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RUSH: ‘A Clinton insider who served as ex campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle’s executive assistant for several years has set up a new website, http://www.voteboth.com/ and plans to register with the Federal Election Commission today. VoteBoth urges Democrats to support a joint Clinton-Obama ticket. Its creator, Adam Parkhomenko, resigned from the campaign three weeks ago,’ to set up his own website to end Operation Chaos. Vote for both of them, decide right now that Hillary is the nominee, put her at the top of the ticket, vote for Obama as vice president and just end it. Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos, ladies and gentlemen, rolls on.

Audio sound bite time now. These next two bites illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt liberals blame me for Operation Chaos on two different fronts. Thursday night, CNN’s Election Center, the guests are Joan Walsh of Salon.com, and a radio host by the name of Roland Martin. Joan Walsh, Salon.com, no friend of this program, by the way, no fan of mine, said this about the Democrat primary.

WALSH: I think that Senator Hillary Clinton has faced much more overt sexism than Barack Obama has faced over racism in this campaign. She was greeted with jeers, ‘iron my shirts,’ in New Hampshire. She’s asked by debate moderators, ‘Why are you not likable?’ Rush Limbaugh ran pictures of her looking old and said, you know, the country isn’t ready to look at an old woman. And when you go back to that very seminal moment where a woman asked John McCain, ‘How do we beat the B-word?’ and John McCain laughed, I mean, you cannot imagine that happening, ‘How do we beat Barack Obama and somebody using the N-word,’ and laughter. So, you know, a kind of genial sexism is so much more okay in our society than that kind of racism. It’s just true.

RUSH: Well, she does have a point. Everybody is excusing Jeremiah Wright and his racism, but this just proves the point that women are frustrated, women are mad that Hillary is being rejected. So the bottom line is she’s blaming me for Hillary’s loss, or her trailing in the race, because I asked if America wanted to see a woman age in office. However, I’m also the reason that Obama hasn’t won yet. Roland Martin, the radio guy, was asked by the host, Campbell Brown, ‘The last word, Roland, you get it, how do you explain that, though? The language, if nothing else, certainly is different.’

MARTIN: Of course it is, and that is there are things that have been defined as being acceptable, but also I think what you will hear is you will hear those critics, look, Rush Limbaugh did a huge skit on the ‘Magic Negro’ talking about —

BROWN: Right, that’s true.

MARTIN: — Senator Barack Obama of the LA Times piece. … There’s no doubt a lot of venom towards Clinton is also she’s been on the national landscape those eight years in the White House as well. That plays a part. I think if that was a woman running who did not have, in essence, that baggage or that history that we’ve had, we might see a different kind of campaign, I believe. But, again, clearly sexism is there, based upon some of the comments that you hear.

RUSH: Right. So there you have it from these two lib experts, I am the reason that Hillary is losing, and I’m also the reason that Barack has not nailed it down yet.

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