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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to give you an example of just how successful Operation Chaos has been. Okay, so last night Obama was asked about his ties to the former terrorist William Ayers, who wanted to blow up the Pentagon, and said he was sorry he didn’t blow up more things. Obama has not renounced him. So today at the Huffington Post — a liberal blog, radical liberal blog — some guy named Marc Cooper just posted this piece: ‘Hillary and the Commies.’ So while ABC exposed for the nation Obama’s ties to a radical anti-American terrorist, the Huff Po comes along because they are all for Obama, ‘Oh, yeah, well, how about Hillary’s ties to the communists?’ From the Huffington Post piece: ‘Obama met with former Weather Underground radical Ayers and his wife, former sixties SDS leader Bernardine Dohrn, at a 1995 Chicago meeting. From 1999-2002, Obama served on the board of a charity organization with Ayers that gave out a couple of grants. Now, I knew these Weathermen folks back in the sixties, and they were quite unsavory then. There were plenty of us who were in SDS at that time who thought the Weathermen were despicable. And, frankly, I have no particular affection for them now. I found Ayers’ memoir, published in 2001, to be execrable. …

‘Compare and contrast those facts with Hillary’s own association with sixties radicals. In the summer of 1969, when Hillary was just entering Yale Law School, she went to work for the foremost radical law firm in, yes, Berkeley. Carl Bernstein recounts the episode in his Hillary biography of last year titled A Woman in Charge. This is what Bernstein told interviewer Jon Wiener last summer: ‘That summer she went to work at the most important radical law firm in America at that point: Treuhaft, Walker and Bernstein in Oakland. They defended the Panthers.

”Two of their partners were members of the Communist Party — including Bob Treuhaft, who was married to Jessica Mitford. I talked to Bob Treuhaft not long before he died, and he said he was certain that Hillary came there because she subscribed to some of the kind of law they practiced and the kind of clients they defended. In her so-called autobiography, Living History, she put in a couple of sentences about living in Berkeley with Bill that summer and working at that law firm, but she makes it sound like their work focused on postal rate increases. There’s not a word about radicals.”

The bottom line is, since ABC has blown the cover of Obama and clearly illustrated now his association with Bill Ayers, other liberals are coming out and saying, ‘Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? Well, Hillary worked for a commie law firm.’ Which leads me, ladies and gentlemen, to the Doomsday Option of Operation Chaos. May I have the attention of you superdelegates in the Democrat Party, or those of you who might know any superdelegates in the Democrat Party. I have, as the commander-in-chief of United States Operation Chaos, I have a serious message for superdelegates, and I’ll get to it right after our first EIB Profit Center time-out.


RUSH: Sorry, folks. I was listening to The Battle Hymn of the Republic there while you were listening to our Profit Center time-out. I listened to that song a lot last night. I was sitting there, I was still getting chills listening to it last night, and I watched the video of the US Army Chorus from the papal welcoming ceremony yesterday, and I went through the whole emotional spin that I went through yesterday when I saw it for the first time. I can’t get enough of it. I must have listened to it for an hour straight last night. And then I remembered, oh, the Democrat debate’s on, what do I do here? It was tough to turn it off.

All right: Superdelegates. It is clear that Operation Chaos has been miraculous in its scope and in its execution. I am here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, none of what has happened since Ohio and Texas, very little of it would have happened were it not for you, the foot soldiers of Operation Chaos. The Democrats today are in total disarray, and after this debate last night, which was not on a cable network, this debate was on a broadcast network. Millions more Americans saw this debate last night than have seen these things on cable. It is clear — and the superdelegates of the Democrat Party know this — neither of these two can win, neither of these two candidates have the slightest chance of winning against Senator McCain. They don’t have a prayer. The Democrat Party today knows this. They are now struggling with what to do about this.


RUSH: Superdelegates, Doomsday Option: You need to step up to the plate. It has been obvious to me for the longest time that this Democrat primary is going to come down to what the superdelegates decide to do, and you superdelegates, it’s time to get some cojones. You are superdelegates, by definition you can do whatever you want. You do not have to follow popular vote, electoral vote, you can vote for whoever you want. You can do it, and that’s why you’re there. You are there to save your party from a disaster like George McGovern created 1972, or that Jimmy Carter brought to your party in 1980. That’s why you superdelegates are there. This is on you. This is on your shoulders. You have only one option if you want to win in 2008.

If you want to win the presidential race in 2008, you have one option: Step up to the plate and find a third candidate. Start talking amongst yourselves now and get this ball rolling. I don’t care how much money has been spent on the primaries. I don’t care who has the most pledged delegates. I don’t care who’s leading the popular vote. I don’t care about any of that, and you shouldn’t, either. You cannot win with these two incompetent, unqualified embarrassments that are seeking your nomination now. You have one hope. People are going to McCain, not because they like him, because they hate your two people. It’s time for you superdelegates to get together and find a third candidate. Algore, I don’t know, but somebody.


