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RUSH: Quinton in Zimmerman, Minnesota, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Rush, it’s such an honor to speak to you, sir, and I wanted to say: I’m so proud to be an American, to live in the best country in the world. My question for you is, I don’t understand the audacity that Hillary Clinton has and the liberal Democrats to want Bush to protest China through the Olympic games, but at the same time they want him to allow Robert Mugabe — in Zimbabwe, where I was born; I was born in Rhodesia — and be silent on that. What I wanted to say with that, Rush, is when Rhodesia copied the United States, even with our unilateral Declaration of Independence from England, we copied the United States — and when we copied the United States, we were the most prosperous country in southern Africa. President Carter forced us to put Robert Mugabe as president and a terrorist.

RUSH: I remember.

CALLER: And why is it, Rush, that they are silent on it? He’s taken the country that was the best country in southern Africa to a country that’s got over a hundred thousand percent inflation rate with an 80% unemployment rate, and he is stealing the election a third time!

RUSH: We have been following the events in Zimbabwe for quite a while on this program, years in fact. Before I get to that and answer your question, you should know that Jimmy Carter has come out and said we need to start talking to Hamas. I can’t explain Jimmy Carter. I don’t know what’s happened to his mind. I don’t know if he ever had one. You know, Jimmy Carter, not only did he give us Mugabe, he gave us the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran.

CALLER: But so did the black caucus, Rush. It’s the liberals, even Clinton, because there’s a picture of Clinton with Robert Mugabe smiling. The liberal Democrats are in the same cahoots with Nelson Mandela, all the terrorists.

RUSH: Right. Let me cut to the chase, Quinton, as to why the Democrats are going nuts about China and Tibet. It’s in the news, because the Olympics are in China, and the Democrats can make great hay by demanding freedom for the oppressed. Now, in the case of Robert Mugabe, here is a man who — you just scratched the surface. He just literally destroyed a country and has literally appropriated the property of successful white farmers, nationalized it, and now that stuff’s gone belly up. Nothing is working in Zimbabwe. There are international calls for him to… He had an election but he won’t release the results.

CALLER: But, Rush, you are so right. The Rhodesian example of what you say regularly on the station: If you implement liberal philosophy, it’s failed. Hillary Clinton wants to take the profits away from Exxon? Robert Mugabe doesn’t talk about it, he does it, and he forces countries there who are international companies to give half, 51%, to the nationals!

RUSH: And you’re wondering why Mugabe is not condemned by Democrats?


RUSH: Well, when’s the last time you heard them condemn Fidel Castro?

CALLER: They don’t!

RUSH: Right. Now, why is that? You have an answer? I’ll give you one, but I want to know if you have an answer.

CALLER: My philosophy is this. Because what you said on your station for years and years, is if you export liberalism, it’s the best way to get rid of all the other countries, and that’s why they want it. They want to be silent, because it’s their philosophy, they want it throughout the world.

RUSH: Exactly right. But there’s another aspect to it, too. Mugabe is black. You’re not going to have the Congressional Black Caucus criticize anybody black. They won’t even criticize Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana). Hillary Clinton is not going to criticize Mugabe because he’s black. This is a presidential year. It isn’t going to happen, and he’s not even in the news, not widely so. They’re given cover on this. But at the same time, I don’t think they look at what Mugabe has done. The average American leftist will not look at Mugabe and find anything wrong with it. He just hasn’t succeeded yet. He just hasn’t turned it into a paradise. But American liberals love Castro, love Chavez, love Mugabe, all these dictators, because they envy the power they have.

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