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RUSH: We have a report from the field in Pennsylvania. This is from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Headline: ”Another GOP bastion falls’ — Bucks County, for the first time since 1978, has more Democrats than Republicans. It might be temporary.’ (laughing) The Drive-Bys are still doing everything they can not to mention you or me or Operation Chaos, specifically in these stories. As I said to you the other day, there are budget meetings every morning. They’re just twisting themselves into knots figuring out how they can cover this without mentioning Operation Chaos. What most of the Drive-Bys are doing is trying to pass this off as disaffected Republicans so enamored with both Democrat candidates that they can’t wait to register Democrat and vote for the Democrats in this upcoming election because Republicans are so dissatisfied and angry with their own party. The story here is by Larry King, who is I’m guessing not related to the CNN talk show host. ‘Another section has toppled in the once-solid Republican wall of suburban counties surrounding Philadelphia. Bucks County has joined Montgomery County in going Democratic. For the first time in 30 years, more voters are registered as Democrats in Bucks as Republicans. As of Sunday, 185,413 of Bucks County’s 427,962 registered voters were on the rolls as Democrats, compared with 181,941 for the GOP.’

So it’s a margin of about 3,500 that the Democrats now have in Bucks County. These figures released by the state of Pennsylvania yesterday. ‘The remainder — about 14 percent of the total — are registered either nonpartisan or with other parties. Statistically, the Democrats’ advantage in Bucks is minuscule, a fraction of a percent. But psychologically, it could be huge. Not since 1978 have Bucks Democrats held a lead of any size. … ‘I think 3,000 voters is huge, given where we have been,’ said Democratic County Commissioner Diane Marseglia. ‘The bells have been going off in my head all day,” meaning she’s as happy as she can be. Later on in the story, ‘Conservative radio hosts, among others –‘ What others, Mr. King? What others? ‘Conservative radio hosts, among others, have urged Republicans to switch parties and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the remaining primaries, hoping to preserve the Democratic infighting for as long as possible,’ i.e., Operation Chaos. ”Bucks County–‘ now, this is the Democrat babe, Diane Marseglia, ‘–is privileged to have people of superior intelligence, and they don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh,’ Marseglia retorted. She said that if newly registered Democrats ‘feel they have a voice in this election, they will stick around.” Bucks County, privileged to have people of superior intelligence, and they don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. I guess she knows the Drive-Bys couldn’t figure it out. Everybody knows. The bottom line, everybody knows what’s going on here, and it’s got ’em tied in knots. Working like a charm here, Operation Chaos.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Last night, Indianapolis, WRTV news, anchor Dan Spehler report, you’ll also hear Marion, Indiana, County Democrat Party chairman Terry Burns.

SPEHLER: Marion county Democrats say they’re going to look for what they call possible Republican sabotage in the May 6th primary. They say this has happened in other states. Since John McCain has wrapped up the Republican nomination, there have been some national talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh encouraging Republicans to vote in the Democratic primaries. In their way of thinking, the goal would be to vote for whoever would make the weakest candidate for the Democrats come November.

BURNS: We’re a big tent party so obviously we’re going to welcome anybody who legitimately has a conversion to the Democratic Party and is truly interested in voting in the Democratic primary being a Democrat, but like I said earlier, we’re going to be keeping a close eye just to make sure nothing untoward is going on.

SPEHLER: Voters with a record of supporting one party who then choose the other party’s ballot can be challenged but they can then file a counteraffidavit and their vote would be allowed.

RUSH: That’s the news anchor Dan Spehler at WRTV television news in Indianapolis. So yet another Democrat bigwig, another Democrat pooh-bah throwing down a threatening-sounding gauntlet to Operation Chaos operatives who have registered Democrat, planned to cross over, and vote for Mrs. Clinton. We have a report from the field also in Pennsylvania that Obama is catching up with Hillary. Quinnipiac University poll finds that she’s losing ground even among women. Losing ground even among women. Latest survey, one of the biggest shifts is among women who went from 54-37% for Clinton on April 2 to 54-41% for her today. Obama picked up four. Still, she’s got a 13-point lead, but they cast this as losing. You know how in the tank the Drive-Bys are for Obama. They’re totally in the tank for Obama now. White voters for Clinton, 56-38%, down from 59-34% last week. Black voters for Obama, 75-17%, compared to 73-11%. Men are for Obama 48-44% compared to 46-46% tie last week.

‘With two weeks to go, Sen. Barack Obama is knocking on the door of a major political upset in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Obama is building his own constituencies, but is taking away voters in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s strongest areas — whites including women, voters in the key wing Philadelphia suburbs and those who say the economy is the most important issue in the campaign,’ this from the Quinnipiac assistant director of polling. So the campaign continues to be roiled. One more sound bite here before we go to the break. Last night, CNN’s Election Center, the host Campbell Brown spoke with radio host Kevin Miller and Joe Madison about the Democrat primary. She said, ‘Kevin, what are your listeners saying?’

MILLER: People here in Pennsylvania, they’re hurting. The number-one issue is their pocketbook, pain at the pump, what are they going to do for their kids’ education, and then you have Hillary Clinton holding an economic summit in Pittsburgh last week talking about pain, talking about this, and then, bam, Wham-O, much to the chagrin of her campaign and to the rejoice of the Obama campaign, this came out and the Clintons are rich.

MADISON: And you know what’s so funny, Campbell, these are the same people who are probably Dittoheads and love rich Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: Radio talk show host Joe Madison. (laughing) What is this other talk show hosts are urging Republicans to register Democrat and vote for Hillary? It is an ongoing effort by the Drive-By Media to relegate Operation Chaos to something of insignificance.

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