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RUSH: Now, I want to explain something here. I keep talking about the Democrats and how they crossed over in 2000 and 2008 for McCain and the Democrats and the media chose our nominee this year. Whether you want to admit it or not, they did. I’m not cutting McCain down by saying this. It’s what happened; it’s just what happened. There are a whole lot of reasons it happened, but they did it. Now, the left here is actually being very consistent when they get upset at us for doing what they do. Here’s how. We think that the left is misguided, and we think that they are dangerous. They think we are evil. They hate us. They assume, the left assumes that the world is perfectible, the world can be made perfect. There is a utopia out there, if we all just had good intentions. That’s why they give credit for good intentions rather than judge outcomes. You’re never supposed to analyze the outcomes of liberal policies because their intentions are honorable. That’s why they give credit for good intentions and why they think Republicans are evil, because we don’t share a utopian vision or work to fulfill it because we know it isn’t possible.

So when Democrats influence Republican elections, when Democrats encourage Democrats and moderates and independents to cross over and vote for Senator McCain, their intentions were good intentions, because they were trying to perfect the Republican Party because they knew exactly who McCain is, plus they were trying to arrange somebody they thought they could easily beat. But in their view, Operation Chaos has malign motives. Operation Chaos does not have good intentions. Operation Chaos is not rooted in the same good, perfecting intentions that the liberals operate under. And so, the intentions litmus test comes into play. When they cross over, their intentions are honorable, because they’re fighting evil, and you can do anything to fight evil, anything goes, anything you want, evil is the worst thing in the world. Our intentions are not honorable because they are not aimed at anything but causing mischief in their party, and so they’re actually being very consistent here.

Let’s go the phones, Open Line Friday on Thursday. This is Bob in Beachwood, New Jersey, nice to have you, sir, and welcome.

CALLER: Nice to talk to you Rush. Let me see if I can get this straight. The liberal Democrats say that it’s racial profiling to pull over someone black in a car who looks suspicious, and to approach an Arab-looking man at an airport who may be carrying a bomb to blow up a plane is racial profiling.

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: But they’re now gonna approach voters, American voters at the polls in the state of Indiana? I would think the ACLU would be racing towards the statehouse at this moment.

RUSH: The ACLU will not defend us on this because the ACLU — this is what I just said. Our intentions here are not good, and the ACLU’s intentions are, in their minds. So, yes, effectively, you’re right. They are going to be, in Indiana, according to this Parker guy, profiling voters.

CALLER: How are they going to discern a Republican voter from a Democrat? Are they going to ask if they have a job?

RUSH: Well, that’s my next point. Strange that you mentioned this. Did you hear my suggestion to Operation Chaos voters in the last half hour?

CALLER: I believe I did.

RUSH: You did?

CALLER: I believe I did.

RUSH: Okay, well, then, we need to add one thing based on what you just said. Republicans tend to work, Republicans tend to have jobs, and most Republicans either go to the polls first thing in the morning on the way to work, or last thing in the day after work. So you Republican voters of Operation Chaos show up between ten and two, show up in the middle of the day, use your lunch hour, if you get one, and go vote then because they’ll be looking for Republicans before eight and after five.

CALLER: Can I say something else here before I get off this topic?

RUSH: Sure, by all means.

CALLER: On a different matter, something you say almost daily, ordinary feats are accomplished by ordinary people every day — I’m sorry — extraordinary feats are accomplished by ordinary people every day.

RUSH: That’s close enough, yes.

CALLER: You know what, I have a successful invention, it’s of a medical nature, and there was a time when I may not have went forward with that, but that little phrase you said kind of put a fire under my butt and it turned out to be a big success. I own a United States patent on it, they came to my house and they filmed a commercial, I’m in a book, it turned out great, and you in a small way had something to do with it. I’ve been wanting to tell you that for a long time.

RUSH: Well, it sounds like more than a small way, but — (laughing).

CALLER: It’s called a Cast Skate.

RUSH: (laughter) What’s it called?

CALLER: It’s called a Cast Skate. It’s simply for some weight bearing, an orthopedic foot cast. Hope it will eliminate use of crutches.

RUSH: Oh, great. Okay, you got a patent on that, but you were sitting around, you were thinking about going south on it, and then you heard me say that America is a place where ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things?

CALLER: I heard you say that many times before.

RUSH: And it’s true! It is true. Dovetails with the way we were speaking about the country yesterday, the greatness of the country. Do you know that not one candidate, I don’t care McCain, Hillary, Obama, not one of the candidates is speaking in glowing terms of this country. They are not talking about our greatness. They are not inspiring. They’re not talking of the whole concept of American exceptionalism, not at all, particularly the candidates on the left. Such an opportunity is being missed here. It’s like a friend of mine who runs a business said, he had some morale problems in his office, he had a lot of people working in the office, and he got a lot of divas and a lot of big ego guys, and they get all upset if they don’t get prime time doing this and that. He sent out a memo, and he said, ‘Negative people make positive people sick and I am not going to allow my positive people to get sick. You’re either going to shape up or you are gone. I’m not putting up with it. I’m not coddling negative attitudes. I’m not giving you sympathy because I’m not going to let you hang around here and poison the positive people working for me.’

