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RUSH: Yesterday on this program, we spent quite a while in the third hour of the program discussing Obama’s phrase, ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for’ and how these hicks in the small towns of America don’t understand it after they come home from their second job of banging the cash register. They turn on the TV for a little news and they see Obama saying, ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,’ and they go, ‘Huh?’ We found the roots of this. I don’t even remember what the roots are, but you could interpret it in one of two ways. ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,’ the official interpretation of the so-called author of the phrase is, we’re smarter than everybody else, and we see things other people don’t; it’s time for us to take action. The conservative view, ‘We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for,’ would be, you know what, it’s time to stop waiting for everybody else to get something done, we have to do it, we have to do it ourselves. You have two interpretations of this, the Barack Obama interpretation of ‘We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for’ is just an extension of the elitism that populates the Democrat Party. We thought we would call Barack Obama headquarters and see how the phrase is used there.

(playing of Barack Obama spoof)

RUSH: Have you ever heard the term high concept? I have, ladies and gentlemen, because I’m very worldly. I’ve been around. High concept is a Hollywood term. High concept is the new way to pitch a movie, one- or two-sentence story line showing why it’s new, why it’s different, why it will attract a large audience. So it is it is fitting, ladies and gentlemen, that this Democrat primary is inspired not by reality, but by Hollywood and the high concept. Now, the high concept, as a Hollywood term, is used for fiction. It is not used for documentaries or reality. And, of course, high concepts rarely work, but it is still a term that is used in Hollywood. How many stories have you heard about the Democrats’ two great candidates? It’s not the candidates, it’s the concepts. Check the box office. The turnout in the Democrat primaries is not the candidates, it’s the concepts, the high concepts. These candidates are not the ones that were generating this. This is the supposed high concepts here.

High concept number one. A former first lady gets a shot to be the first female president. She’s smart; she’s experienced’ she’s ready to serve from day one. That’s high concept number one that is being pitched to not just Democrat primary voters, but to all Americans. Now, remember, this is not about reality, it is about fiction. High concept, as a business term in Hollywood, refers to fiction movies. It’s a story line. High concept number two. An African-American gets a shot to be the first black president. He’s well spoken; he’s smart; he’s able to unite us all; he’s able to fulfill all of our needs; he’s able to bring us together and restore our prestige around the world. Remember, this is not about reality. We’re talking a Hollywood movie here. We’re talking high concept, which is about fiction, it’s a story line. So where does this lead?

Well, tonight we have another debate. Yes, we do. Not between Hillary and Barack Obama. The debate tonight is between high concept number one, former first lady getting a shot to be the first female president; smart, experienced, ready to serve from day one, versus high concept number two, and that is an African-American gets a shot to be the first black president; well spoken, smart, able to unite us all, fulfill our needs, bring us together, restore our prestige in the world. Which fiction will win, because both of these candidates’ concepts are utter fiction, which is my point. Neither of the story lines of these two candidates are factually accurate at all. Which fiction will win out tonight, and can the fiction play out against real for six months? With the Democrat Party there will always be a rewrite because the Democrat Party lives in fiction. They cannot live in reality because to live in reality would be to expose who they are. This is one of the great things about Operation Chaos. It is bringing forth precisely who they are.

Let’s go back to the audio sound bites to illustrate. This is this morning on Morning Joe MSNBC, columnist Mike Barnicle says this about an Obama rally.

BARNICLE: Congressman Bob Brady from Philadelphia put on an enormously successful rally. They appeared separately, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama back-to-back, Hillary Clinton came out and she sounded like the substitute teacher who comes in and makes sure you finished your homework, and Barack Obama literally, you know, lit the crowd on fire. He’s an incredible speaker. I don’t think that all the recent flap about people being bitter or whatever, it seemed to have no impact at least in the areas of Philadelphia where we went on Monday and Tuesday.

RUSH: Of course not. This is not going to have any impact until the general election. Nobody expects it to have any impact here in the primaries. But this is a great illustration. Hillary Clinton, a substitute teacher coming out to make sure we’ve finished our homework, and Barack Obama, a great speech. So Barnicle has changed the story lines, the high-concept story lines.

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