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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton this morning on the Early Show on CBS was interviewed by Harry Smith, and he said to her, ‘Yesterday you were advocating the boycotting of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games. Could you elaborate on that just very quickly?’

HILLARY: President Bush should, uh, decide not to attend the opening ceremonies unless and until the Chinese do what, uh, the world is calling for them, which is, uh, to end the oppression in Tibet and give back religious and cultural freedom to the Tibetans and do more to, uh, help the world end the genocide in Sudan. We need to put that pressure on the government of China, and I think President Bush should do that.

RUSH: And the president said: Screw you, babe! I’m not going to listen to you. I’m going to go. The Olympics is about athletes and the world. It’s not about politics — and of course there’s no way he’s going to listen to Mrs. Clinton. You know, I think what the Democrats ought to do here is send Madeleine Albright. You know, she spent a lot of time in North Korea with Kim Jong Il; reportedly loved his stadium shows — and Barack Obama has voiced in on this. He wants China to respect the freedoms of the people in Tibet. Mrs. Clinton sounded like she pretty much wants the same thing. Now, haven’t we learned listening to liberal Democrats over the course of many decades now, that freedom is overrated and it really isn’t for everybody? It really wasn’t for the Soviet Union. ‘If we get rid of the Soviet Union there and try to put freedom and democracy, those people aren’t going to know what to do with it! Some people are just not ready for freedom,’ the Democrats say. All of a sudden liberal Democrats care about freedom in Tibet.


RUSH: Now Mrs. Clinton — isn’t it just juicy? — is telling President Bush, ‘Don’t you go to China! Don’t you dare show up over there for those opening ceremonies at the Olympics,’ but Mrs. Clinton has dealt with the Chinese, ladies and gentlemen. The Chinese have been murdering Tibetans throughout the Clinton presidency. I mean, the poor Tibetans have been… I mean, the Chinese have been kicking the crap out of them for years and years and years, and it was going on during the Clinton presidency. While this was happening, while the Chinese were murdering Tibetans during her husband’s presidency, she benefited personally as did her husband. Remember all that money the Chinese military poured into the DNC? Remember the Clinton defense fund, all those money orders coming in? What Hillary ought to do is tell her buddy Dianne Feinstein… Feinstein’s husband made a fortune doing business with the Chinese.

Maybe Hillary ought to tell Feinstein’s husband to stop it. Richard Blum, that’s right. Richard Blum is Dianne Feinstein’s husband. So the hypocrisy is on a huge roll, and the bottom line is, they’re admitting the war on poverty has failed and we need to pull out. We need to get out. We need to surrender — i.e., as they advocate in Iraq. I wonder, by the way, if Senator McCain thinks that Bill Gates makes too much money. I would love to hear the answer to that question. Warren Buffett, does he make too much money? Microsoft products have increased productivity in the country immensely, a lot of people’s jobs. (interruption) I asked that question, Snerdley! Look, you are the official program observer and you’re supposed to be observing. I already asked a question about his beer baron wife. ‘Is he going to rein in her pay?’ She’s not actually the CEO, but she’s got big bucks, big, big bucks. Speaking of the Olympics, I want to give you people a little factoid that you can impress all of your friends with at your next dinner party. The Olympic torch. It’s causing controversy everywhere it goes. There are riots in London. there were riots in Paris. Some of these clowns climb the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday, unfurled a banner, all about Tibet.

The Chinese should have never gotten these games in the first place. They got them, but there are people that are very, you know, happy. I can’t recall the last time a communist nation was protested like this in so many parts of the world. Nobody would dare protest the Soviets like this. But they are protesting the ChiComs. Now, everybody thinks that the Olympic torch — let me just ask you a question. Do you think the Olympic torch, lighting the torch in a spiritual manner using the sun’s rays focused off mirrors to light the torch at Mount Olympus in Greece and then have that torch run relays or do relays all over the world before it gets to the site of the Olympics, do you think that tradition dates back to the original ancient Greeks and the first Olympics? What about you, Snerdley? Is that what you think? Do you think the torch has its origins…? (interruption) Okay. What about you, Dawn? Do you think the torch has its origins going all the way back to the ancient Greeks, and that’s how they passed the word that the Olympics are coming; everybody should head to Mount Olympus? How about you, Brian.

Okay, everybody in the audience who thinks that the torch has roots and is a tradition of the ancient Greeks, have I got news for you. It isn’t. It wasn’t. It never was. The first Olympic torch was lighted at Mount Olympus and toured Europe on its away to the Olympics in 1936 in Germany. The Olympic torch has roots in the Olympics of Adolf Hitler. This is from the UK Independent: ‘There is a two-word answer to those who think the Olympic torch is a symbol of harmony between nations that should be kept apart from politics — Adolf Hitler. The ceremony played out on the streets of Paris yesterday did not originate in ancient Greece, nor even in the 19th century, when the Olympic movement was revived. The entire ritual, with its pagan overtones, was devised by a German named Dr. Carl Diem, who ran the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Although he was not a Nazi, and was appointed to run the Olympics before the Nazis came to power, Diem adapted very quickly to the new regime [the Nazis], and ended the war as a fanatical military commander exhorting teenage Germans to die like Spartans rather than accept defeat.

