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RUSH: ‘During the last five weeks, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’ has been lying through her teeth, ‘telling a story about a poor woman who was indigent,’ who had no health care and basically was homeless, who was pregnant, and went to the hospital. They said, ‘Sorry, we need a hundred bucks from you.’ The woman didn’t have a hundred bucks. She was turned away. She went home. She gave birth to the baby. The baby died; she died. Mrs. Clinton says, ‘We need health care insurance!’ Now, the woman involved here, Trina Bechtel, did die last August two weeks after her baby boy was stillborn at a hospital in Athens, Ohio. But hospital administrators said last Friday that Ms. Bechtel ‘was under the care of an obstetrics practice affiliated with the hospital, that she was never refused treatment. She was, in fact, insured. ‘Linda Weiss, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said the Clinton campaign had never contacted the hospital to check the accuracy of the story, which Mrs. Clinton had first heard from a Meigs County, Ohio, sheriff’s deputy in late February.’ The family of this woman, Trina Bechtel, is outraged that Mrs. Clinton is lying about them. They’re not poor, they did have health insurance, and they are fed up, as is the hospital. This is Bosnia all over again, but it’s typical. This is disgusting, even for Hillary. She’s so eager to make everybody a victim. She smears a dead woman and her family, claiming they were poor and didn’t have insurance, when they did. Friday in Grand Forks, North Dakota, this is Mrs. Clinton in North Dakota, campaign event, a portion of her remarks.

HILLARY: I was campaigning in Ohio a few weeks ago, and I was in southern Ohio down on the Ohio River. It’s part of Appalachia. It was a poor part of the state. I was meeting with a group of people in a mobile home. And a deputy sheriff told me about a young woman from that town who had worked at the local pizza parlor. She worked for minimum wage. She sure didn’t have health insurance. She got pregnant. She started having trouble. She went to the nearest hospital. There wasn’t one in her county. And the hospital, whom I do not blame, said, ‘We can’t take any more charity care, particularly from out of the county, so before we examine you, we’ve got to have a hundred dollars.’ Well, you might as well have asked this young woman for a million dollars. She went back home.

RUSH: She then, ladies and gentlemen, continued providing details of this lie to make America look like a cold, heartless place.

HILLARY: She came back a little while later, still having trouble. They told her the same thing. Next time she went to that hospital was in an ambulance. She came in through the emergency room. The doctors and the nurses tried very hard, but they weren’t able to save her baby, and she was so bad off that they had to have her airlifted to the nearest big city, Columbus, and taken to the Medical Center — and for 15 days in the intensive care unit, doctors and nurses worked heroically. But she died. As I was listening to this story being told, I was just aching inside. It is so wrong in this — such a good, great, and rich country — that a young woman and her baby would die because she didn’t have health insurance or a hundred dollars to get examined.

RUSH: None of it’s true, other than the woman and the baby died. But the rest of it is all one hundred percent BS. Not a shred of it’s true. Lying through her teeth, repeatedly — this is just last Friday — for the express purpose of making America look like a cold, heartless place. Mrs. Clinton can’t tell an uplifting, positive story representing American exceptionalism. If it would save her campaign, she cannot do it. It doesn’t fit the Democrat template. This morning, Andrea Mitchell tried to defend Mrs. Clinton on MSNBC. Mika Brzezinski said, ‘This is one of these things that happens on a campaign trail, right, these kinds of stories. This is bad timing, though, right?’

MITCHELL: Bad timing, bad staffing, and it’s the kind of thing where, uh, if a story is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true — and where candidates, where presidents, where politicians have to be very, very careful about the way these stories become embroidered. You know, I covered Ronald Reagan for eight years, and he used to tell a story and retell a story, and before long he thought it was true, and he had persuaded himself at one point that he had helped liberate people from concentration camps, and, you know, it’s something that he had seen in a movie, and it had become part of his narrative. And people kind of overlooked that at —

RUSH: Well, now, isn’t…?

MITCHELL: — at times.

RUSH: Thank you, Andrea. Isn’t this clever to now compare Hillary Clinton to Ronald Reagan and his stories? Ronald Reagan’s stories sought to uplift people, Andrea, not turn ’em into helpless victims. This is all part of the template: ‘Reagan lied. He made things up. He told things that weren’t true and so forth.’ It’s just more liberal template BS here, in an attempt here to cover what Hillary Clinton did.

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