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RUSH: Lots of wounded on the Democrat battlefield today, as Operation Chaos continues to inflict casualties. General Howard Dean is in retreat today. Great to be with you. We’re going to do a Open Line Friday on Thursday today because I’m attending the memorial service of William F. Buckley tomorrow and will not be here. Who — Jason Lewis tomorrow, is that who we got? Oh, Mark Davis, out of WBAP in Dallas, the DFW Metroplex, will be here guest hosting the program tomorrow. Thank you, Mark, for that. So when we go to the phones today we’re going to pretend it’s Friday, whatever you want to talk about will be fine with us, the telephone number is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Operation Chaos merchandise, we caught a break here, Operation Chaos merchandise was not supposed to start shipping until tomorrow, but the first shipments started yesterday, two days ahead of schedule. As we speak, ladies and gentlemen, newly minted operatives are beginning to receive the tools of the trade that they need to wreak havoc in the Democrat primaries. I have a picture here of the back of what looks like a UPS truck filled with Operation Chaos merchandise heading to our fulfillment office. So if you got your order in by the deadline, which was last Wednesday, then keep a sharp eye, because your Operation Chaos merchandise is on the way. An Operation Chaos battlefield update, this from Indiana: ‘Indiana’s Democratic chairman said his party is ready to challenge the votes of any lifelong Republicans who attempt to vote as Democrats in the May 6 primary. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker said he is concerned Republicans may try to cast crossover votes to skew results in the close presidential primary between US Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. ‘I’m only talking about crossover with mischievous intent,’ Parker said of his party’s plans to challenge suspicious voters. ‘If there is a coordinated effort by Republicans to affect the outcome of our primary, that would be something the party would try through the challenge process to keep those voters out.” Mr. Parker, the Republican Party has nothing to do with this. This is Operation Chaos.

CARL: Please stop the Operation Chaos. Please stop — talk about the economy.

RUSH: No. We’re not stopping Operation Chaos. It continues to gain steam, and as I say, there are plenty of wounded Democrats on the Operation Chaos battlefield. Snerdley wants to know how they’re going to single this out. This story gets better, as it goes. He said, ”I’m only talking about crossover with mischievous intent. If there is a coordinated effort by Republicans to affect the outcome of our primary, that would be something the party would try through the challenge process to keep those voters out.’ Lake County GOP Chairman John Curley said he finds that appalling. ‘I haven’t run into too many Republicans interested in a Democratic race, but you can’t stop someone from voting a ‘D’ or an ‘R,” Curley said. ‘This is America.’ Lake County Elections Supervisor Michelle Fajman said challenges to voters can be made by party officials armed with voting records for the past 10 years. The challenge process would work like this: Voters must declare their party affiliation in spring primary elections. Local party officials watching the polling locations then could check the names of voters against a list of all registered voters that shows past party declarations. Fajman said any voter whose party affiliation is challenged can either decline to vote for the party in question or sign an affidavit, swearing under oath that they voted in the last election for a majority of the regular nominees of the party.’

This is incredible! This is Stalinist! Party officials at the polling place trying to read your mind and determine your intent by comparing your votes and your registration for the past number of years? ‘She said a grand jury could investigate anyone who signed a false affidavit, but challenges are rare. Fajman said she hasn’t received any indication of state or local Democrats mounting a serious voter challenge at present.’ So there you have it. The Democrat Party. I don’t know if they all wear brown shirts in the Democrat Party in Indiana or not. The Republican Party, Mr. Parker, couldn’t mount this operation if they tried. The Republicans have nothing to do with this, Mr. Parker. This is Operation Chaos.

CARL: I wish you would stop the Operation Chaos. It’s ridiculous.

RUSH: That’s Carl, by the way, from Philadelphia and Nashville. He’s an official Obama organizer and campaign official, and he’s desperate for us to stop Operation Chaos. So if you are an Operation Chaos operative, and you go vote, they’re going to try to find out if you have malicious, mischievous intent. This is your modern-day Democrat Party. And of course keep in mind, and I keep saying this, it is just amazing to me, Democrats have been doing this for years. They did it in 2000 for McCain; they did it in 2008; they did it this year for McCain. The Democrats are always worried about who’s being disenfranchised and not being allowed to vote, they’re always claiming fraud. They’re now the agents of fraud in Indiana by attempting to stop people from voting, intimidating them into not voting. Believe me, they know exactly what’s going on here. I want to create a picture for you of what it’s going to be like at polling places in Indiana on their primary, which is on May the 6th.

