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RUSH: It’s a disaster, folks, in the Democrat Party now. It’s an utter disaster, and there’s only one thing for the superdelegates to do and that’s to bag these two and to come up with a third candidate for the Democrat presidential race. That’s the last option they have. If these two guys, Clinton, Obama, head to the convention down ten or 15 points to McCain, the only option they’re going to have is to get somebody out there that’s a fresh start, that they can run who’s not a liberal and not exposed, as these two have become, as genuine liberals. The guy said he wanted to talk about that, said the superdelegates wouldn’t listen to me.


RUSH: Kingwood, Texas. This is Jim. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I have a suggestion for the Democrat superdelegate option for a third candidate.

RUSH: Let me hear it.

CALLER: Let’s give them John McCain. Then we can rerun our own primary.

RUSH: Oooooh. (laughing)

CALLER: But, Rush, I’d like to do it differently this time. As a Texan, I was disenfranchised by my choices having been eliminated by the time I could vote. So I would run it as Republican Idol. Let’s put the candidates back up there and have a weekly elimination debate with call-in voting. And for the panel of moderators, I want, instead of Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul, I want Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, and Ann Coulter.

RUSH: As the judges?

CALLER: As the judges.

RUSH: Interesting. I like your first idea. Give the Democrats McCain and we do our own smoke-filled room selecting at our convention. That’s actually brilliant. (laughing) Sad it couldn’t happen.

Sean in Cleveland, I have 35 seconds, and I wanted to get to you before we had to skate outta here.

CALLER: Great. It’s Indianapolis, Rush. Hey, first of all I want to thank you for fighting for our freedom.

RUSH: Cleveland, Indianapolis?

CALLER: No, Indianapolis, Indiana.

RUSH: Is your name Sean?

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: Okay, we’re halfway there.

CALLER: All right. Hey, I believe that the delegates won’t change their support for Obama just for the simple fact that they believe in the same thing that he does. They believe in nothing, and the hate for our free country. I think they’d rather not cling to the truth but rather —

RUSH: The Democrat Party wants to win. The biggest obstacle the superdelegates are going to have, with throwing both of these candidates out, is that one of them is black. That’s the biggest obstacle to the Doomsday Option being implemented.


RUSH: Give the Democrats Senator McCain, and we pick our own nominee all over again — (laughing) — so delicious. It’s so disappointing it can’t happen.

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