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RUSH: We have an update on the CNN situation, the apology to the ChiComs. ‘China on Thursday snubbed an apology from CNN over remarks by Jack Cafferty as a wave of verbal assaults on foreign media raised concerns over coverage–‘ they might lose the CNN bureau in Beijing, Peking, Shanghai and Guangzhou. ‘Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu rejected CNN’s explanation that commentator Jack Cafferty was referring to China’s leaders — not the Chinese people — when he described them as ‘goons and thugs.’ CNN said it apologized to anyone who thought otherwise. But Jiang said at a regularly scheduled news conference that the CNN statement lacked sincerity and instead ‘turned its attack on the Chinese government to try to sow division between the Chinese government and the people.” Can you imagine the executives at CNN, they can sit here all day long and they can literally trash any Republican, they can destroy the career of any Republican, George Bush, any Republican judicial nominee, they can just go out and they can do hit piece after hit piece, but now, their crazy uncle. You know, Cafferty’s one of these guys — you see them in New York all the time — these guys who haven’t shaved or washed their hair in like three weeks. They’re in these cheap little trench coats on the corner shouting at people as they go by.

CNN put him on the air, and so he’s insulting the ChiComs, and these executives at CNN, they’re scared to death, they’ve insulted the ChiComs. Cafferty could do a commentary in which he accuses people in the small towns in the Midwest of being no different than Al-Qaeda terrorists, and CNN will not bat an eye. Of course, everybody agrees with that, right? I mean, that’s true. Who could argue with that, CNN says. The ChiComs, they have refused the apology. The ChiComs have basically told CNN to take that apology and put it where the sun doesn’t shine, and use Cafferty’s body to do it. ‘CNN and other foreign satellite broadcasts can be seen only in hotels, offices and housing developments open to foreigners, meaning very few Chinese would have heard Cafferty’s original comments. Censors also block many foreign news sites on the Internet. … A signed editorial in the Communist Party’s flagship People’s Daily attacked what it called Cafferty’s ‘verbal violence.’ ‘When people wake up and face the facts, there will be no more market for ‘information terrorism,’ the editorial said.’ The ChiCom editorial says CNN has been accused by the ChiComs of information terrorism. This has got to be just tearing these execs over there apart. They have got to be devastated. Their buddies, communists, have misunderstood them, and they apologized, they groveled, they got down on hands and knees, and the ChiComs said, ‘Screw you, you capitalist pigs. We don’t accept your apology,’ and now they’re worrying what they can do to smooth relations.

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