We’ve got a presidential campaign that’s making everybody sick. We’ve got nothing positive about this country being said. One candidate’s going through his record, his service, he’s establishing his bio. The other two, the Democrat candidates, are taking turns ripping this country to shreds and making people think there’s really nothing worth saving or preserving as is, that everybody is out to screw you, that you don’t have a chance unless the Democrats are in there riding herd on everybody. And it’s just disappointing. That’s why when you said that, Bob, that little phrase inspired you to keep going, music to my ears. I appreciate it.

Lisa in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it’s nice to have you here on the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I’m laughing because my husband is a Democrat and I’m a Republican. But he hasn’t voted for a Democrat in years, at least on the national level. And I don’t think he’s voted Democrat in a primary in probably ten or 12 years. So he could be one that they bust, and he’s a Democrat.

RUSH: Well, that’s true. But keep in mind here that the authorities, the Democrat Party Gestapo in Indiana, is not examining the way you vote. They’re examining your history of registration, and they reserve for themselves the right to have party workers standing outside the polling place with a list of registered voters, and you show up, and they want to have the ability to check whether you changed your registration this year as opposed to the last ten, and then they think they’ve got a right to question you. And if you are engaging in this change of registration for mischievous reasons, they think they can keep you from voting.

CALLER: Yeah. He’s just funny because Indiana is conservative, but even though he’s a Democrat, he’s never voted for a Democrat for president ever.

RUSH: That’s why this is a precarious position. You’ve got people that don’t vote straight tickets all over the place regardless what their registrations are and you have people that change registration all the time. We know Operation Chaos is behind this one. Look, this is all fine. Democrats are being totally consistent here. I hope you heard, Lisa, the orders from headquarters to Operation Chaos voters in the Indiana primary on May 6th, how best to avoid the prying eyes of the brownshirts in the Democrat Party at these various polling places. Just to repeat, don’t bathe, don’t shave. Wear a tie-dyed T-shirt or some raggedy button-down shirt, blue jeans, sandals, get a button out there, says ‘Bush Lied, People Died,’ put that on the shirt and so forth, be unhappy, sulk, don’t wash your hair, any of that, gotta look the part here because Democrats judge people the way they look, they do, and then they categorize based on the way they look.

The next thing is, remember, Republicans have jobs. When they vote, they show up before they go to the work, or after work. Democrats show up throughout the day, you know, they get the welfare check and then bop into the polling place, leave the bowling alley, bop into the polling place, wherever they go. You show up as a Operation Chaos operative between ten and two, dressed as I have suggested with the ‘Bush Lied, People Died’ button, get a bumper sticker, put it on your car, ‘W Is Still President,’ they ask you about it, say you’re mad about it, and, remember, you’re not happy, your demeanor, you’re hang dog and so forth, unless you hear Obama’s name, and you perk up, that makes you happy, and you can’t wait, you’re so excited for change. We can win this battle, folks. We can win this battle.


RUSH: Operation Chaos operative David Campbell sends an e-mail, and says, ‘Rush, I got the perfect name for these Democrat Party people in Indiana trying to stop the vote. Instead of the ‘Gestapo,’ call ’em the ‘Votestopo.” Very creative: the Votestopo! Dan Parker, Democrat head honcho in the state of Indiana.


RUSH: I want to try to paint a picture for you, ladies and gentlemen, of the actual voting day, May the 6th. Now, as we all know, in New York Eliot Spitzer attempted to get legislation passed that would grant illegal aliens driver’s licenses. Now, we all know what that was for. Give them the opportunity to go register to vote! Eliot Spitzer is a Democrat. The Democrats are all for open borders, and they’re all for as many illegals coming in and working and voting. That’s what it’s really all about. Mrs. Clinton herself last year made a big pitch to change the law and to allow felons to vote. Remember that? She was bouncing off of a story out of Florida, but the Democrats are running out of victims, and that’s why they need as many people as they can to vote. Now, let’s go Election Day on May 6th.

You show up, and you’re an Operation Chaos member. The Democrat Party operatives say they’re going to be there. So you’re going to see them, and you’ll recognize them right off the bat. Here comes a busload of illegals, and they get off. They show up in their cars or whatever, and the Democrat poll workers smile at them. ‘Hey, hey, hey! It’s great to have you! Come on in. Come on in. Right there. Just go right through that line, that aisle right there. That’s for you,’ and felons will show up, and the Democrats standing outside the polling place. ‘Hey, hey, hey! It’s great to have you here. Our outreach program is working! You go right through that line. It’s nice to have you people here.’ Then you, an Operation Chaos operative show up, a Republican — and the Democrat poll worker, if he spots you as a Republican, says, ‘Oh,’ and puts up the hand like a Gestapo, the Votestapo, and gets on his walkie-talkie and says to his boss inside the polling place, ‘We got a problem here! A Republican has shown up.’ (laughing) After letting all the illegals in, after letting all of the felons in, they intend to stop the Republicans. So this is getting funny, and everything about the Democrats that we’ve always told you, they are now demonstrating, ladies and gentlemen, for one and all to see with their very own eyes.

(playing of Got to Shine the Light of Truth song)

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