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RUSH: This is Jeff in California. Nice to have you, sir, on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you. Listen, I just called to ask you to keep it up. I’m a lifelong Democrat, almost 52 years old, voted for Jimmy Carter once, my first election, and I don’t think you even know how right you are about everybody. The people you named that are a disgrace to this country and what party do you think they belong to, and these are the people that have taken over my party. And my greatest fear is that we let the people who have taken over my party and told Ronald Reagan that he wasn’t a Democrat anymore, and told Zell Miller he’s not a Democrat and could tell Joe Lieberman he’s not a Democrat and that I’m not a Democrat because I’m not in lockstep with their lunacy, can we dare to give them control of this country —


CALLER: — and let them redefine what an American is?

RUSH: No. No, we cannot. Very brave of you, sir. You’re quite right, by the way. I don’t know how right I am usually. I’m usually very much more right than I end up thinking. So you’re right more than you think you are.

CALLER: Can I share something with you?

RUSH: Yeah, by all means.

CALLER: I mean, you probably heard this from people before, but I didn’t vote for George Bush either term. I voted against Bagman for Bill Clinton with the bags of Asian money, the ChiCom money. I voted against Algore, and I voted against John Kerry. But I started listening to you just when you came back from your month off. You know, I had a little bit of smug glee. I was waiting for something. And instead, you know, everything you said resonated. It made a lot of sense, but I would turn the radio down when I pulled into the parking lot of the school where my kids go to school ’cause I didn’t want anybody to think that, you know, I couldn’t relate yet. I didn’t want people to hear me listening to you. There’s so much peer pressure here in California.

RUSH: Can I draw you an analogy to that, just to show you how wacko your party’s gotten, as you already know. So you pull into the parking lot to drop your kids off to school, is that what you said?

CALLER: Yeah, drop off or pick up.

RUSH: Drop off or pick up, and you got this program on, but other parents are there in their cars, and you don’t want them to know you’re listening to me so you turn your radio down, right?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: That’s exactly what people who lived in the Soviet Union did. They went to their bathrooms to tell each other what they really thought about things because they were afraid their houses were bugged by the state. Now, what kind of a party is it — and I mean this seriously, Jeff — I don’t fear telling anybody in my own circle of friends or family that I’m talking to liberals, that I’m watching liberals on TV. I have no fear that people on my side of the aisle, what they’re going to think of me if I go out with a liberal woman, if I talk to a liberal on this program, I don’t care. But on the liberal side, if guys like you get caught listening to me or anybody else, you turn that thing down, you don’t want to get in trouble. So you’ve got Stalinist-type intolerance in the Democrat Party today, not just at the top, but among its practitioners, among the voters. What you really didn’t want to deal with, ‘You’re listening to Limbaugh? What’s happened to you?’ This happens all over the country, people huddled around their radios at work, some people have gotten brave and turn ’em up. I got notes yesterday, I got an e-mail from a guy driving in downtown Minneapolis. We were playing The Battle Hymn of the Republic by the US Army Chorus. He had tears coming down his eyes. He said he turned that radio up, lowered the window at a stoplight where people were crossing the street. He wanted to see what the reaction was. He was surprised. A lot of people gave him thumbs up.


RUSH: James in Portland, Maine. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Yeah, thanks, Rush. Yeah, I actually, just like that other guy, I used to be a Democrat, was just the way I was brought up, and everybody was a Democrat so I was a Democrat, too, and I’ve been listening to you most of the time for about 20 years and to be honest, I really —

RUSH: Thank you. Thanks very much.

CALLER: To be honest, I’m one of your listeners that doesn’t really like some of your humor.

RUSH: You don’t like some of my humor, did you say?

CALLER: Some of your humor.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Reverend Jackson and some of that stuff and the Magic Negro stuff. I’m not really down with that stuff. But, as far as the Democratic Party, they don’t have any respect for dissenting opinions, and my opinion on plenty of things is not with the Democratic Party. That’s why I’m an Independent. And I know a lot of people, like-minded, like me, and it’s ridiculous. People ask me why I voted for George Bush. And believe me, if I had the chance again, I probably would have just sat that one out.

RUSH: (laughing.)

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I love your humor.

CALLER: You know what I mean? But it’s like if you disagree with Democrats on anything, you’re a hatemonger, which is the furthest thing from the truth. I love my country.

RUSH: They are a very intolerant bunch, especially with their own.

CALLER: Yeah. I was at a NAACP Image Award thing, and my mother was getting an award because she’s up there, and she’s a great woman —

RUSH: Where was it? Where was this meeting?

CALLER: It was a couple of years ago, it was at Sable Oaks, and it wasn’t a meeting, it was like a banquet and Hillary gave a speech —

RUSH: But was it in Maine?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, it was in South Portland.

RUSH: Well, you know, I didn’t —

CALLER: Yeah, she gave a speech, and believe me it was a run-up to her running for the presidency. And every time she would stop talking everybody was clapping except for, thank God, the one other person in the room that didn’t like her was sitting at my table.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: (laughter) And so she got a standing ovation a couple times, but this other lady, she was a black lady, too —

RUSH: Was the Reverend Jackson there, any of the big-timers?

CALLER: No. Hillary was the only —

RUSH: She was the showcase, huh?

CALLER: — national thing, yeah, because mostly it was for the Portland branch of the NAACP and various awards were given out, but she was there, and it was just like, wow, like everybody — you know, and I betcha, I guarantee you, 80% of the people that were in that room giving her a standing O, wanting her to run for the presidency, are on Barack Obama’s side now. They don’t think! They don’t think!

RUSH: Amen! Amen, James, you are exactly right. They don’t think. They’re running around feeling. Quite amazing, two calls in a row here from disgruntled Democrats over the Stalinist-like characteristics of the party. Gotta run into the school parking lot and turn the radio down if you’re listening to me so your friends don’t hear it. Ex-Democrat in the last case, James is now an Independent.

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