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Rush’s Morning Update: Symbolism
Best of from February 11, 2008

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Gloria Steinem –a founder of the feminist movement, modern era — recently gave a talk at Dartmouth about “increasing women’s visibility.” Well, apparently she needs to take her own advice;a local paper sent reporters out to get reaction from the student body. A lot of the girl students had no idea who Steinem was, not to mention anything about her career.

Obviously, the feminist movement has not kept up with the times. In an age of intense media competition, where product branding helps establish a group’s identity, the most enduring symbol of the feminist movement isstilla bunch of gals burning theirbrassieres in public. And face it: There’s nothing appealing about GloriaSteinem and other seasoned feminists burning — andnot wearing –bras.

So in the spirit of good will and cooperation and bipartisanship,I have a suggestionfor a new feminist symbol — a new logo — to help feminists re-brand themselves.

Last week, two baby Komodo dragons hatched at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas. The Komodo mother apparently did it all by herself –there was no male dragoninvolved here.The process(I’m not even going to tell you what it’s called)is extremely rare; it’s believed to be the first time a female dragon pulled it off in North America.

So, here we have female dragons(which, incidentally, bear a striking resemblance to some of these feminist leaders — darting tongues), and theydon’t need a man to do anything for them (to these dragons) — including help them reproduce! I mean, folks: There is no better symbol for radical feminists than that. Ha, ha! Hee, hee, hee.

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