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RUSH: More audio sound bites here before we get to some lighthearted stuff in the Stacks today, as well as the big, big, big debate tonight in Pennsylvania between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Drive-By Media is now getting in gear and talk of Operation Chaos is heating up. This morning on Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy talking to Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online.

DOOCY: Rush Limbaugh on the radio is encouraging Republicans to vote in the Democrat primary and calls it Operation Chaos. Do you think that could actually be a factor, come next Tuesday?

GOLDBERG: I don’t know. Certainly at the margins, and the margins are what matter now, I mean we’re talking about, you know, the question is not whether Hillary Clinton wins or loses but by what margin, and if it looks like a decisive enough victory that she can keep going, and I think in that sense, it might be possible.

RUSH: Then we turn to CNBC, the business channel on their Squawk Box show, the host Joe Kernen talking to Rudy Giuliani discussing Obama and Hillary, and Rudy says, ‘From the point of view of a Republican it’s real close. I mean, it’s anybody’s guess. You’re probably going to find out the day after the election if you made the right choice on the one that you wanted to run against.’

KERNEN: If I can ever — you know, I read the right Limbaugh or whatever, and he seems to be saying, you know, we need to bash Obama to get Hillary in, because we can beat Hillary, and but then I look, I think that might be a head fake to really get Obama in. I’m not sure!

RUSH: So they’re still stumped here by Operation Chaos trying to figure out what I am up to, ladies and gentlemen.

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