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If you’re just joining us, I, as commander-in-chief, US Operation Chaos, after witnessing last night’s debate and the meltdown of both of those inept candidates, watching the meltdown of the Democrat Drive-By Media today, watching the absolute hysterics that the left-wing fringe kook blogosphere has sunk to, I suggested to the Democrat Party superdelegates they have only one option. It’s time for the Doomsday Option. It’s time to get a third candidate and bag these two and get rid of these two. It’s patently obvious neither of these two candidates can win. But I want you to think about something, folks, this is just two Democrats; this is just two of them. Now, stick with me on this. How radical, really, is this party, the Democrat Party? Now, I will tell you, my own observation is there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Obama and Hillary or Harry Reid or Dick Durbin or John Kerry or Jay Rockefeller, Patrick Leahy. This is who they are. We have two of them now on stage, when you look at Obama, who does he hang around with? He hangs around with people that hate this country. He hangs around with them. He doesn’t just run into them at an ice cream stand. He doesn’t run into them while doing community organizing duties. Bill Ayers hosts an event for him when he’s running for the state Senate in Illinois.

Mrs. Clinton worked for a communist law firm in Oakland, Mrs. Clinton benefited from the pardon of a bunch of Puerto Rican terrorists by her husband to facilitate her election to the Senate in New York. We know all about the Clintons. We know about their ties to the ChiComs, their ties to the Indonesians, illegal fundraising. We know all about the Clintons. We know how radical so many Democrats — look at John Kerry. John Kerry who thought he could win an election, his claim to fame by hating the Vietnam War and by trashing the men and women who wore the uniform in the Vietnam War, going through this big ceremony, throwing his medals away. Then the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth came out and they got the truth out about Senator Kerry, and he imploded. Walter Mondull, promised to raise everybody’s taxes at the 1984 Democrat convention and promptly lost. Obama and Hillary are promising to do the very same thing now, irresponsibly so. Obama doesn’t even know what he’s talking about when he’s asked these questions, when he’s answering them. Michael Dukakis, who was so far left and so incompetent and so out of it, that in order to prove that he had gonads, he got in a tank, put on a Beetle Bailey helmet, and got a picture taken, and his candidacy was over.

In fact, people have forgotten this. In the 1988 campaign, Dukakis did not want to make the Pledge of Allegiance mandated. He opposed the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. All George H. W. had to do was tour flag factories, which he did. Dukakis had something like a 20-point lead at one point in that race over H. W. Bush. But the minute it became clear that Dukakis did not share the reverence and respect for this country that real Americans do, average Americans do, he was sunk. That’s why Hillary’s sunk and that’s why Obama’s sunk. He hangs around Jeremiah Wright, his wife’s running around angry, yet he claims to be a unifier. Everybody in his orbit is mad about something. They all have one thing in common: They don’t like this country. Ayers doesn’t like the country. Jeremiah Wright doesn’t like the country. His wife said she was never proud of it ’til Obama ran for office for the presidency. He’s not even a smart politician. Gets this question about Bill Ayers last night, he could have very simply said, ‘I am the candidate of unity. I know everybody in this country. Yes, I know Bill Ayers, but I know conservative Republicans and I work with them in the Senate. I am the guy that can represent all America.’ He could have at least given it a stab. But instead he got all defensive and tried to say, ‘I haven’t known this guy for a long time. I was eight years old when he did this stuff.’ He hasn’t renounced any of it. Pure, pure incompetence. But these are just two of them.

Hillary and Obama are just two of these Democrats. What other ties to other radicals must some of the other Democrats have? There are 400 of them in the Senate and House. You think that there might be some strange ties? I mean, this is who the party is. This is something I have known for a long time; 1984 San Francisco Democrat convention, I was there. It was my first ever political convention. I’m watching this, I’m listening to it; it is pure anti-American tripe. We have one of the most popular presidents in history running for reelection, and these people are out there thinking that they’re going to win by ripping the country and ripping the people that voted for Reagan. Tip O’Neill is sitting there like Jabba the Hut, overseeing everything, getting up and making a speech about all the rich Republicans showing up in their limousines and eating caviar, drinking champagne. O’Neill had a complimentary presidential suite at the Fairmont Hotel provided by owners, and he’s showing up every day in a limousine. I mean, not that that matters, but there’s a little hypocrisy on parade here. This party was dubbed in 1984 by Jeane Kirkpatrick the ‘Blame America First Party.’ The San Francisco Democrats blame America first.

