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RUSH: Now, we had a caller earlier regarding Operation Chaos very, very much concerned that some of these Operation Chaos operatives who have changed their party registration for the Pennsylvania primary from Republican to Democrat, may not switch back. They may just not go to the trouble. They may just say registered as Democrats and vote Republican or however they were going to vote in the past, but just not switch back, and that, she feared, would give the Democrats a registration edge in Pennsylvania as they have now. Ladies and gentlemen, it was never, ever — and I don’t know that I’ve made this clear — but it was never, ever, part of Operation Chaos that those of you switching party registration Democrat, stay there permanently. There’s always been a plan, and no strategy survives combat with the enemy. Once the hostilities start, you have to adapt. I’m very confident, because we have found out now, we made sure that in Pennsylvania, those of you who have switched parties, Republican to Democrat, in order to sustain the chaos in the Democrat Party, you are free to go back and reregister as Republicans prior to the general election. And as the commander-in-chief of Operation Chaos, that would be C-in-C USOC — that’s the acronym — C-in-C USOC: Commander-in-Chief US, Operation Chaos, the intent is for you to go back and reregister as Republicans so that the Democrats lose this majority that they’re so happy and hunky-dory right now that they have.

The thing is, it will not be reported when that happens because there will not be any single event around it. People will trickle in, Operation Chaos operatives will trickle in and reregister Republicans in a tiered phase so that it will not be noticeable to any of the election registrars. Operation Chaos happened in the last week leading up to Pennsylvania. It was a mass number of changes of voter registration. But when Operation Chaos operatives rejoin the Republican Party, it will be drips and drabs, nobody’s going to notice it, and even if they do notice it, it won’t be reported on. So it will be a stealth operation. Operation Chaos, you could call this a surge in and of itself. In Operation Chaos, a surge is inflicting really severe battlefield casualties on the Democrat Party, as you can see by virtue of what comes out of their mouths about each other. It is delightful to see.

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