Democrat storm troopers will be out there raiding your house in the middle of the night, trying to find evidence that you are an Operation Chaos operative, that you are engaged in mischievous intent. Will there be a standing guard with dogs outside the polling place? Will there be roadblocks outside the polling places in Indiana? (laughing) The next thing that they will do, they will get hold of your kids, if they suspect you, if they find you on this list and see you’ve been registered Republican for ten years and all of a sudden you registered Democrat this time around, they’re going to find your kids, they’ll hang around outside the school and they’ll ask your kids to snitch on you. They’ll ask your kids, ‘Did you hear your parents, mommy and daddy talking about Operation Chaos? Did you hear your parents talking about Rush Limbaugh? Did you hear your parents having fun talking about crossing over and voting for Hillary Clinton?’

Now, what’s interesting about this is throughout the rest of the country in remaining primary states, the Drive-By Media is doing their best — and you’ll hear sound bites of it today on the program. In Pennsylvania, for example, the Drive-Bys are still marveling at all of the late Republican registrations in the Democrat Party, and they’re trying to chalk it up to the fact that Republicans are enamored with Obama, they love Obama so much, and some of them love Hillary so much, they’re trying to say, ‘This had nothing to do with Operation Chaos. This had nothing to do with Limbaugh. It’s just that our candidates are loved by everybody, including Republicans.’ Now, you Democrats in Indiana, that’s a tack that you ought to take. But here you are, you’re following in the footsteps of the great Democrats of Cuyahoga County in Ohio, and you’re trying to intimidate people into not voting. I mean, this is just great. This is one of the great results of Operation Chaos, and that is that the Democrat Party is being forced, tricked, if you will, by us into openly displaying precisely who they are.


RUSH: You people in Indiana, those of you operatives in Indiana, don’t panic here. We at Operation Chaos headquarters are ready and prepared for any of these eventualities. By the way, we had a Drive-By Caller (a Drive-By Caller is somebody that calls with a great point, but can’t stay on the air to discuss it himself or herself) pointing out that Democrats across the country are spending more time and energy on Operation Chaos voters than they do checking valid driver’s licenses! (laughter) What a great point. This is how discombobulated we have them. Now, those of you members of Operation Chaos in Indiana who have registered — you’re a Republican, and you have registered to vote in the Democrat primary on May 6 — you probably knew it before I announced it today that the Democrat Party is going to be on the prowl looking for you, intimidating you into not showing up and not pulling off your attempted crossover. Now, this is very simple to combat. It’s all you have to do on Election Day, as an Operation Chaos operative. When you vote that day, don’t bathe! Don’t take a shower the night before, and don’t take a shower the day of the election. Don’t shave.

In other words: no grooming. Go out and get a pair of beat-up jeans, maybe some Birkenstock sandals or whatever. Tell ’em you don’t really know what Obama thinks about immigration but you love it when he talks. You just love it. You love ‘the future.’ You love ‘change,’ and you are sick of Bush. Get some anti-Bush bumper stickers and put ’em on your car. Get a ‘Bush Lied, People Died’ button. Get a ‘Bush lied, people died’ bumper sticker. Some wacko lib website is sure to have this type of merchandise available. If you have an SUV, that’s okay. Show up in it. Make sure to get a bumper sticker that says ‘W is Still the President,’ and you’re mad about that and you’ve had it with the Republicans any number of ways. Don’t wear a wedding ring. There are any number of things that you can do, ladies and gentlemen. All you have to do is fool their template. You know, they’re going to be trying to find you. You know who the Democrats and the liberals are; they judge people by the way they look. So if you show up and look like a liberal. You’re not even going to arouse suspicion.

But if you show up looking clean-cut, buttoned-down conservative type, that’s going to attract attention. Don’t smile! You are not happy, unless you start talking about Obama. Other than that, you’re not happy. You walk in there with a frown, your head’s kind of hung over. Especially because you’re a Hillary voter. You don’t think she’s got a prayer, but you believe in the electoral process and the Democrat process. We will have further advice and tips for those of you in Indiana as Operation Chaos continues and as the date of your primary, May 6th, approaches.

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