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RUSH: Tom in Chicago, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I’m a reformed Democrat. I worked in Democratic politics for probably 30 years. And I actually worked for blacks away from Obama’s church and worked with some of the worshipers from Obama’s church. They are doing a massive cover-up job because what you’ve heard is the tip of the iceberg. Everything from that church is seen through the prism of race.

RUSH: Of course it is. We may have only heard the tip of the iceberg, and this is why they’re trying to put a cap on it and this is why Obama turns around, starts attacking his attackers and dismissing their criticism as invalid rather than addressing it. This is another reason to keep talking about Obama, because he’s telling us who he is, these are his words. These are his words, folks, nobody’s putting these words in his mouth. Nobody’s putting these words in the mouth of his pastor. Nobody is putting the words in the mouth of his otherwise radical supporters. This guy is the most radical, extreme liberal Democrat to come along in my lifetime, including McGovern.

Some people took exception when I said this, ‘How could you say that anybody is more radical and left wing than McGovern?’ Say what you want, George McGovern loved the country. I am not convinced that Obama and his band love the country. I think that there is a deep resentment for it. I think that there is a sidling up to people who have great problems with it, and not from the standpoint of love. You can like America and you can like it because you think you can change it and mold it and shape it to be more what you like and more what you want. You can also love the country and have this deep passion for it, but think that it is slightly off kilter and want to change it for the good. Then there are other people who want to change it because they want to corrupt it.

Then there are other people just plain incompetent, which I think describes Obama, lack of experience, rookie, incompetent, but at the same time dangerous as he can be because of the things he has said. He views various groups of people in this country in a very stereotypical fashion and he’s prepared to act on things that way. As Michael Barone says in his column today, Obama’s remarks are just plain liberal snobbery. He says, ‘I believe Obama’s words are not really defensible. There’s a major problem for him as the Democrat nominee. He’s parroting the argument of Thomas Frank, What’s the Matter with Kansas?’ But the problem is that Frank, like Obama in these comments at the millionaire house out in San Francisco, is hugely condescending to voters. Liberals don’t understand why people are rejecting them and government.

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