RUSH: It’s time for the superdelegates to step up here, have a private meeting, and all of you in the Drive-By Media, if you’re going to be honest with yourselves it’s time to drop this love affair with Obama. I’m going to tell you what, you need to think about the psychology of yourselves and the psychology of your voters, because since 2006, actually, since 2004, you have thought that the Democrats were going to win everything, the House and the Senate and the White House. Well, you finally got the House and the Senate in ’06, but you didn’t get the White House in ’04. But now for two years you have been convinced it’s just a matter of time, and your voters are convinced. Look at what this campaign has done? Your party is split, it is split irreparably. The true radical nature of the Democrat Party is on parade. It is visible for one and all to see. This is a party that is so far out of the mainstream, it cannot possibly win a national election, unless you can somehow put the truth of Obama back in the bottle and get him back out there on the messiah speech with the hope and change and this sort of stuff, but that genie is out of the bottle. It’s going to be tough to put it back in.

Mrs. Clinton, half the country hates her; half the country now hates her husband. Nobody with negatives like that has ever been elected. You superdelegates, if you lose this election in November — nobody talks about that. What’s going to happen to the Republicans if they lose? The Republican Party is going to have to reconstitute itself. We do have our own problems. However, our problems are not nearly as drastic and severe as yours are, because your voters expect it. Your editorial writers, from large papers to small, expect victory. It’s already happened. They’re already counting on it. They’re already dreaming of the troops coming out of Iraq. They’re dreaming of the tax increases on the rich. They are dreaming of the misery that they feel being spread to everybody else. They’re dreaming it. It’s already happening. It’s just a matter of getting to November. If it doesn’t happen, if you don’t win, you are going to have hell to pay in your party like you cannot possibly imagine. And you cannot win with these two candidates.

Operation Chaos will continue as long as necessary to continue this chaos, to see to it that Mrs. Clinton — why should she get out now after that miserable performance last night? She is less inclined and motivated to get out of this now than ever, because we all saw a bumbling, stumbling performance from your front-runner. Now, Mrs. Clinton didn’t do great, but there’s no reason for her to get out because he’s getting worse every time out. You superdelegates, you are in hot water. You are in extreme hot water. In fact, this hot water may be akin to the kind of hot water that a frog is thrown into. The heat gets turned up gradually, frog is originally thrown in cold water. And then they turn on the stove and it just heats up gradually, the frog really never knows it until it’s too late. This is what’s happened to you. Your primary campaign has always been the frog in a pot of cold water. Operation Chaos has been turning up the heat. The water is boiling now, and you don’t know what to do. You have one option, those of you superdelegates, pick a third candidate. It’s your only option here. And there are plenty to choose from. You know it and I know it.


RUSH: No one’s a winner on the Democrat side in this. It is time for the Doomsday Option. Putting it very simply, ladies and gentlemen, my advice to the Democrat Party superdelegates as the commander-in-chief of US Operation Chaos, it is time to stop clinging to two bitter candidates. You’ve been clinging and you’ve been telling yourself lies about how either one of them can just waltz to victory and it’s patently obvious none of them can. This is rich. This I love. There’s a newspaper in Australia called The Age: ‘US voters have expressed outrage over the decision to allow Bill Clinton’s former press secretary to moderate today’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.’ Well, now, when’s the last time anybody questioned Stephanopoulos’ credentials as a journalist? Nobody in the Drive-Bys ever has. When Stephanopoulos is out there interviewing Republicans and ripping them a new one, ‘Hey, has he not made a great transition from the Clinton White House to the Drive-By Media?’ But now that he moderated a debate featuring Hillary Clinton and Obama and asked Obama some questions that Obama supporters didn’t want asked, now all of a sudden they question the journalistic capabilities and integrity of George Stephanopoulos. Folks, do you see what’s happening? Operation Chaos has gone way beyond its objectives. Operation Chaos is now tearing down the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: Rance, Elmira, New York. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, thanks for taking my call. As commander-in-chief of Operation Chaos, why would you give the enemy a winning strategy with superdelegates? I can only assume this is another front in Operation Chaos.

RUSH: Well — (laughing) — you are being too shortsighted. As the commander-in-chief of US Operation Chaos, the purpose of Operation Chaos is to continue chaos. By the way, did you know that the father of the modern chaos theory passed away yesterday, Edward Lorenz, he was the guy that came up with the scientific theory of chaos. I am continuing his great work on this program, to continue the chaos. The point here, do you really think, Rance, that the superdelegates are going to listen to me?

CALLER: I think that this is to create further chaos, and it’s an ingenious ploy.

RUSH: Of course. Of course. I do think they should change candidates. I think they should get rid of these two. I was serious when I told them this. But I know they’re not going to do it, but they should. Look, who they gonna get?

CALLER: It’s a menagerie to choose from.

RUSH: Who they going to get? Howard Dean? Mario Cuomo? Algore? Ha-ha. Won’t take the pay cut.

CALLER: One other quick thought, okay?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You talk about Drive-By Media, there’s also a drive bye-bye media. Instead of stopping throwing gasoline, they go right by it when they should stop. So it’s a little idea to suggest —

RUSH: No, no, no. I’ve said this: Do not try this at home, please.

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