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RUSH: Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Obama: There’s a story today in the Wall Street Journal: ”Obama May Not Have Fully Contained Damage From Ex-Pastor’ — Sen. Barack Obama’s Philadelphia speech on race relations last month seemed to put the controversial remarks of his former pastor behind him. But three weeks later, there is evidence of lingering damage,’ and not being mentioned by the Drive-Bys. The Drive-Bys are doing just the opposite. The Drive-Bys are running stories saying, ‘Hey, that didn’t hurt, look at his poll numbers, they’ve risen here since his Philadelphia speech and since the Wright sermons hit.’ David Parker, a North Carolina Democratic Party official and unpledged superdelegate, says the Wright business has not been diffused. ‘He says his worries about Republicans questioning Sen. Obama’s patriotism prompted him to raise the issue of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.’s remarks in conversations with both the Obama and Clinton campaigns.’

I’ll tell you what, when the Democrat front-runner’s patriotism is being questioned — and it is — and it’s being questioned by Democrats, as well as Republicans, then the Democrat Party has some problems. Mr. Parker said, ‘I’m concerned about seeing Willie Horton ads during the general election.’ Anyway, we’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com, the story goes on and on and on. The Drive-Bys obeyed Obama and let this story drop, they let the Jeremiah Wright story drop and they started running stories suggesting that Obama’s poll numbers went sky high. But it’s an issue that’s still out there. And any of you people in the Obama campaign, I want you to listen to me on this, trying to help you, I want Operation Chaos to keep going. If you think the Jeremiah Wright issue is behind you, in places in this country where the people who work, make the country work, it may be behind you in the Northeast, it may be behind you in some areas of the Left Coast, but you go to flyover country, Senator Obama, and Jeremiah Wright has by no means become passe.

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