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“If there were half the education in this country that there used to be, liberalism would have died long ago.”

“It’s a joke to listen to Hillary Clinton — whose family made $109 million since 2000 — talking about Obama being an elitist.”

“Aside from not being a good source of ideas on how to govern America, what’s the fascination with backwards tribal societies who use leaves from trees instead of toilet paper?”

“We were all sitting around outside by the pool when I said, ‘I have to tell you guys something: Without question, the biggest threat facing this country is liberalism.’ Then I went on a 20-minute riff. I wish it had been recorded.”

“When I finished my riff, one of my guests said, ‘If you would give that speech to the Republican National Convention, the people of this country would demand you be elected president.'”

“To liberals, if you are proud of your country, there’s something wrong with you. You are a jingoist or you are bitter andcling to religion and guns. Or you’re a NASCAR fan and you’re stupid.”

“McCain says he’s going to cut taxes — let’s get it in writing: ‘Senator McCain, even if Mars collides with earth, you will not break this promise.'”

“People asked me, ‘How could you say that anybody is more radical and left wing than McGovern?’ Say what you want, but George McGovern loved the country. I am not convinced that Obama and his band love the country.”

“Some of the statements Obama’s been making approach Marxism. It’s just stunning! And yet, how many people know what’s wrong with Marxism? Throw the word out and they just say, ‘What’s that, Rush? Groucho?'”

“How would you like it if people in your house just walked and stepped on you all the time? You think the grass likes it?”

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