Dean, you and the other white guys had better realize that Hillary Clinton is not — by the way, he wants them to vote now to get Obama nominated. That’s his whole point, just end this. There’s no way he can be saying this now for the superdelegates to vote for Hillary.

So you and the other white guys in the Democrat Party had better understand that Hillary Clinton is not just a candidate. She is the symbol — this is an ugly picture — she is the symbol, she is the hope, the embodiment of every woman everywhere, particularly on the Democrat side. She has been used; she has been abused; she has been humiliated and kept down by sexist pigs like you, Dr. Dean. If you think that you can get your superdelegates all wound up here just to wipe her out of the race, you have a surprise. ‘Some female superdelegates backing Sen. Barack Obama are having their ‘sisterhood’ questioned,’ ladies and gentlemen. This from the Associated Press. Don’t you find all of the stuff going on in the Democrat Party, why, that’s where liberals are, that’s where the tolerance and the compassion is, and that’s where the love is and that’s where the desire for perfection is. Liberals believe that our world, our planet, our culture, our society, can be perfected. Of course, it’s impossible. But they think it is possible, and so they strive for this. They allow themselves any action to oppose those who don’t believe in the possibility of perfection. That would be us, that we are evil. They are able, therefore, to justify whatever tactics they use because they are seeking utopia.

But all is not rosy in this party, as you can see in the debate in Philadelphia on Wednesday, as you can see the race war that’s sprung up in the Democrat Party, and now there is sexism. ‘Some female superdelegates backing Sen. Barack Obama are having their ‘sisterhood’ questioned, just as some black Democrats have been challenged for their endorsement of’ Hillary.’ This is a party that does not see human beings. They see, ‘Ooh, you’re black, ooh, you’re female, ooh, you’re disabled, ooh, you’re gay, I think by looking at you, I think you’re gay.’ That’s what the Democrat Party does, and they try to put everybody into groups, usually as victims, and then feel sorry for them. So now, female superdelegates backing Obama are being hit on by other Democrat babes as traitors, and blacks supporting Hillary are having the same thing happen to them, as traitors. Nobody, by the way, has accused Amy Klobuchar, Democrat, Minnesota, of betraying her gender and supporting Obama over Clinton, but they’ve let her know they’re disappointed. And the reason they give is, if Clinton doesn’t win the White House this year, no woman will reach that goal in their lifetimes. Well, pity.

So this is about landmarks. This is about historical achievements. That’s what this race is, as I told you yesterday. The high concept, the Hollywood concept for fiction movies, we’ve got two high concepts here: The first female possibility, the history of this racist, sexist nation, to overcome racism, sexism, bigotry and homophobia to become president. The same thing with Obama: First black guy with an honest, legitimate chance. Those are the high expectations or the high concepts. It’s all about anything but substance, because there’s nothing that recommends either one of them in terms of qualifications to be president. EMILY’s List, political action committee, Ellen Malcolm, the founder: ‘There’s no question that some of our members are very angry. They feel that they elect the women and they’ve gone to bat for the women and they want every single woman to go to bat for every woman candidate,’ because she’s a woman, regardless what she believes. She’s gotta be a liberal, but regardless what she believes.

The point is, Dr. Dean, you’ve got turmoil throughout your party. Ten percent of your superdelegates haven’t even been named, and if you think that these women who run organizations that donate big to the Democrat Party are going to sit by and let you white guys treat Hillary Clinton with the disrespect that she has always been receiving from her husband, they’re not gonna put up with it. This is the last stand. You heard her. There won’t be a female elected president in these women’s lifetimes unless Hillary is it. Folks, this is the embodiment and the illustration, the culmination of Operation Chaos, right before your very eyes.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, by the way, during the break said, ‘Are you kidding me that these women in the Democrat Party, they’re saying that if Hillary doesn’t get the presidency this year that there’s nobody in the Democrat Party that’s going to be elected president in their lifetime?’ And Snerdley said, ‘Is it really that bereft? Is there really only one woman in the Democrat Party who could possibly be elected president?’ He said, ‘There are a lot of Democrats out there that have run for the Senate and got more votes than Hillary ever has, Dianne Feinstein has, Barbara Boxer.’ I said that may be true, but they don’t want it. You gotta want it before you get it when it comes to being president. To run for president, to get the media anal that you get — except Obama is just now starting to get his media anal, and he doesn’t like it. I’ve never seen a guy run around and whine and cry more about the way he’s being treated in the media. Now he’s accusing Hillary of turning in the knife. I understand Mr. Snerdley’s problem, the Democrat Party, when you’ve only got one woman in your whole ranks that wants the White House, and she can’t even wear a dress, it is a problem.


RUSH: It is apparent, ladies and gentlemen, as we move on to Operation Chaos, what with Howard Dean panicking on CNN, demanding that the superdelegates make up their minds now, there is a battle underway for control all of the Democrat Party. It is between Howard Dean and me, Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos. You think it’s a coincidence that Dr. Dean goes on television the same day that I made a very effective pitch to Democrat Party superdelegates to bag these two candidates and go for a third candidate because neither of them can win? Later the same day, Dr. Dean heads to CNN and demands that the superdelegates vote now, which means get it over with and nominate Obama. Operation Chaos, battle for power, Democrat Party, between Dr. Howard Dean and yours truly, El Rushbo, Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos.

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