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RUSH: Bob in Erie, Pennsylvania, I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush, from Erie, which right now is being inundated by Ted Kennedy, surrogate for Obama. He’s in town speaking several places.

RUSH: By the way, you know where Obama is not going to speak himself?

CALLER: I don’t know.

RUSH: Black neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Obama is studiously avoiding black neighborhoods in Philadelphia in an outreach effort to the white vote.

CALLER: Okay. First of all, I am a lifelong Democrat, conservative, Reagan voting member of the chaos army, and who was visited by a delegate or a person from the Hillary camp over the weekend to my house. I’m what’s called the super voter around here because I vote twice a year in primaries and in the fall, so I’m on a special list, hot list they call it.

RUSH: So somebody from Hillary’s campaign came to your house?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. They were in the neighborhood, and they did not go to every house, but they rang my doorbell, and she said, ‘Well, who you voting for?’ And I said, ‘Well, Hillary.’ And, boy, she was ecstatic, and I said, ‘Where you from?’ She said Buffalo. She wasn’t from Pennsylvania. Buffalo, New York. And she said, ‘Why are you voting for Hillary?’ And I said, ‘Operation Chaos,’ and she looked at me, I said, ‘I’m also a Reagan conservative.’ And she had a little clipboard there, when she started asking me questions, I said, ‘Lady, just do me a favor, Operation Chaos, that’s all you need to know.’

RUSH: (laughing) That a way, that a way.

CALLER: And I said, ‘I’ll vote for her in the spring but then I’ll hold my nose in the fall and vote for McCain.’ She did not know — I said, ‘You want me to spell it for you so you can write it on your clipboard,’ and she just stood there and she did not know what to say.

RUSH: But she wrote it down?

CALLER: Yeah, at the bottom of the thing, and I said, ‘Make sure you turn that in, don’t go tearing it up and throwing it out in the street and being a litterer.’

RUSH: (laughing) Great story.

CALLER: Yeah, and like I said, NRA, life member, just about, belong to all kinds of outdoor clubs, gun rack in the back, pickup truck, the whole nine yards, flag in the front, everything.

RUSH: Why are you Democrat?

CALLER: It’s more fun.

RUSH: (laughing) I like you.

CALLER: Okay. Well, thank you. No, I have more fun arguing with people, they say, ‘Well, gee, you sound like a Republican.’ I said, ‘No, I give to them, but I said, no, I’ll keep my Democrat voting record because then I could have more fun.’ So that’s why I do it. But chaos is my middle name right now.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thanks for the call.

CALLER: Very good, sir.

RUSH: Let’s use this and go to the audio sound bites here at the top of the list. This is this morning in Louisville, 84 WHAS, the morning host Tony Cruise interviewed Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, and Tony Cruise said, ‘Apparently thousands have either switched, I guess switched political affiliation, notably from Republican to Democrat, or from Independent to Democrat, to vote between Hillary and Barack, but there may be a problem now, I’m reading.’

GRAYSON: There is a problem. Kentucky has a law that not a lot of people remember because it only affects a few people, but if you switch your party affiliation after the first of the year you can’t vote in your new primary, new partisan primary, and because you’ve switched, you can’t vote in your old primary. And so you’re locked out. But for new registrants, the rule doesn’t apply. So if you’re not on the books, you just moved to Kentucky, you can go ahead and choose whatever party you want or no party and then you can vote accordingly. And about over 9,000 people have shut themselves out of the primary.

RUSH: But, now, this is not Operation Chaos because you had to switch parties before the end of the year. Well, it might be Operation Chaos. It might be Operation Chaos if people didn’t know about it. So an obscure Kentucky law — (interruption) no, if you registered for the first time, you could have lived there for 30 years and never registered. If you registered for the first time, cool. If you change your party affiliation, and you’re already registered, you gotta do that before the end of the year. So 9,000 Operation Chaos operatives may be wiped out here because of obscure Kentucky law. So Tony Cruise, the host, then says, ‘Do you have any guess as to how many people just simply are voting because they may not vote Republican, in other words, but they were voting because they really don’t want either Obama or Clinton on the ticket? Is there any idea about that?’

GRAYSON: Most folks I think vote for who the best candidate is because at the end of the day, the person that comes out of the primary can win and can represent you. And that’s really what you ought to do, but Rush Limbaugh has his Operation Chaos —


GRAYSON: — where he’s been encouraging, folks, Republicans to switch or, if you’re allowed to vote in some primaries where they’re open, to go in and vote for Hillary Clinton, although the irony is in Kentucky, she polls a lot better than Barack Obama.

RUSH: So that’s the secretary of state Trey Grayson on 84 WHAS in Louisville today. Operation Chaos voters may get the shaft in Kentucky. Then yesterday in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton held a press conference. Unidentified reporter said, ‘When you were walking up and down the street in your short conversations, what are people saying to you? Any issues that they say like we need to you to address X?’

HILLARY: There was a man over on the street back there who said he was a Rush Limbaugh Republican who was voting for me because he’s 46 years old and doesn’t have any health insurance, and we have to get health insurance.

RUSH: Do you believe this? Well, it’s hard to believe Mrs. Clinton or any of these people when they tell the truth. However, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. This is a brilliant Operation Chaos operative. This is brilliant. He’s got Mrs. Clinton thinking all these people are changing over because they like her and because they want health care. (laughing) I guarantee you that if there is a Rush Limbaugh Republican voting for Hillary, there’s no such thing. There’s no such thing as a Rush Limbaugh Republican wanting to vote for Hillary for health care. That’s just not possible. So we probably have a brilliant operative here approaching her about this. It’s an old sandbag routine. You make her think that she’s got this genuine support here. Now, everybody in Pennsylvania is trying to figure out if the Rush Effect, Operation Chaos, has caused crossovers or simply the attractiveness of the Democrat candidates is responsible here. Sorry, Drive-Bys, but it’s not the candidates. I’ll just tell you. This is Philadelphia TV, WPVI Inside Story, attorney Christine Flowers and an unidentified female host have this exchange about me, the commanding officer, Operation Chaos.

FLOWERS: There are two things, one, the Rush Effect, which people are saying may or may not actually have —

UNIDENTIFIED: Rush Limbaugh, right.

FLOWERS: — with Rush Limbaugh saying, ‘Okay, Republicans, go to the Democrats, have a voice, have an effect on the Democratic primary.’

UNIDENTIFIED: Pick the weaker candidate so we can beat them with John McCain, is the theory.

FLOWERS: The other one is, when you’re talking about people who are new registrants, who aren’t Republicans who are going from Republican to Democrat, maybe some of them are actually attracted to the fact that they’re — the candidates, the cult of personality here. You have a female candidate, the first legitimate female presidential candidate, the first legitimate African-American candidate. Maybe it’s not that they’re so attracted to the fundamental principles of the party, but they’re actually —

UNIDENTIFIED: The theory —

FLOWERS: — attracted to the characters.

RUSH: Attracted to the characters. Or maybe the voters are just stupid. I mean, why don’t you go all the way here in analyzing the voters. But, nevertheless, the Drive-By Media now doing everything it can to understand the Limbaugh Effect, Operation Chaos, and to proclaim it irrelevant.

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