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RUSH: Doug in Seattle, you’re next, welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’m an African-American business owner out here, and actually I just closed the business today. It’s kind of a sad moment, but I wanted to say that I’m optimistic about America. You know, I’m a black business owner. I’ve never wanted the government to do something for me, because all I needed is an opportunity, and there’s hurdles down here for everybody regardless of color, and, sometimes, I’m not going to lie, it might be a little bit more difficult being black, but, man, America, so much opportunity abounds here. I’m optimistic. Tomorrow — that’s the good thing about our country — tomorrow I could start something new, you know, it could develop into something bigger and better. And the other thing I wanted to say is the problem — I mean, for the most part I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, but the problem that I have with what they’re saying now, is that they want the government to do everything. The government doesn’t have to do everything but give you a fair opportunity. Just like they need to change the slogans from ‘Yes, We Can’ at the government, to ‘Yes, You Can.’ You can achieve it if you try hard, you can achieve if you go on —

RUSH: That’s exactly right, that’s the whole point, and I don’t care what party you’re talking about today, there is nobody attempting to inspire the American people from the top political leadership. There are families that are trying to do it for their children, individuals like me are attempting to do it within our audiences, but in terms of the elected political leadership and the leadership of the country, you don’t hear it. And that’s why Doug, after your call, I guarantee you, I’m going to get some e-mail from people who will have said, ‘Play that guy again, that was great.’ And what that means is, your comments are so rare, your comments are so rare these days, a guy calling up saying, yep, the economy is tough, but I can handle it. I’m optimistic. I’m an American. There’s more opportunity here than anywhere. It’s so rare for people to hear this these days. I don’t care in the classroom, in the Drive-By Media, in the context of a presidential campaign, you don’t hear it. So when somebody calls, it gives people a little bit of a rush, a little bit of excitement. So I’m glad you took the time. I appreciate it.

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