What party do you think the people who bomb military recruitment centers belong to? What party do you think people who vandalize anything having to do with the military recruitment center such as in Berkeley, such as in Oakland, or keeping them off college campi such as UC Santa Cruz, what party do you think they belong to? What party do you think that people who want no reference to God in public belong to? What party — think of anything radical that is happening in our culture and society — what party do you think they belong to when they say we can’t win in Iraq, we gotta get out, we need wave the white flag of surrender, the United States is the problem in the world, what party do you think they belong to? The radical nature and direction of the Democrat Party is nothing new. But thanks to Operation Chaos and its commander-in-chief, me, it is now on display for the whole country to see. We are only having to point that out. We’re not having to quote them. We play their own words. They are saying it. Obama is telling everybody who he is. Obama and Hillary are exhibiting for the nation their pure incompetence.

Jimmy Carter, if you didn’t know what party he belonged to, what party would you think he belongs to when he’s going over there, trying to have meetings with Hamas and undermine the US process of dealing with all these disparate interests in the Middle East? You would have to conclude that he is a Democrat. When you listen to any politician rip this country or blame this country for destroying the world with global warming or what have you, for being too wealthy, for having too large a military, what party does that? The Democrat Party does it. They’ve always gotten away with not having to say this stuff publicly. They’ve been able to successfully hide behind the camouflage and the mask because they have had cover provided by the Drive-By Media. But now the Drive-By Media’s been brought into this. Now the Democrats are questioning the journalistic integrity of George Stephanopoulos. Been moderating debates, been on ABC for many, many years, but all of a sudden last night the debate didn’t go the way Democrats thought it should, all of a sudden Stephanopoulos shouldn’t have been there, who used to work for the Clintons in the White House. They would never be asked if Stephanopoulos asked tough questions of Republicans in a debate.

The American people have enough problems with liberals like John F. Kerry, the haughty Vietnam veteran, Walter Mondull, Michael Dukakis, take your pick, they’re not going to elect an even more extreme candidate to the presidency. Obama’s been able to hide behind his speeches and the fawning media up ’til now, but now everybody knows who he is. He told us who he is in San Francisco. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright tells us who Obama is. His association with Bill Ayers tells us who he is. He cannot win in November. He will be even more fully exposed by then. The Democrats need to find a third candidate to rally behind, because if something doesn’t change on this, the Democrat Party’s Uncivil War based on race is going to expand, and we’re going to find out just what the Democrat Party’s constituency groups are, all the factions. They’re going to be at war with each other, and it’s going to be on stage; it’s going to be in public. The superdelegates are the only ones in the Democrat Party who can change this. By definition, they can do whatever they want. They don’t have to vote in any particular way, despite the pleas of Nancy Pelosi. You talk about radical — Pelosi, John Murtha. These are pure radicals, in the sense that they look at their country with shame, anger, in some cases dislike, on the whole.

We all have things about the country we don’t like, but when it comes to loving and appreciating the country, you have to look far and wide on the Democrat side to find it. You do. They want to get hold of this country and change it. They don’t like the institutions and traditions that define this country, from our founding forward. That’s why this is so important. The Democrats are cruising for a landslide defeat if this keeps up. And there’s no reason to suspect it won’t keep up. Mrs. Clinton’s not going to get out of the race. In fact, if I’m in the Clinton camp today, I’m thinking, all right! Now, if the Republicans wanted to win in a landslide, regardless what the superdelegates do, just have somebody give my opening monologue here to Senator McCain. If he would use portions of this in a stump speech — he won’t, but you tell this to the American people, you know, modify it for somebody’s own personality and so forth. But this is who the Democrat Party is. You think it’s Obama and Hillary, that’s just two of them. This is the Democrat Party, and the superdelegates are the last hope. Doomsday Option. It’s time.


For those of you from the Democrat blogs that are listening to the program today, the liberal fringe blogs, you’re all upset over the questions that were asked last night. Let me clue you in about those questions. I don’t care where the questions came from. They’re all upset at Hannity for planting the Ayers question with Stephanopoulos, because Hannity had Stephanopoulos on his show Monday and implored him to ask the question. I don’t care how it got asked. It’s good it was asked. The point is it had to be. This is what you liberals are going to have to figure out if you ever are going to end up nominating people that can win national elections. The fact that several of these questions had to be — for example, the flag question. It’s one thing to ask Tom Brokaw why he won’t wear the American flag, but he’s a Drive-By Media guy, he’s not running for president. People running for president are president of all the people. When a guy running for president won’t wear the American flag lapel pin, it’s a legitimate question to ask, ‘Why?’ The very fact that we had to ask this question means Obama’s not fit to run in the general election. The very fact that some of these questions were asked of either of these candidates illustrates what a pass they have gotten for so long on these things, in addition to illustrating they’re not qualified, they’re not fit to be president of the United States.