‘Thousands did, but’ he didn’t. He ‘lived to be 80. He sold to Josef Goebbels — in charge of media coverage of the Games — the idea that 3,422 young Aryan runners should carry burning torches along the 3,422 km route from the Temple of Hera on Mount Olympus to the stadium in Berlin. It was his idea that the flame should be lit under the supervision of a High Priestess, using mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays, and passed from torch to torch along the way, so that when it arrived in the Berlin stadium it would have a quasi-sacred purity. The concept could hardly fail to appeal to the Nazis, who loved pagan mythology, and saw ancient Greece as an Aryan forerunner of the Third Reich. The ancient Greeks believed that fire was of divine origin, and kept perpetual flames burning in their temples. In Olympia, where the ancient games were held, the flame burnt permanently on the altar of the goddess Hestia. In Athens, athletes used to run relay races carrying burning torches, in honor of certain gods.

‘But the ancient Games were proclaimed by messengers wearing olive crowns, a symbol of the sacred truce which guaranteed that athletes could travel to and from Olympus safely. There were no torch relays associated with the ancient Olympics until Hitler.’ They lied to us about it! They lied to all of us in the public. Well, I don’t know if I was lied to about this. I don’t recall. You know, I’ve never been that big an Olympics fan. I don’t like amateur athletics, I never have. I don’t care what it is, the uniforms are cheap. You know, we’re all professionals here, and I’m a professional. I want to watch other professionals. The hockey thing in 1980, that was cool. ‘Do you believe in miracles?’… Al-Qaeda needs to get a team. You know, when we had that rivalry with the Soviets, that made the Olympics fun because of the rivalry. But I couldn’t care less about synchronized swimming. All these… I don’t know. I’m not big on it.

So I don’t know what I was taught about the Olympics. I don’t know what I was taught about the flame. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Yes, yes. I remember! In fact, I remember being taught that that flame in the torch never went out, that it was always on there in Greece and it had been around since the beginning of the Olympics, and then these klutzes take it around and on these tours around the country and all over the world on its way to the games. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What do you mean, ‘Way to go at the end of my…?’ Hate is too strong. I’m just not interested in them. What was it, Monday night, last night? This is Tuesday, right? Last night I’m busy, I’m working on today’s program. It’s about 11:30 p.m., and I get an e-mail, ‘Wow! The final Four Championship game has just gone into over time.’ I didn’t even have the TV on. You know when the NFL season ends, I really tune out. I take time out and watch the occasional baseball game, but I’m the NFL or bust. I don’t get excited on sports on television until August preseason. (interruption) Well, yeah, the golf, too. Golf, the Masters, the Majors. That’s right, Brian. Thank you for reminding me about that. I don’t watch college golf, either. The amateurs, I don’t watch it. Watching golfers carry their own bags? Give me a caddy or give me a break.


RUSH: It is not my intent, I want you to understand something, to ever offend people. I don’t give people the power to offend me. People can say about me whatever they want. The closer somebody is to me, they can hurt my feelings if I let it, but I don’t want to give people that power. But I know a lot of people get offended, and I’m not trying to do that. I’m just telling you honestly, I don’t like amateur sports. Nothing against the people that do it, I mean, they’re great kids, and they’re moving up, but I want to watch ’em when they become pros, pure and simple. Now, I didn’t watch the NCAAs. I never do. I didn’t go to college. I don’t have an alma mater. I don’t have cheerleader memories, that sort of stuff, so watching the cheerleaders is no big deal, either. They’re too young anyway. It’s just a giant — (interruption) baseball? Snerdley what are you talking about? They had some cool usherettes but look, it doesn’t matter. You’re watching a college game today, you see the cheerleaders, it’s a tease.

So, anyway, I did read up on the game last night in case Snerdley blindsided me with a phone call about it. I know what happened in the game last night. Memphis up by three with ten seconds to go, and Kansas inbounds the ball. All you gotta do is foul somebody, and they didn’t foul anybody. Memphis just let ’em run down and score the three and tie it up. Now, the coach, Calipari, is taking a lot of heat today for not calling a time-out before that inbound at ten seconds to remind his players to go foul somebody. But that’s the point, why should he have to remind ’em? It’s ten seconds left. But, at any rate, it goes into overtime, and then Kansas won. I’m sure, for those of you who love this stuff, it was exciting. But it is what it is. I’m not trying to be offensive. I want you to know who I am.

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