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RUSH: Todd in Los Angeles, I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. You lead us off today.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush. Rush, I want to first start out by saying, you know, when they talk about talk radio, it’s always ‘Rush Limbaugh’ and then all those other wannabes because you are definitely Excellence in Broadcasting. But, Rush, what really got me motivated to call you this morning, when I was listening to — watching Meet the Press yesterday and I heard Ed Rendell say that he could see a scenario where Mrs. Clinton could lose the popular vote, lose the number of delegates, lose the number of states that she’s won, and yet the superdelegates, or so-called super elite, can go behind closed doors and still nominate her for this election — and if something like that was to transpire, I would think there would be hell to pay, and I think how ironic it is that almost 40 years ago, in 1968 when they had the protests at the Democratic convention in Chicago, that we could see another scenario like that because, if Mr. Rendell believes that there are these super elite people can go behind some closed doors and nominate Mrs. Clinton despite the fact that she’s lost the popular vote, lost the number of pledged delegates, that we would settle for something like that, he has to be either smoking something or losing his mind, because there’s no way that we out here, these primary voters, are going to sit back and settle for —

RUSH: Todd?

CALLER: — something like that.

RUSH: I am concluding here, my man, that you are a Democrat.

CALLER: Well, actually I’m an independent, but I mean I’ve — I’ve drank the Obama. [sic]

RUSH: Okay, independent, but you’re oriented toward supporting Mrs. Clinton from your vantage point of independence?

CALLER: No, I’m supporting Mr. Obama.

RUSH: Obama! That’s what I meant. Okay. Well, good. Todd, I’m glad you called because I’ve got a sound bite of Mrs. Clinton here that I want you to hear, and I also want to explain something to you. You might think Fast Eddie is a little quick on his answer there, but you’re listening to a foot soldier in Clinton, Inc., Todd. And they are telling you, he was saying yesterday, ‘This delegate stuff doesn’t count. The vote doesn’t count. All that matters is what we can convince the superdelegates to do.’ They are not going to sit around and politely concede defeat to Barack Obama. They want this themselves. The Clintons are going to do everything they can to get it, if they have to cause riots out in Denver — and if they do it in such a way that it takes it away, they steal it from Barack Obama, you are exactly right. The people who support Obama here, largely black in the most recent primaries, will be fit to be tied, because it’s the Democrat Party which has promised these people that the Democrat Party is the place for emancipation, the place for upward mobility, the place for success.

And here it will be the Democrat Party establishment yanking it away from Barack Obama. That’s one of the reasons we have Operation Chaos going on here, it’s one of the reasons, Todd, that Operation Chaos is so successful. The other thing the Clintons are going to do is they’re going to try to win as many of these primaries to get as close, these remaining ten, to show momentum — to show that Obama can’t close it. ‘Hey, look, I might not have been able to win it, but this guy can’t close me out. This guy hasn’t been able to close the deal. If he can’t close the deal with this kind of lead, he can’t win.’ She’s out there telling people that Obama can’t win — and, by the way, let’s be very open about this. She’s not denying it, either. This is the Bill Richardson conversation. When she says to these superdelegates that Obama can’t win, would you think there is a racial component to her statement? I think so, given that their race war in the Democrat Party is obvious and it has been started by the Clintons. Here is Mrs. Clinton talking about no such thing as a pledged delegate. Now, we’ve mentioned to you that she said this before, but this is Thursday in Burbank. She held a press conference about the Democrat primary.

HILLARY: Obviously you’ve heard say, you’ve heard Howard Dean say, you’ve heard other people say, ‘There is no such thing as a pledged delegate.’ This is a misnomer. There are delegates who are selected one another at some stage in the process. I met people in California today who are ‘hoping,’ quote, to be delegates. And the whole point is for delegates, however they are chosen, to really ask themselves who would be the best president and who would be our best nominee against Senator McCain, and I think that process goes all the way to the convention.

RUSH: There you go Todd. They aren’t going anywhere: ‘all the way to the convention,’ and she’s essentially saying, ‘The delegates don’t mean anything until we can get to them, and they can vote for whoever they want.’ But you know what I find fascinating? I just love this, folks. I’m laughing myself silly. This is the irony here, is that both of these candidates, Hillary and Obama, do you know what they need to win? White male voters. All this talk: We got the first viable black candidate, we got the first viable female candidate — and when you get down to the nub of it, both of them gonna need white men in order to win this!

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