RUSH: Another brief message to those of you in the Democrat Party who are superdelegates. I have already suggested to you what I think is going to happen. I think you’re going to do this. I think the Democrat Party, a good likelihood, will come up with a third candidate to unify this mess that has happened. This goes to the convention the way it is, these two camps hate each other, Hillary and Obama, it’s worse than even it appears. If by the time we get to the convention both of these candidates are down 15 points, if they’re down 15 points to McCain, if the generic Democratic ballot or either Hillary or Obama down 15 points to McCain in late August, then you watch, the superdelegates are going to have to do something, smoke-filled rooms or what have you, they’re going to have to do something. Look at the kind of stuff that’s going to go on at their convention. Have you seen this e-mail that’s going around every year for the last ten years that parodies what will happen at the Democrat convention? You know, hoist the Soviet flag, pray to whoever, that’s what this convention has a chance of being. Break at five o’clock for happy hour, whatever, I wish I had that thing in front of me because it’s a great parody of what a Democrat Party is today and what their convention would be if they were honest. If this keeps up like this, it’s going to be like this. This is what they’re headed for because the genie’s out of the bottle now. Putting this radical element of the Democrat Party back in the bottle and hiding it from people, we’re not going to let ’em get away with it. We’ve got the debate last night. We’ve got the Jeremiah Wright stuff. The Democrat superdelegates know this.


RUSH: This is Brian in Huntsville, Alabama, you’re next, sir, on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush!

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I called to say two things. First, thank you, and second, I knew you were brilliant, but I didn’t know until today just how brilliant you really were. I’m sitting here having my lunch and been kind of depressed about this whole election season and then I heard you mention a third-party candidate for the Democrats and a light went on in my head, and I suddenly became energized.

RUSH: No, not third-party.

CALLER: Third option, right.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Excuse me. And the Democrats won’t go anywhere but to a big name if they do it, and the only big name out there is Algore. If he gets in the race, then he’s going to have to debate global warming, and you, Rush, could destroy the Democrat Party and remove global warming —

RUSH: Except —

CALLER: — as an issue. It’s amazing. When you pull that off I personally will lead the charge to have your image put up on Mount Rushmore.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much. I appreciate it. One of the reasons Algore — you know, he will not even let the press into his paid speeches. He won’t. One of the riders in his contract, when he goes anywhere to make a speech, ‘Press not allowed.’

CALLER: Unreal.

RUSH: Whatever he’s telling people, he doesn’t want the press to hear it and report on it. But here’s the problem with your theory. I wish you were right. One of the reasons Algore will not run for any office is he doesn’t want to debate global warming, because he can’t win it. However, he wouldn’t have to debate it with John McCain.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: He and McCain, if there’s a page, they’re on it together. I don’t think McCain’s as radical on global warming as Gore is, but there wouldn’t be much of a debate there.

CALLER: Well, just keep up the good work, Rush. I’m enjoying Operation Chaos more than I’ve enjoyed anything in years.

RUSH: Yeah, this has got staying power.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Operation Chaos has got a long life.


RUSH: Matt in Redlands, California. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Rush, I think Obama had a terrible answer to the question of why he still hangs out with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant homegrown American Weatherman terrorist, and that was that Hillary’s husband pardoned two Weathermen terrorists, and we all know that two wrongs don’t make one right. Just because Hillary’s husband pardoned two Weathermen terrorists, that does not justify Obama’s ongoing relationship with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist. What do you think, Rush?

RUSH: I think it’s exactly right. And I’ll tell you something else about it, the fact that Obama doesn’t know how to deal with this. If you’re in the Obama camp, you gotta be rehearsing, you gotta be thinking somebody somewhere is going to ask you this, if not now, in the general election. Somebody’s gonna ask, and you gotta be able to have an answer on why you’re hanging around with Bill Ayers, and you better not lie about it. You better not create the impression, ‘Well, I very seldom see him anymore.’ I gave him the answer. I suggested the answer after the fact. If it comes up again, ‘Look, I’m going to be the president of all the people, I’m the unifier.’ Well, the genie’s out of the bottle now. But this is part of Operation Chaos and they’re tearing each other apart. So Obama gets asked a question about Bill Ayers, and then Hillary jumps and piles on after he comes back and says, well, you’re no better than me. So what we had was two Democrats last night telling the nation that neither of them were any good, that neither of them are fit, and neither of them are qualified. Thank you, Operation Chaos.

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