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RUSH: I mentioned just before the conclusion of the previous hour, that Jane Fonda has endorsed Barack Obama. Here is how it happened. It was on the street in New York City, TMZ, the celebrity — Well, what would you call TMZ? It’s the celebrity network that follows their criminal pursuits, in part. They ran into Jane Fonda on the streets of New York, and an unidentified reporter. This is Web quality here, but this is a little exchange between the reporter for TMZ and Jane Fonda.

REPORTER 1: Jane, who are you voting for?

REPORTER 2: Who gets your vote?

FONDA: Obama.

REPORTER 2: Oh, my God. Heaven help us all.

RUSH: The reporter for TMZ said, ‘Oh, God. Heaven help us all.’ Obviously the reporter is an Obama supporter.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, this cannot be helpful for Barack Obama. Here’s Jane Fonda. We all know, over in North Vietnam, in Hanoi, was sitting in an anti-aircraft gun, pretending to be shooting down American pilots — brave, handsome, American pilots. Traitorous Hanoi Jane! Now she comes out and endorses Obama. If Obama’s planning on any crossover vote, this may complicate things. She may have been sitting, ladies and gentlemen, at the same anti-aircraft gun that North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners used to shoot down Senator McCain’s plane, who just happens to be the Republican presidential nominee!

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