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RUSH: Back to the phones we go. Duncan in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Commander Limbaugh.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I am heading up Operation Chaos here at my school, Wake Forest, and I won a front row ticket tomorrow to a Hillary Clinton event with Maya Angelou. I need your advice. I don’t know what to do. This is beyond my knowing what to do with Operation Chaos. Do I ask a flattering question? Do I go after her?

RUSH: How do you know you’ll get a chance to ask her a question?

CALLER: That’s what I’ve been told. I entered a lottery to be one of the special people, and apparently I am. Apparently, they know nothing about me.

RUSH: And when is this?

CALLER: Tomorrow. Six o’clock.

RUSH: Six o’clock tomorrow. You want to know what question to ask Mrs. Clinton.

CALLER: The only thing I’ve thought about is saying to her that I recently changed my registration so that I could vote for her in the primary, trying to get her guard down, then ask her what she thinks of having your support.

RUSH: No, no, no. Do not bring my name up.


RUSH: Operation Chaos operatives are trained professionals. We’re not going to portray that we’re in there for sabotage.


RUSH: Cheap little theatrics like that are performed by much lesser radio hosts.

CALLER: That’s true. I’m sorry.

RUSH: You’re going to go in there and you’re going to ask a serious question. You can tell her that you switched registration to vote for her because you really want her to win the Democratic nomination, but as bad as Obama did in the debate on Wednesday night, what is the problem in putting him away? How come you just can’t seem to put him away? He’s making more and more mistakes; he has lost his image of messiah; his association with known radical figures has been documented. What is the problem you and your campaign are having? Don’t make it personal. What is the problem you and your campaign are having in gaining ground and closing this guy out?

CALLER: That sounds fantastic.

RUSH: It is. It’s a serious question. The question might make the news if you ask it right and her answer might make the news if you ask it right.

CALLER: Well, I’ll have to practice tonight.

RUSH: All right. We’re going to put this on the website so you can get the question down pat. I don’t trust your memory on this because I know you’re nervous, being on the phone.

CALLER: Well, I am an insider so I’ll to be able to podcast it.

RUSH: Excellent. Excellent. Fine and dandy. Yeah, ’cause I don’t want to plaster it all over the website for the Clinton campaign to see.

CALLER: That’s a good point, they are fairly wily.

RUSH: All right, Duncan, thanks. By the way, Duncan, how you spell your name?

CALLER: D-u-n-c-a-n.

RUSH: I’m looking up there, Mr. Snerdley spelled it D-u-n-k-i-n.

CALLER: No, no, no, no.

RUSH: I’m thinking we have a donut on the phone.

CALLER: No, not at all. I’ve been getting that my entire life. It’s the Scottish spelling.

RUSH: (laughing) All right. Thanks, Duncan, for the call. I appreciate it.

CALLER: Thank you.

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